The Invisible Lover (18+ only)

I have become extremely interested in the long-distance erotic and ethereal erotic relationships recently, and today’s short story is a product of some of that thinking. I’d love to know what you make of the protagonists – the narrator and the invisible lover. Feel free to leave a comment, or to contact me directly, as your thoughts will help me to formulate my current work.

I also wrote a little while ago that I was going to blog the first draft of an erotic novel. I am going to attempt this experiment with a short book, so watch out for the first part on Wednesday (8 June). You’ll find this topic rearing its head again, so if you have thoughts about long-distance erotic contact, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here’s a bittersweet story for you:


And this is where I have to make my apologies. Yesterday (20 Jan 2017), I received the delightful and exciting news that my ‘Invisible Lover’ story is to be included in the Eroticon Anthology for 2017, published by Resonance Press! So, to keep everyone happy who is dealing with contracts – not to mention Amazon – I have had to remove this story for the period of its exclusivity with the publisher.

I’ll post more about the anthology as I receive information. And if you are going to be at Eroticon in March, come and say hi. I’ll probbaly be the one cowering in the corner…!

However, everything i have to say as a forerunner to the story still stands. I am very interested in ethereal relationships, and have various pieces of work in progress on the subject. If you do wish to contact me about this highly emotive area of the erotic and the romantic, please do get in touch. You can email me at

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