National Orgasm Day!

Happy National Orgasm Day! I first realised this was the case when I read the simply incredible Dorothy Freed's post about her experience in creating 3-D artwork of her own orgasm. I'm sharing it here; Dorothy's post is amazing, and I really hope that you read it, because it has been written by someone who really … Continue reading National Orgasm Day!

Eleven Miles – more touching reviews

There’s nothing I like more than to know that my friends are happy, and to share in their success. So, I know that this post is far off the beaten track for me, but Lance’s book – and the work put in by the author himself – should be celebrated. Congratulations on your reviews, Lance, and I’m so pleased that you’re delighted with them! A book to be extremely proud of, for sure!

Write to Inspire

It fills my heart with pride and joy when I read reviews of my debut novel, Eleven Miles, which tell of the real reflection of life and society in remote African villages. This is exactly what I was trying to achieve in my writing of Boitumelo’s story. To have endorsements from people who know that society is tremendous.

The review that appeared on Amazon today says, “. . . this book sums up the attitude of the people of this wonderful continent perfectly.” It was written by a British reader who has travelled extensively across the African continent.

Another recent review on Amazon, which was written by a young African reader who obviously has personal experience of that life, tells us, “This book narrates the stories of hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of Africans kids. Almost any African child can relate to this compelling piece of brilliance.”


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The Mating of Love Birds (18+ only)

This Sunday story is another little offering from the collection of voyeur tales that I am working on. Just another little teaser, but a little bit of teasing won't hurt, will it...? It's not the story I had planned to post (you'll have to wait for ice-cubes until another time), but I hope that some … Continue reading The Mating of Love Birds (18+ only)

Love Slave Part 7 (18+ only)

Why is it when I'm writing Love Slave, that something I think is going to be perfectly average starts growing much bigger than I imagined it would be? (Sorry - couldn't help it!). Seriously, though, I expected this section to be really quite little, but it just kept growing...! As a result, instead of including … Continue reading Love Slave Part 7 (18+ only)

Love Slave Part 5 (18+ only)

One way or another this week I have been given a huge amount of inspiration for my writing. And so, with some special, grateful thanks to my wonderful muse, here is Part 5 of Love Slave. Happy reading! x   Somehow I manage to scoop myself up and walk out of the bookshop, ignored and unchallenged as … Continue reading Love Slave Part 5 (18+ only)