6 thoughts on “Love Slave Part 15 – FINAL PART (18+)

  1. lurvspanking says:

    I really like the ending. There are numerous possibilities for the next book you’ve created here. I think though as long as Charlotte keeps thinking it’s a game, she’s always going to lose. Until and unless she stops playing and reacting, she’ll never be open to the possibility of a different relationship. She can have all the erotic games and pleasure, but with respect and dignity.

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    • Ina Morata says:

      You’ve surprised me! Technically, I think it works, though, and yes, I’ve left the possibilities open – including what her reply might be.

      I’ve gone out of my way to ensure a few things: at this point in her story, immediately after such emotional and psychological wringing out, she doesn’t know what she’s doing; there is scope to include or reject the current male lead, quickly or over a period of time, depending on how the plans go for the follow-up (as you say, there are numerous possibilities); I’ve introduced a new male character who, quite by chance or miracle, has now appeared in her life and (as per your suggestion when we discussed ideas for this) who turns out to be the man she both needs and loves, and who knows how to handle her.

      Ultimately, I want Charlotte to realise that this is no game. I wish for her to understand the situation she is in, and to embrace a deep relationship that that combines both eroticism, D/s, and a real love. The point of the trilogy, and my hope for it, is to get her from the state she ends book 1 in, to understand that a relationship built on trust, respect, love and beautiful D/s eroticism is nothing less than she deserves. My interesting dilemma is in the issue of “saving” – does she save herself, or allow herself to be saved? Or can I combine the two? Either way, I already know how I want this to end.

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