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The erotic is so much more than a physical thrill; it is something that inhabits a state of mind. Whenever we find something erotic, the urges and desires begin in the brain before it manifests itself physically. This is a delicious state of affairs as far as erotic fiction is concerned, and where it comes into its own: imagining, and then feeling physically, the events, movements and sensations on the page or the screen is where your fun begins, as the senses take your head for an exquisite ride…

On this website, you can get to know more about me and my work. There are lots of free short stories available for you to read, and even more posts on my blog. Find out about the incredible anthology series I am involved with, or catch up on the Love Slave trilogy that I am blogging and sharing in its early pre-publication stages (quite a scary, special thing for me). If there’s anything more you want to know, feel free to contact me on any of the social media sites listed in the menu, or email me. And, if you like what you read, please do sign up to receive notifications of my latest stories and news.


Lust on the Wing Final Cover

Lust on the Wing is the second in the “Lust” paranormal erotic romance anthology series. Four hot, luscious, sexy novellas each brought to you by a different autlust-in-tooth-and-claw-final-coverhor, together in one book. And one of the authors is ME!

My novella is a tale of a beautiful Lilitu (the one on the front cover, in fact – and in that dress!), who will do anything to get the man she wants – even when his lady love is in the way!

Also out now: Lust in Tooth and Claw, Volume 3 of the “Lust” paranormal erotica series. My novella, Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith, is the beginning of a new series, based on the luscious mythological muse. Watch out for more in the series…soon!

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Please read responsibly; if you are easily offended, then much of my writing may not be to your taste. However, if you want to read about the erotic: about desire, the senses, sensuality and the emotions that can, and sometimes do, entwine themselves with fantasy, want, and need, and you are not disturbed by explicit words and graphic description, then please feel free to read on!