My big news!

To anyone who has read today’s newsletter from the utterly amazing Byron Cane (or Lurv Spanking to many of you), this post will come as no surprise.

CLARIAN minus borders, white bkgdI have been unusually quiet on my blog in recent weeks, as far as releasing new erotica for you is concerned. The reason is very exciting: I now have my very own publishing business! It’s called Clarian Press, and aims to publish high quality erotica, romance and other works in which passion and/or emotion is the primary focus.

While I want to publish beautiful work, I have no intention of shying away from dark themes, deep psychology or edgier fiction. The erotic, the romantic and the emotive come in many guises, from sensuous and exciting to painful and broken. They can be found in many places, for many different reasons. They can end happily-ever-after, happy-for-now, or not happily at all. I want to encompass all of these relationships and scenarios in the work I publish.

My aim through Clarian Press is to give readers access to the wonderful independent authors whose work really deserves publishing and to be read. To that end, it will provide complete care for its authors, through the whole process of submission, editing and proofreading, cover design and formatting for ebook and also paperback (for novella and longer, )pre-launch, social media coverage and promotion on various platforms, right through to launch and beyond. No author will ever be left to flounder alone after launch day, as Clarian Press will perpetually promote all authors’ books.

I am stupidly excited about this. I’m putting in fifteen-hour days, and my eyelids are open with matchsticks, but it’s totally worth it, because I already know I have some incredible work lined up to publish, and I can’t wait to start getting it out there! (Authors—you know who you are—I’ll leave it to you to comment, if you wish to reveal yourselves now, Your choice…!).

So… I thought I’d share a few things with you about how things are progressing so far. Firstly, there is a website under construction (which is pretty amazing, considering I am the least technologically-minded person on this planet, and watching me installing a third party plugin theme must have been hilarious!). While I’m not going to go out of my way to share it publicly until it’s ready, I do have the header to show you:

CLARIAN PRESS WEBSITE HEADERIf you’re on social media, Clarian Press has a Facebook page, and is on Twitter and Pinterest currently. They’ve just been created and are utterly bare at the moment (not for long, though), but if you do want to hop on over and say hello, I have to say that I would really love it.

My endless love and thanks go to Lurv Spanking for his unwavering and enthusiastic help and support in getting this project off the ground (and his amazing patience when listening to me witter on and on about branding!). Helping other indie authors to be recognised for their hard work and wonderful words has been something near to my heart for a long time, and I could not, and would not, be fulfilling my dream now, if it wasn’t for him.

More to come on this. Until then, I shall go away and write you something erotic to read…an interesting task, when I’m so excited. 😉

Happy reading!

Ina x

12 thoughts on “My big news!

  1. lurvspanking says:

    Awesome job! I am so excited for the opportunity to work with you through Clarian Press and publish my work. Some will be known to my readers, but at least one novel—so far—has never been posted anywhere. I know this will be a long-term success and any author who has the talent and drive to work with you will be very pleased. Looking forward to seeing the website when it goes live.

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  2. samthornesite says:

    Oh, I am so excited for you!! That’s awesome! Do you want to advertise on ERWA? I can always send you the link to put your publisher details up there if you haven’t already. I’m booked up with GW and editing for the next 5 months, but after that, if you want another line editor on your team…

    You’re going to be amazing. I can’t think of a more proficient AND caring person to guide someone through the editing process!

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    • Ina Morata says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment and your support! It’s very hectic and exciting and lovely things just keep happening. I really want to do justice to all the authors’ work I publish.

      I would love to advertise on EWRA! Please do send me the link. That would be wonderful. And, without a doubt, I will be in touch about line editing as soon as I’m in a position to. Your work is astute and thorough—just amazing!


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