Author Interview – Ian Smith

Today, it’s my very great pleasure to have author Ian Smith back on my blog. Thanks for joining me, Ian. 

Hi, Ina. Thanks for inviting me as your guest.

I’m delighted you’ve returned! So, tell me about the series you’re writing.

This is a series of six novellas featuring the same three main characters as well as “supporting cast”. My characters are in an FFM relationship which develops while they work together on a series of TV shows. They’ll have problems to work through, but I’ll weave these around various incidents and events to produce entertaining, lively erotic romance stories.

They meet in the first story, “Knights Errant” and work on the first TV show in “The King’s Captain”, both of which have been published by Fireborn.

The third story, “From The Top”, will be published in April. They’re keen to keep their relationship private while working on a TV show about a hidden temple and tomb containing an Egyptian mummy, with challenging co-stars and very disturbing dreams about accidents.

I’m working on the fourth at the moment, and have a well-developed idea for the fifth and an outline for the sixth. And I’ve also written a draft spin-off novel, telling the story of two of the supporting cast.

Wow! That’s all very exciting stuff. It’s great to know you have several book ideas lined up for this brilliant series. Tell me, how did the idea develop?

I first had the idea of actors who were lovers working together for a piece of flash fiction I posted in the ERWA “storytime” workshop. The idea stayed with me, and my subconscious mind worked on it.

I liked the idea of my characters having a slightly unusual fictional FFM relationship. Three fairly strong but flawed people, with no-one obviously dominant, and the guy doesn’t know what’s going on all the time. He also ticks the boxes for “alpha male”, but hasn’t quite got the confidence to live that role.

How do you develop your ideas for characters?

I don’t really know. It’s almost as if they’re in an alternative reality where I can see them and hear them tell me their story.

I love it when that happens! So, are you a plotter or do you just write and see where it goes?

I’ve never written an outline for a story, but usually have an overall idea about it before I start writing. I’ve always had a few scenes in mind, and writing these out has helped me figure out how to write the rest of it.

Do your stories ever seem to veer off in an unexpected direction?

Oh yes. I stalled on a partly-written story when that happened and it left me utterly stumped for ages! I’ll return to later this year, now I’ve got ideas for how to develop it.

The ideas usually work themselves out – eventually!

Call me nosey, but do you have a day job as well as writing?

Yes, I’m a professional scientist, working for a health-care company.

Much as I like the idea, I don’t honestly expect to be able to live off my writing. There are so many good writers that it’s really difficult to get potential reader’s attention. But I’m delighted that a few people enjoyed my first two books enough to post enthusiastic reviews. Knowing I entertained them is a pretty nice feeling!

Is there anything more about you, personally, that you’d like to reveal (if you know what I mean)?

Yes, sure. Here’s a few more details about me.

About me


I live in the south-west of England with my wife, two horses, two dogs, and three guinea pigs.

I’m a professional scientist, as I mentioned, and my education was oriented towards science, with little exposure to “the arts”. I’ve read fiction for relaxation throughout my life: thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, a few classics, and even some romances. But I’ll admit not much of it was “literature”.

I’ve written loads of technical reports, a dozen scientific papers, and even a couple of dissertations. I wanted to write something more personal, in my own voice, and turned to fiction. I read and enjoyed some “chick-lit”, but thought things could be a bit saucier without sacrificing the story. My first efforts were pretty dreadful, of course, but constructive feedback from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association has been a huge help. I felt very flattered when I was invited to serve as one of their website gallery editors.

I now think of writing as one of my creative hobbies. I’d love more people to read my work and I hope they enjoy it.



My Amazon author page


Thanks for sharing that. It’s great to hear that the Erotic Readers and Writers Association are so supportive. Anyone who has never encountered it should definitely look it up. It amused me to know you’re a scientist. I know quite a few!

Now, let’s start at the beginning: can you tell me more about your first book in the Merely Players series – and maybe share an extract? That would be lovely.


