Erotic Meme Days, Challenges and Projects

I am partly writing this post because I had planned to, and partly because the lovely Nora had been asking on her blog how to participate in #WickedWednesday and, as usual, the wonderful blogging community gave her the answers.

If you have never participated in a meme, challenge or project, or have only participated in one or two, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many memes or projects there are, which encourage you to write on your blog and then link your post back to them via various linky tools or in some other specified manner. Some don’t need linking anywhere at all.

Erotic memes, challenges and projects (pinterest) 1.pngI’ve made an attempt to collate the erotic/sex memes that exist on specific days throughout the week, and also added in other memes, challenges and projects that you can participate in, either within specified time frames or whenever you like. Some of these are for written work, some for items more visual, some seek out fiction, some encourage personal responses, so you can pick and choose what you feel comfortable with, and what suits your blog. I have only included ones that are specific to bloggers (writers, artists, photographers) or readers, and not hashtag memes found on social media, although many invariably have hashtags related to them.

If you know of more, or I’ve omitted any glaringly obvious ones, please do let me know in the comments. You can find full details of all of these memes and projects via the links in the titles for each, and within the descriptions. For each one you wish to participate in, please visit the appropriate site and follow the rules.


Masturbation Monday

A great way to start the week! This is a weekly meme, run by the wonderful Kayla Lords. It focuses on masturbation: whether you want to write a piece of fiction or non-fiction, as long as it contains a masturbation scene or is such an erotic read that it makes people want to masturbate, then it’s welcome. There is a visual prompt every week, but it’s not compulsory. Authors can post links to an extract of works in progress (Kayla has recently changed this from allowing links to any published work, to avoid it becoming a promotion tool and instead ensure it focuses on  the posts themselves, and I think that’s perfectly valid). Prompts usually go ‘live’ on or around Thursday, and you have until the end of Monday, Eastern time, to link your post using the linky tool.


TMI Tuesday

The TMI Tuesday blog is prompt-based, and is a set of questions which are primarily sex-related or with mature content, usually written by the blogger, Hedone. The questions act as a kind of confessional, and you post the answers to them on your blog and link back to the TMI Tuesday blog via the comments. Questions are released on a Monday, and your post should be live on the Tuesday. A quick turnaround on this one, but very doable.


Wicked Wednesday

This is a fabulous weekly meme run by Rebel of Rebel’s Notes. It is for original posts of erotica, whether fact or fiction (no extracts), and no longer than 1200 words. You can also participate by posting a photo, with or without accompanying words. Rebel releases her (non-compulsory) prompt on Saturdays, and you have until she takes down the linky tool sometime on Wednesday to link your post to the week’s set.


What is it about Thursdays? I don’t know of any erotic or sex-related memes that run on Thursdays, and I usually find my blog stats down then, too. Is this just me? What do people do on Thursdays? Maybe this is the day to post to one of the non day-specific memes and projects. If you know of a Thursday meme, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it in here.


Boobday Friday

This meme is hosted weekly by A Dissolute Life Means. It is a meme to celebrate breasts of any shape and size. Anyone who identifies as having breasts can participate in the meme. The point is to show how beautiful all breasts are, no matter what they look like. I love this, stated on the website: “to feel beautiful and confident you need to trust the tastes of those who find you attractive. Post your images of your breasts in any state of dress or undress, on Fridays.

Food for Thought Friday

This meme is hosted weekly by @KiltedWookie and @Kats_my_Name. Every Friday they post a question, and you can either answer via a poll or write your answer in a blog post. Or both, if you wish! You can answer these questions in any way that is relevant to you.

NOTE: Currently, KW and Kat are taking a break from F4TF. It may or may not return — we will have to wait and see.

Friday Flash

Friday Flash is hosted monthly by F Dot Leonora. It is an erotic flash fiction meme, for stories of no more than 500 words. There is a visual prompt which is posted towards the end of each month, and remains there for you to link your fiction to it by the fourth Friday in the following month. Use of the prompt is not mandatory.


Saturday Spankings

It’s pretty obvious what this meme is about! The Saturday Spankings blog is run by Headmistress Blake, and is designed for published and prospective authors alike. It’s basically a weekly blog hop, and writers of spanking scenes are invited to post 8-10 sentences on their blog, and link it Saturday Spankings. This can be extracts from published work, or extracts from work that is, as yet, unpublished. The linky tool opens at midnight on Sundays and closes at 11.30pm on the following Friday (all Eastern time).


Sinful Sunday

Molly’s Daily Kiss is a weekly meme for the visual. Post your erotic or sensual images (nothing illegal, obviously), which includes original drawing and paintings, and link back to the relevant Sunday. Pictures can be graphic and involve nakedness, but it’s not necessary. Molly encourages creativity in both the theme of your image and in the image itself — play around with your image and have fun with it. It could be you, or someone you have permission to post, or it could just as easily be an item, a toy or something else that has erotic relevance to you. The one stipulation is to keep accompanying words to a minimum.

Smut Sunday

If you have come across Victoria Bliss’ Smut Sunday, and know if it is still running, please let me know. I can no longer see it on any of Victoria’s sites. I will provide a link, should anyone point me to a current one.


