Desires of the Winter Women: Extract 2

This is the second of two extracts from my newest novella, “Desires of the Winter Women”, which is out now, in Lust in Winter, the fourth volume of the Lust paranormal erotica series.

The first extract was a sweet erotic scene between the ghostly Tsurara, Icicle Woman, and the man she has taken for her lover. However, she’s not the only ghost after Glen: her sister, Yuki, the Snow Woman, wants him, too – when I tell you she wants to suck him dry, it’s because she wants him as food (not that she’s averse to some serious seduction in order to fill herself with him!). Yuki becomes dangerous, and the only way Tsurara can stop her sister is to enlist the aid of the Tariaksuq, mostrous Master of the Mountains. Tsurara is forced to seek its help twice in this story, and below is an extract from the first time she encounters this creature. We join the story as the Tariaksuq has the frightened Tsurara locked in its cave, has made her strip while it masturbates in the shadows, and has demanded to see how wet she is…


Still thrusting it huge cock through the tube it creates with its paws, it watches her lift her hand to reveal three glistening fingers that have dripped onto her palm. Sweet nectar for its delectation. Eventually. The sight of it makes it thrust harder, faster, and with a howl, enough to wake the dead, it shoots its juices out across its lair, firing beyond the length of the ice boulder and out into the middle of the floor in a viscous, white lake. Her gasp leaves it grunting again, and it fires a second load, too, enough to impress itself. She excites the Tariaksuq in so many ways. Hardly anything has that effect on it. And she has made it give away its position. It must be careful of her. Yuki’s powers are obvious; this one has hidden depths. Very intriguing.

Its breath is harsh, like a dirty storm, as it asks, “What is it you want from me? What help dare you ask for?”

It remains in the shadows, as the Icicle Woman explains. It listens to her history, her feud with her sister, the way she knows that Yuki has seduced her human.

“Describe this man to me.”

It moves around, controlling the light, tilting it, casting half-shadows as it moves, catching her reflection, bewildered and fearful, as she tells it about her man’s tall, muscular frame, his bear-like arms, and muscles in his legs to match. About his short, dark hair, and equally dark eyes. The Tariaksuq creeps among the shadows, startling her with heavy breath and voice that echoes in between mirrored layers of ice. Always, it ensures it remains nothing but a huge, fearsome mass in the shadows. Always it ensures it gets to appraise her, mining her memory for images of her man, the way he sounds as they fuck, learning her weakness.

Finding her weakness is easy. She’s not like her sister at all.

“What is the one thing you enjoy above all else with this man? What do you love most?”

It lurks in the shadows between the warped hall of ice mirrors, staring at her reflection, as she replies, without hesitation—and, to its delight, without forethought to the consequences of her words:

“I love making love with him.”

“I thought you would say that.” Its voice is exultant. “I will help you, but there is a price to pay. You have a choice; you can decide to let me claim it later, or you can pay now. Either way, know that I never break my word. I will help you, and you will pay your price. So, choose.”

Her face is riddled with concern, and for a brief moment, it wonders if she might change her mind. It would be unwise. She will not leave its lair, at least not in the state she is in now, if that is what she chooses to do. And it can’t help but lick its lips.

“You won’t harm her? You won’t—kill her? I don’t want that. I’d never want that. I just want to hold onto the man I love, and I don’t want to spend the time I have left in fear of her destruction.”

An incredible creature, indeed, this Tsurara. It feels its cock rising once more. She appeals in a way that other creatures rarely do. There is something wonderful about her—she is a creature who tells truths.

“I won’t kill her. That would ruin too many future years of pleasure.”

“Then I accept your terms. I’ll pay the price now.”

It grins, the drool hanging off its lips. They usually pay up front. The last thing they want is a visit from the Tariaksuq, coming to claim its payment.

“Very well. Look into the ice directly in front of you. I’m taking pity on you, purely because you’re offering Yuki up as sport. Don’t argue. That’s how I see it, and how I shall deal with your problem. What I take from you is what you love most. I am a shifter. Not just an ordinary one but Master of it. I can shift just my reflection, if I wish. Look in front of you, and you will only see the man you love. Move your eyes, even for a second, and you will see me as I really am. And you will wish you had never come here. Prove you can do as I order you.”

It moves slowly, creeping beyond the shadows, into the open space. Its voice remains a harsh, thick drawl, and she starts when she hears it.

“Bend. Hands on the ice. Have you been fucked in the anus before?”

It sees itself, transformed; it watches her face, disbelieving, yet relieved in part that the creature resembles her love.

“Never. Well, not since…I’m scared that…I’m just scared.”

“Well, get over it. You’re going to be fucked. It’s the price you pay. And I’m having that hole of yours, if you want my help. You’re a ghost. You can handle a monster fuck.”

It takes its giant cock, holding it to her, rolling it around her tight anus. Saliva drips from its slobbering mouth in anticipation. All the time it sees the concentration on her face, trying to pretend that it’s her love fucking her in the ass, and its lip curls in a grin; she’ll soon feel the difference. It rams itself into her ghostly body, pummelling her, grunting enough to shake the floor as she lets out a piercing scream, repeating to herself in breathy squeals, “Glen, Glen.” It watches her watching its fingers, resembling her love, as it checks her cunt and finds it wet. It grins, delighting in the amalgam of disgust and desire that sweep alternately across her face.

It rams and rams, roaring in time to its explosion inside her. Despite itself, her body responds to the last desperate thrusts as she writhes with an uncontrollable orgasm of her own. Her head thrashes and her eyes screw up tight. It withdraws, watches, its cock dripping onto the floor, as she opens them, disorientated. She catches a glimpse of the creature that wipes its cock all across her back, and, as one last pleasure, slides through its own spunk, deep into her back passage.

Her screams at the sight of its hideous form, it knows, will not be heard. Its magic is too strong. No-one can be heard once they’re inside this room. Laughing, the noise shaking the entire mountain, it watches her staring with absolute horror as it grasps its cock and takes the end in its mouth, sucking all its cum from the surface.

The Tariaksuq just gets more and more horny – not to mention hideous and devious – as the story goes on!

Desires of the Winter Women, and the other three lusty novels in Lust in Winter, is avaialble on Amazon for just 99p until the end of November. Thank you to the amazing authors of the PNRLust group for making these anthologies so wonderful to work on. And the exciting news is that we now have a website! Do please pop on over and say hello!

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