More Extracts from Lust on the Wing

I was thrilled yesterday evening to see a new blog post about Lust on the Wing (which is still on pre-order offer of 99c until 4 October), written by my good friend, Bittersweet Eros. It’s been a little while since he’s raised his mighty pen, but I am reliably informed that he is extremely busy, writing a whole host of spanking stories which I know that a number of readers of my blog will enjoy (I got the opportunity to have a sneaky peek at one yesterday, so I know I’m right!).

He was kind enough to include an extract by one of my wonderful co-authors of Lust on the Wing, Jacqui Greaves, as well as one from my own novella, ‘Flights of Fantasy’. If you’d like a little of my ‘mirror sex’, then please do have a look at his post – this is a different extract to the one I posted for you previously…!

More Extracts

You can also read some hot excerpts from the novellas by my other two amazing co-authors, Devi Ansevi and Essemoh Teepee, on Rachel de Vine’s website.

Autumnal Prizes

And, don’t forget – until midnight, US time tonight (although I’m unsure in which time zone, so let’s assume Eastern), you can win a copy of Lust on the Wing, and a whole host of other prizes, in the Paranormal Autumnal Giveaway. First prize is a one-year Kindle Unlimited subscription or a $120 gift card plus 15 free books, so why not hop on over (or fly, shape-shift – whatever you like…)?

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