Birthday Box (18+ only)

Do you really want to know what’s in the box? Aren’t you impatient? You only have to wait a little bit longer. But if you really want to know, come and sit down with me—just there, at my feet. Let me wrap them around the back of your legs. Are you happy, resting between my knees? Good. Let me hitch up my skirt so you have room. Somewhere to rest your hands. Ooh, aren’t they hot? I’ve a feeling my thighs will warm up quite soon. Take off your shirt. That’s better.

If I tell you, I’ll also tell you what I want you to do with your present. And I want payment for information. Do you agree? That’s good. Slide your hand a little higher.

When you lift the lid, you will find three packages, and a card. Open the card first. It contains your instructions. But I’ll tell you what they might be. It’s up to you if you believe me. You can rest your head on my thigh, too. Push my skirt right up, out of the way. You’re gasping. You’ve noticed—that I’m not wearing any panties? If I just move my foot a moment—oh, yes, you have noticed, haven’t you? How lovely!

Firstly, open the package labelled ‘one’. You’ll find two ties. Fasten them on the bedhead. Then come and find me. I’ll be waiting for you, wearing the red dress you love. Take me to the bed and push me onto it, on all fours. Unzip the dress, until it falls away and lands on the bed beneath me. Tie my wrists to the bed. Trail your fingers along my naked back; follow it with kisses until you feel me quiver beneath your mouth. If I quiver, spank me. I will need to be able to control myself later. Spank me if I give way to your fingers and your lips.

Yes, slide your fingers there. Let me help you—that’s better, my legs are open wide for you. Touch it; it’s waiting for you. My little nub, swelling, getting harder against your finger. Oh, that’s good.

Open it up. Package two, I mean. Lay the tiny vibrator in your palm. Turn it on, feel it against you. Trail it down your chest as you cup my breast and find the nipple with your finger and thumb. Play with me there, make it hard; run the vibrator between my breasts, over my stomach, down between my legs. If I groan—and I will—spank me. Run your hand over my round flesh. Make me moan at your touch. Tell me to control myself – I can’t, though, can I? You’re controlling me. I can’t move. So take your palm to my backside. Spank it, left then right. Watch the pink rise to the surface, feel the flesh begin to burn, as you pleasure me with the toy in your box. And, when I’m wet and moaning enough for you, push it into me. Tell me to hold it there. I must grip it, or I’ll be punished.

Rub me harder. Good. Slide your finger inside…oh…push it all the way in. Bring your face closer. Press yourself between my thighs. Let me run my feet over your back. Do you see how wet you’ve made it? Do you want to use your tongue? Lap at me, then. Pull me to your mouth; let me feel the heat of your breath against my aroused flesh. Suck me, eat me. Oh yes, I love your tongue inside me. Drink in my juices until your cock can’t bear it anymore. You are being so good.

You still have present number three to go. We’ll get to that in a minute. I’ll grip the vibrator inside me while you spank me. Stroke my clit and bring your palm down on me, more, harder, make me moan into the pillow. Make me want to grab your hand and press it on me harder, although it’s your day, and I can’t move until you let me. Make me push myself up into the hand that comes down against my backside. Make me forget to grip. If the vibrator falls, my punishment is that you will stop spanking me. I have to concentrate. I want to hold it in but you have tied me to your bed. Please—make me forget to grip. Let it fall onto the bed. Turn my head so that it meets your mouth, and I will forget everything. Everything, except that you haven’t opened up your final tiny package. Open it now. You know what it is, in its flat, square, foil wrapper. Open it. And decide. I’m giving you your last present; what do you want it to feel like? Are you a good Birthday Boy really, or a thoroughly naughty one?

Lift your head from my cunt. You’re drenched in my wetness. Look at me. Now tell me—are you still impatient to open the box…?


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