This post comes by way of an apology to those following my Love Slave story. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the next instalment is going to be a bit delayed. (That sounds a bit posh, so what I actually mean is that, since yesterday, the next instalment is stuck on a laptop that for some reason I can’t open, access, do any work on, and want to pelt from the window of the Travelodge I’m currently staying in!).

Never fear – I have a plan (kind of…). I will release Part 3 next Wednesday, and Part 4 next Thursday, to make up for it. And normal service will be resumed on Sunday, with my “Sunday Story” (this is not stuck on the laptop – mainly because I haven’t written it yet!).

So please don’t spank me – I’m working around my techno-ineptitude! On the other hand…

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