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One Finger

The Sunday story today comes by way of a little experiment. I managed to persuade, cajole, and otherwise arm twist the wonderful D.E. Maizefield (aka(read more…)

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Love Slave Part 9 (18+ only)

“All right. Were you only going to fuck me because he says so, this creep, whoever he is? Tell me who he is, Charlotte.”

I can’t. I can’t tell him. It’d break his heart. He’s never forgiven him for the way it was before. “I’d never make love to you on someone else’s say-so. Mike, I wanted to. I want to. I—oh, what a fucking mess.” I struggle to even look up at him.

“Make love? Is that what we were going to do? You know how I feel about you. I’d have been making love. But you, you’d have been performing for Mr Creepy, wouldn’t you? This was never about me. You and me. Was it?”

“You should never have come, Mike. I told you on the phone that you shouldn’t.” I know I’m lashing out. There’s no way I should apportion blame to him. If he’d only listened. If only he wasn’t so lovely…

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The Artist by Juliette Banks

Today I am utterly delighted to welcome Rachel de Vine to my blog, to talk about her new erotic novel, The Artist, written under her(read more…)

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A Quick Update…

I want to say a big thank you, first of all, to my lovely readers who follow this blog. Having been dragged into the blogosphere(read more…)

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The Stalemate Hours (18+ only)

 Today’s story is a bit different in a number of ways. It’s soulful, but it extends beyond the erotic only, touching on other themes. It(read more…)