Love Slave Part 1 (18+ only)

I said in a previous post that I was going to blog an erotic book. Well, this is the beginning of my adventure in writing a long piece of erotica and posting as I go along. This truly is the first draft – I am doing exactly as I said I would and writing it week on week, although I’ve altered my plans a little, in that I’m going to post the book every Wednesday. When it’s finished, I will revise (and revise and revise!) and edit it, and it will be available as an ebook and, if there is a demand, also in print.

I would love this book to be as good as I can possibly make it. With this in mind, I invite comments and suggestions to help improve it in the redraft process. Feel free to post a comment if you’d like to help, or ‘like’ it if you think it’s working, or contact me directly by email with your thoughts.

I hope you have a good time reading – and if you enjoy the story, too, then that’s even better!


I have removed this blog post. The book is currently being revised and edited. It will be out in the near future.

Ina x

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20 thoughts on “Love Slave Part 1 (18+ only)

    • Ina Morata says:

      Thank you so much, Dorothy! I know you know what you’re talking about, so that means a lot to me. I feel that the female protagonist still needs some depth, though, even at this stage, and I also wondered whether it would seem strange to some readers that she just becomes compliant so quickly. But, speaking personally, I know how easily it happens…!


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