Seduce my Mind…


I don’t know about you but, as a rule, I am a voracious reader (of all things erotic, and a whole lot of other work besides). So I have decided to create a blog series that celebrates some of my favourite books and authors, from the sensual and romantic to the seriously erotic, some that are emotive but maybe don’t quite fit the ‘erotica’ category, and also some authors and books that have helped me and/or my writing. These may well come from all types of writing – I have quite eclectic reading tastes! They may start discussions, or they may introduce you to a new author. And, if I really like something I’ve written, I may even pop a sentence or two of mine in…!

I wish I knew who had written today’s offering. As a reader and writer of erotic fiction, the idea of seducing a mind (even if temporarily) really appeals to me. Isn’t that exactly what happens when we read erotica or erotic romance (or, indeed, any fiction)? We are seduced by the characters, the situation, and the sensations that good writing allows to permeate our minds. I hope that, at least for some people, sometimes, I am able to do that with my work.

The idea of seducing and claiming a soul is also very appealing to me. I wonder just what it takes to find someone’s soul? I know how hard it is for someone to find mine.

For someone like me, words – spoken or read – not only in person, but hidden in the heart of books, can touch me to the very core, too. Is it just me? Can words touch your soul? Can they grasp it and hold on, forever? Are there books that live inside you from the moment you read them? Or maybe not; but maybe there are some that make other parts of you eager for your mind to be seduced by the words…!

Feel free to share the titles of any work, or any authors, that have this kind of powerful effect on you. I’ll join in with mine, too!