I certainly can. Here you go!

Knights Errant (Merely Players Book 1)

knightserrantiansmith600Paul might seem to be a natural alpha male, 6 foot 4 tall, well-built and a lead performer in a jousting team. But he’s got plenty of anxieties and insecurities, and is only just ready to move on after his wife’s death two years before.

His team are performing a series of shows when he meets two interesting and attractive women. Best friends Becky and Hayley both seem to be very interested in him as well. A gentleman at heart, he wants to do the right thing, but they add to his anxieties by making it difficult for him to pick between them.

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“Right, you’re in trouble now.” She arched an eyebrow. “On the bed please. And no fidgeting.”

Intrigued, I lay on the bed. She produced a box of fancy chocolates and opened it, then selected two and put them on my nipples. Then she straddled me, bent down and slowly ate each one, licking and teasing my nipples with her lips as she did. As she moved, her pussy stroked my cock, which started paying attention again.

She placed four more chocolates on my body and slowly ate each one. The fourth was placed on the tip of my cock and it had melted a little before she got around to dealing with it. All I knew was that she had a fantastically exciting way of using her tongue.

“My turn.” I gasped, as she released me from a delicious teasing.

She rolled onto her back and I placed chocolates on her nipples, between her breasts, on her tummy and one on her pubic hair just above her clit. Then I held one between my lips and leaned close enough for her to bite half of it. I chewed the other half, then kissed her, which made her giggle again. I took my time eating those on her body, which meant the one near her clit had softened nicely.

“Oh, dear,” I said. “This may need some serious work to clean up.”

“Oh, dear, indeed.” She sounded a little breathless. “We wouldn’t want to make a mess of these sheets.”

She sighed happily as I enjoyed the chocolate. Then again as I got distracted by her lovely pussy. And that got us both in the mood and very eager again.

She rolled me onto my back and took charge for our second bout of sex. That was slower and really good fun, with tickling, giggles, and laughter. She sat astride my hips and played with her clit until she came. She watched me until the last moment, when she had to close her eyes. Watching her face as she climaxed was a lovely sight. She seemed so carried away. Then she lay on my chest and watched my face intently as she pumped me with her hips until I erupted inside her again. I felt relaxed and happy. I could step further back from the edge of the pit of depression I’d managed to climb out of. This was just like making love, a brief, blissful reminder of what had been. And which seemed a lifetime ago.


Wow! That was HOT! I do so love chocolate. I think I love it even more, now…! What I particularly like about your Merely Players series is the male perspective in the narration. I find it really endearing, and often very refreshing.

So, come on – I want to know all about rhe second book now. And you must have an extract from it that you can share, too. If I ask nicely…


Absolutely! Here you are – all you need to know!

The King’s Captain (Merely Players Book 2)

Kings-Captain-cover-1000x633.jpgPaul finds performing stunt-work in a TV drama is fun, but he finds acting way, way tougher than he expected. Then he gets caught up in some terrifying, almost supernatural real-life dramas.

On top of that, he has to sort out his relationships with his girlfriend Hayley and her best friend Becky. These two fascinating women are both very keen on him. It’s almost as if they don’t want him to choose between them. So what do they want?


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I worked my way through the crowd and got right behind the nicely-dressed blonde without her spotting me. “Lady, perchance you invite mischief upon yourself in this market, I beseech you to remain within my compass.”

She turned and stepped forward, her forehead almost close enough to bump my chin. She raised one eyebrow, and looked at me in a way that combined amusement and strained tolerance. “Pray tell me, Captain, art thou a mewling puppy that must trail your mistress the day long?”

“Lady, my duty is to vouchsafe your person.” We were so close together that, as I looked down, her low-cut top revealed an appealing aspect of the person I was so keen to safeguard. I couldn’t resist taking a brief peek, which was spotted, of course. She instantly gave me an icy glare and I fought an instinct to take a step back.

