Little extras from me (and an apology)

This post comes by way of an apology, first and foremost. You may notice a few odd-looking posts from me over the next few days. I am setting up a new section on the website and including some extra posts. Unfortunately, they pop up in the WordPress Reader, and look like they’ve no content! You may well have already come across one of these posts. Just so you know, I haven’t gone completely mad…!

The little extras are for my newsletter subscribers. The newsletter is occasional; usually it comes out once a month to subscribers, unless I have something special to announce, and the monthly newsletter includes a subscriber-only short story. This year, the twelve stories add up to make one book, which will be available to purchase, but given to all my subscribers FREE at the end of the year, as a thank you.

Instead of attaching the stories to the newsletter, I have now created a “Readers’ Club” section on the website, which is password-protected and archives all the stories, giveaways, and other little extras I intend to create for my lovely subscribers. If you already receive my newsletter, all will become clear on Sunday… (I hope!)

If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, which includes automatic access to the “Readers’ Club”, you can do so here.

I promise there will be other (not so weird and empty-looking) posts to entertain you over the next few days, too!

2 thoughts on “Little extras from me (and an apology)

    • Ina Morata says:

      I thought I’d better try and explain my oddball behaviour! There’s three more weird posts, and hopefully a couple of others to temper the weirdness. 🙂

      Just received notification of your subscription – thank you so much!


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