Ceramic Pleasure

eroticon sunday ceramicsI had the immense good fortune, while I was at Eroticon, to encounter the absolutely lovely owner of the recently-founded company, Ceramic Pleasure. I don’t actually recall ever writing a post about sex toys before, but for this man, this company, and these products, I am happy to make this the first one!

On the first day of Eroticon, I discovered an artist passionate about his creroticon dildo amberaft, about making individual pieces which are just as much a work of art as they are sex toys. As a strong advocate of all things artistic and bespoke, I was utterly enamoured by these objects of beauty, each one individually hand-crafted so that no two are alike. I bought a gorgeo
us amber glazed dildo, with stunning twisted ridges, and about seven inches long. It caught my eye from the start, and I couldn’t go back to my hotel on Saturday without it. I was stunned that it came with its own certificate, in its own tubing, and packaged in an outer tube that even I couldn’t manage to destroy, either on the way back to my room, or on the train home.

eroticon ceramics againThe uniqueness fascinated me. You only have to look at any of the pictures on this post to see that each one has its own shape, girth, ridges, twists – and the ones like octopus tentacles were amazing! The picture really doesn’t do it justice. Each ceramic dildo is so tactile, and it’s impossible not to want to be tactile in choosing one.

So, of course, I couldn’t help myself. There I was, back in conversation with the artist himself on the second day of Eroticon. I found it fascinating that he began making these beautiful pieces as a result of a playful challenge of his skills as an artist, as I had a similar experience myself when I began writing erotica. So I entirely understand when a whole new career and way of life is born from such an event. And, just as I suspected might happen, I fell in love. I spotted my new love lying down, grey but with beautiful red veins, and with such a length, girth and ridges as made me pant at the very thought. So I bought a second one, this time about eleven inches, with the girth of my screwed up fist. And I can tell you, it feels like it, too!

To use these dildos is an exquisite experience, and as individual as each dildo itself. The first thing that hits you is the shocking coolness of the ceramic, and you just melt into the sensation as the ridges twist their way in. I’d thoroughly recomeroticon didldo greymend going slow: the sensations are much better that way. With my two, the smaller one created such rippling sensations that I was writhing like some kind of serpent across the bed (I don’t who the man was in the room next door, but I noticed his TV suddenly went down in volume…). And, as if that wasn’t enough, my new, big, grey friend left me unable to move, just kinda wail, as it filled me. And those ridges – the whole thing, just like the good, hard screw it was, twisting into my swollen, sensitive softness – just wow! I was quite impressed at how much of it I managed to devour Probably so was the bloke next-door when I kept yelling out, “Oh, yeah, come on, another inch”… (don’t take me anywhere – I can even be embarrassing on my own!)

What else do I need to say, except that I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ceramic Pleasure to anyone. Not only are they amazing, they are truly exceptionally good value for money. I did my own little bit of personal begging, pleading for the return of Ceramic Pleasure at the next Eroticon. It’s looking exceeding likely! So, if you didn’t get your ticket this time around, do get yourself one for next year’s Eroticon, so you can see these incredible works of sensuous art for yourself. There’s a gorgeous line in the promotional booklet, which states:

When you buy one of my toys you buy a story, one that I invite you to continue writing as you find your own way to connect with ceramics.

I couldn’t agree more. Every writer should have one! The results of my pleasure can be seen in the header image of tomorrow’s post for #MasturbationMonday. But you’ll have to wait for that… 😉

You can find Ceramic Pleasure at www.ceramicpleasure.com, or on Twitter @ceramicpleasure. And, if you want to know more, email earthboundceramics@gmail.com

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