Clarian Press now taking author submissions!

If you are on my mailing list, or you follow me on social media, you have probably heard me say this over the last couple of days, but I’ve just got to do it again here because I am SOOOOO EXCITED! Finally, after working on my passion for longer than I care to mention, I can finally say, to my immense delight, that Clarian Press is now LIVE, and is currently seeking submissions.

Clarian Press Excited to announce... the website is live!I said in the last post I wrote about my publishing venture, that I aim to publish work that I’m genuinely passionate about, and that is precisely what Clarian Press stands for: Passion. This, of course, takes many forms, from the sensual desires or animalesque lust found in erotica and erotic romance, to the passionate relationships that occur in romantic fiction, to many other forms of passion — for people, objects, events —and a million other possibilities in literary works and women’s fiction (I dislike that term immensely, but it’s industry standard). As far as I am concerned, if the work is emotive, written well, and has a strong story to tell, it will get every consideration from both me and the readers at Clarian Press. And, me being me(!), the less formulaic the work is, the better. I love books that thrill me, turn me on, shock me, make me tearful, have endings I don’t expect or are written so brilliantly that I know what’s coming and I don’t mind, books that I hate finishing because I get that ’empty’ feeling in the pit of my stomach when the story’s over.

Just between you and me, the creation of the business has not been without its trials and tribulations, most notably, entire deletion of the website, all apart from the title, just as I’d almost got it how I wanted it (a very steep learning curve in ensuring you delete the sample content of a website theme before you start filling it up with content, and not when the ‘delete’ button miraculously appears out of nowhere weeks later, offering the option). Well, I mean…what are you meant to do with a pretty little red button that appears and asks on three separate occasions if you want to press it…? I also owe a huge debt of thanks to my close friend and author, Alun Norley, whose patience and image resizing skills know no bounds!

Nothing brings me greater pleasure right now than to be working with the wonderful Byron Cane (Lurv Spanking) in producing The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie. It will be released before Christmas, and I’m very excited about it! Over the course of the next year, publication is set for more novellas, novels, short story collections and poetry, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic than I am right now, to be given the opportunity to enable independent authors, new and experienced, to get their work in front of the readers who want to read it. There are two things that matter to me: my readers (and that the books I publish satisfy them), and looking after my authors. For without my authors, Clarian Press has no future. It’s a huge honour to know that an author trusts me with their work and I intend to do justice to this trust.

If you want to pop over to the Clarian Press website and have a nosey, you can do so here. It’s my own adventure playground, years in the making! Can you tell that I’m a little bit EXCITED?!

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23 thoughts on “Clarian Press now taking author submissions!

  1. samthornesite says:

    I am so happy for you! Don’t forget – ERWA would love to see you promote yourself over there as a publisher, so log in and fill out the form to make sure that lots of people know they can submit to you, and under what terms 🙂

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  2. byroncane says:

    I am very excited, honored, flustered and flattered to know that my novella will about the vivacious and oh-so spankable Stephanie will very shortly be published through Clarian Press. I know this only the beginning of a marvelous partnership and wish only the best for you as the CEO of a business you’ve been longing to launch for a very long time. Bon voyage and bonne chance as the good ship Clarian Press sets sail into the glorious future.

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  3. AC @ The Cracked Lens says:

    As always, I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see how this plays out. I know it has been a lot of work and there is more yet to come. However, I believe you will succeed and in your hands, authors won’t have to worry about you having the best intentions for them. Congrats on everything!

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