“Guard that your interest in my person does not exceed your writ, sir,” she said through gritted teeth. “Mayhap thou wouldst follow me to the privy, should I desire relief?”

My nephew Daniel laughed. “Uncle Paul, why are you and Hayley talking funny?”

My sister Claire had been enjoying our banter for the last hour or so. “They’re practicing acting for the TV show.”

My three-year-old niece Vicky held both arms up, so I picked her up and sat her on my shoulders. She didn’t really have me wrapped around her little finger.

“What’s a privy?” she asked.

“Old word for toilet,” I said. “We want it to sound like we’re in the olden days.”

Daniel grabbed my hand and leaned back, hanging from my arm. “Say something from the olden days.”

“Gadzooks, young Master Hatherleigh, thou art truly a most vile spitling.”

He laughed, then turned to Claire. “Mum, I’m thirsty. Can I have a drink?”

Claire gave him her special mother’s stare. There had been yet another discussion about the “magic word” not that long before.

“Please?” he added.

Hayley slid under my arm and slipped a hand into my back pocket, an intimate and welcome gesture. “Becky’s talked about teaching him the other magic word,” she murmured.

I looked at her in surprise. “There are two?”

She nodded. “Yup. ‘Please’ and ‘now’, apparently.”

I grinned. “She’ll be in real trouble for that. I won’t save her from Claire.” I wouldn’t put it past Becky. But as fond of her as I was, she could take the rap for that.

The craft fair was busy but, as we got to the refreshment area, a group of people were just vacating a table, which Claire pounced on. I bought drinks, then we all sat and enjoyed the sunshine. The children had fun gurgling loudly through their drinking straws, which Claire and I pretended not to notice.

Claire leaned her chin on her hand. “You seem to have your characters and a plausible relationship for them. Suppose they fancied each other something rotten, but both wanted to hide it? You might worry the captain’s not posh enough to marry. And at the same time, he could think you’re out of his reach? He’d probably feel embarrassed about his feelings and be overanxious about his duty.”

Hayley nodded. “It’d fit the storyline better than only realising they fancy each other when she gets the marriage offer. And we can have some fun acting around that.” She squeezed my thigh.

Claire snorted. “Acting? Just try hiding it. Just remember how it felt the first day or two you spent together.”

Hayley looked puzzled. “How come?”

“Jeez, you two. You were gawping at each other anytime you could.”

I remembered how I found it difficult not to spend all my time looking at Hayley and her best friend Becky when we first met. I thought they were both very attractive women. For the present, at least, I could concentrate on discreetly admiring just one of them.

“What’s gawping, Mum?” Daniel asked. Five-year-olds can get away with questions like that.

“It’s what your Uncle Paul did yesterday while I gave Hayley a riding lesson.”

Hayley rearranged her ponytail. “He was very complimentary about my seat.”

Claire struggled not to snigger. I kept a straight face.

“Mummy, I want the privy,” Vicky said.

“These kids learn too quickly,” Claire muttered, then led her daughter to the nearby row of temporary toilets.


Oh, Ian, I loved that extract, too! This series deserves to do very, very well – and I’m really excited that Book 3 is in production. I know you’re working hard on it right now, and I’m soooo looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for spending time with me on the blog today. Great fun, as always!


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4 thoughts on “Author Interview – Ian Smith

  1. samthornesite says:

    They’re both lovely books. So easy to lose oneself in the friendliness and affection in the three-way relationship while keeping a weather-eye out for trouble on the horizon! Paul, Hayley and Becky feel very real to me. I love that. And I love the Brit setting (well, I would!)

    And thanks both of you for bigging up ERWA 😉 It’s very dear to me, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ina Morata says:

      Yes, I completely agree with all you’ve said, Sam. Ian’s writing is great, and he’s always welcome on my blog.

      It’s my pleasure to give a shout out to the ERWA. 😊


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