Kink of the Week

This is also hosted by the lovely Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss. It is actually run bi-weekly and has a prompt, which is posted every two weeks, on some form of kink. This is designed to open discussion on the prompt topic. Post your response on your blog in any form you like (Molly makes suggestions of erotica, photo essays, your own thoughts about the topic, your personal experience of it, or an educational post). The prompt remains open for two weeks after being posted, so you can link your post. Molly has confirmed to me that she accepts fiction posts for Kink of the Week.

30 Days of D/s

The brilliant Kayla Lords runs 30 days of D/s from her Loving BDSM website, and via a signup to a set of emails. This is designed to help you educate yourself and move forward in your own D/s journey, and is just as useful for someone who is single as for someone in a relationship. Every email gives you conversation starters, ways to educate yourself, and journal or blog prompts.

30 days of kink

This is a challenge by Saskia Zenn of Tickleberry, and is a more recent version of ‘30 days of submission’ or ‘30 days of dominance’ (I had trouble locating this last one. The post I found lists both questions and the Dom’s answers, and you will need to work through a few pages to discover all the questions). Answer 30 questions in thirty days about you and your relationship to kink (it’s really entirely up to you how you do this: thirty consecutive days, or thirty days, as and when you feel like it. The point is to answer the questions). It is designed to be a personal exercise, so you can identify you particular kinks and preferences, what you like and dislike, what you need, what you desire. I think it’s best used as personal development in D/s. You can download the questions in a PDF and answer/discuss them in the forum section, if you wish.

30 Days of Chastity

Another 30-day challenge by Saskia Zenn, due to the popularity of 30 Days of Kink. There are, as you would expect, 30 questions to answer over thirty days, about chastity, whether you are a female chastity belt or male chastity device wearer, or are the key holder, then these questions are for you. The questions are downloadable from the site, and there is also a forum link to discuss them.

Scavenger Hunt

This one is for the highly visual and daring among you! It was formerly hosted by Curvaceous Dee, and is now hosted by Pieces of Jade. The idea is to treat a list of possible places where people can potentially see you, as places in which to take some form of erotic photo, or photos, or yourself. It does not have to be a fully nude photo — body parts are fine — but there must be enough of the background in the image to distinguish it as something on the list. It can be done whenever you wish. There are award badges, too, depending on the number of places you manage to photograph yourself in!


Pussy Pride Project

This is hosted by Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss. It’s an ongoing project and, although I cannot see it actively promoted on Molly’s site any longer, it’s still ‘live’. Molly wants to know all about your pussy: your thoughts and feelings about it. This is what she says:

What do you call it? How do you feel about it? Do you accept it as a beautiful part of you or maybe you are not so sure? What do you think about the concept of the ‘perfect vagina’? Would you ever have surgery on it, or maybe you already have, why? Has anyone ever complimented you on your pussy? Do you shave it, or do you like it au natural? Describe it to me?

You can post a picture of your pussy if you wish. It’s also not necessary to be female to participate. If you are male, then you can feature a partner, or write a celebratory post about pussies.

The Penis Project

This is a project I came across via the wonderful Rebel’s Notes. It is an ongoing project, hosted by Malflic and functions in a similar way to Molly’s Pussy Pride Project. Its function is to discuss openly the issues that concern and worry men about their penises: shape, size, what’s average, common misconceptions, and how to communicate concerns to a partner. They say:

Our hope is to address these topics, help correct some of the errors of the past and common locker room misconceptions that have been passed from generation to generation. We encourage others; men and women to share their thoughts and ideas. Information is golden as much as ignorance can lead to expensive and painful learning experiences. It’s time to bring these topics out of the bedroom and talk openly. Let’s get to the bottom of the issues, from health, to play, and everything in between.

Write your post, and link it to The Penis Project, to help others.


Another one run by Molly Moore. The Anonymous project allows you to post completely anonymously, whether it’s something personal to you that you need to express, something you’re passionate or angry about, a secret love — anything you want to post anonymously is welcome. Details of how to do this is on Molly’s Anonymous page (obviously you do not need to post to your blog!).


E[lust] is a monthly digest of self-submitted posts by all manner of sex-related bloggers and writers. You can submit both fiction and non-fiction/articles/education posts to Molly Moore to be included in the digest. The idea is to give readers access to a whole array of work on sex, the erotic, and education around these topics, all in one place. If you subscribe, you will receive a reminder email that submissions are open for each digest. You also MUST post the entire digest on your blog each month you are included. The rules are stringent, so please follow them closely.

Sex Bytes

This is an ongoing project by Molly Moore on Molly’s Daily Kiss, and a side-arm to e[lust]. It’s not necessary to have written anything, photographed yourself, or participated in any way on any meme or project. This is all about sharing the best sex-related stories and articles you have read, so others can find them, too. It’s a wonderful resource for finding interesting, educational, and hot reads. To submit, you need to register for an account, but it’s not necessary to have an account if you want to read the submitted posts.


I hope some of these memes, projects and challenges are interesting and helpful to you, and that you have loads of fun with them.

Happy writing, happy picture-taking, and happy reading!


Ina x

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