Rule 34: Weird and wonderful fetish erotica

Rule 34: if it exists, someone’s kinky for it

Away from those high-end fetish clubs, alpha billionaires and join-the-dots BDSM ‘journeys’, there are almost limitless possibilities for the erotic imagination. Rule 34 contains ten very different stories of uncommon desires and strange, lustful obsessions. Some are delicious, some will unsettle you, some might even make you cry.

There’s a sexy skeleton, a dominatrix dentist, an innovative method of combining two incompatible fetishes, an office affair with a difference, and many more surprises inside. If you’ve ever had a fantasy too surreal to share with anyone else, you are definitely not alone. Take a walk on the weird side: you won’t regret it.

This is the blurb for the newest of the erotic short story anthologies published by Sexy Little Pages. The moment I heard about this anthology I was completely intrigued, partly because I know how fantastic the collections are that Anna Sky of Sexy Little Pages publishes, and partly because I knew that this particular one was being edited by Zak Jane Keir. There was no doubt in my mind that there had to be something very specific that inspired the book. I was right. Here’s what Zak had to say:


rule-34-cover“Four or five years ago, when a certain book was pretty much at peak kink, one phrase kept recurring among those less enthused by its depictions of a fairly traditional relationship: “Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey when you can have a rainbow?”

“That may have been in the back of my mind when I was looking for a cover image for this anthology. OK, at least it’s a lot less rare for an erotica book to feature a bit of man flesh on the cover, these days (undoubtedly the wonderfully fighty Erotica Coverwatch had something to do with this) but, still, a lot of anthology covers are ever so slightly generic.

“There was also the fact that Rule 34 contains a mix of stories: M/M, F/F, M/F and more, with no single theme that could be showcased properly with one image of touchy-feely torsos. So I went with the rainbow pins (magnificently tweaked by Anna Sky of SLP into an even more vivid and appropriate cover). Because it was something different, and so is Rule 34.”


Here’s a couple of extracts to whet your appetite…

SOFT by Sonni De Soto

He’d never known anyone with the same kind of appetites as him. For food. For excitement. For sex. Too often, with other girls he’d been with, he’d been accused of being insatiable. Greedy. Gluttonous. The girls he’d known had been so easily sated. Had played safe. Had stopped short. Had always seemed a little afraid of reaching their fill.

But Greta was the kind of girl who always gave as good as she got. She shared and fueled his hungers. She was the kind of girl with whom enough didn’t have to be enough. With her, he didn’t have to settle. Never had to go still hungry for more. With her, he still felt gluttonous and decadent but, instead of shame or denial, he could only feel joy and anticipation.

He’d been doing kink for nine months now with Greta. Nothing too wild, mostly dealing with denial and edging play, where she teased him mercilessly before finally allowing him release. They’d played and explored enough to have a good grasp on what each other enjoyed. What places to touch. What tools to use. How long to linger. Thrilled with the kinks Greta had introduced him to, he couldn’t help but wonder whether some of the fantasies he’d thought were just nonsensical fap-fodder could be more.

He bit his lip and paced a bit beside his bed. “Do you,” he asked, lifting his shoulder in an awkward shrug, “have any kinks that you haven’t told me – told anyone – about?”

She turned to tuck one leg underneath her and faced him. “Not since I started exploring my kinks.” Her gaze narrowed. “Do you?”

ANONYMOUS by Elna Holst

Her black mask makes me turn off the lights. I let down the blinds and pull the curtains, stuff a blanket along the doorstep, until I have sealed off every last sliver of a light source, and we are stuck, suspended, in primordial dark. She takes off her mask.

I cannot see it (of course), but my ears are pricked and honed in on the sound, the swish as she pulls it up and off her head, the clatter as she drops it among the knick-knacks on my chest of drawers. She does that on purpose. She wants me to know.

I move towards the sound. I have no other bearings, though I should know this room like the back of my hand. It’s a weakness of my brain, a birth defect – I don’t know: I am helpless in the dark. Without visual cues, I cannot make sense of my surroundings. I move through the black unknown slowly, staggeringly, as if the air had become viscous with the absence of light. This is her domain.

She waits for me by the bed. I feel as if she is watching me, inwardly laughing at me, though she couldn’t; no one can see in this dark. By the time I reach my destination I am sweaty, shaking, my pulse throbbing with trepidation.


With grateful thanks to Zak, Anna, and Sexy Little Pages for letting me publish these extracts.

Rule 34 is out now. Visit and take a look.

Find Rule 34: Weird and Wonderful Fetish Erotica on Amazon.

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