Love Slave Part 2 (18+ only)


I have removed this blog post. The book is currently being revised and edited. It will be out in the near future.

Ina x

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3 thoughts on “Love Slave Part 2 (18+ only)

  1. Ádhamh says:

    Oh, goodness. It was already hot here, but, this…this just took it up several notches. Wow!

    Oh, and I liked this phrase in your story…”Clicking on it like a hawk pouncing on a fieldmouse” It evokes such imagery of hunger for what he had to say.

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      • Ádhamh says:

        It really ties the rest together. When I was writing stories regularly, there were posts that I felt the same way about. But, they were needed to tie it all together.

        So, no, it wasn’t weak at all, and it was quite delicious too.


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