Where’s the love slave gone…?

This post comes by way of an apology to those following my Love Slave story. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the next instalment is going to be a bit delayed. (That sounds a bit posh, so what I actually mean is that, since yesterday, the next instalment is stuck on a laptop that for some reason I can’t open, access, do any work on, and want to pelt from the window of the Travelodge I’m currently staying in!).

Never fear – I have a plan (kind of…). I will release Part 3 next Wednesday, and Part 4 next Thursday, to make up for it. And normal service will be resumed on Sunday, with my “Sunday Story” (this is not stuck on the laptop – mainly because I haven’t written it yet!).

So please don’t spank me – I’m working around my techno-ineptitude! On the other hand…

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