Casualty of a Situation

This is the eighth of my nine literary/women's fiction short stories. Casualty of a Situation was inspired by something a very lovely Indonesian woman I once knew said to me. I won't say exactly what it was, but what she told me affected me very deeply, and really made me think about what some women … Continue reading Casualty of a Situation

You Do Love Me, Don’t You?

This is the seventh of my nine story series of literary/women's fiction series. This story has a funny little history. It's the fastest written story I've ever produced, the first draft written in just over half an hour in a complete frenzy. For some reason, I'd been thinking of things I did when I was … Continue reading You Do Love Me, Don’t You?

#TeaserTuesday: The Ballet of Chestnuts

Welcome to #teasertuesday again! This week I have a (not so little) snippet from a work-in-progress, entitled The Ballet of Chestnuts. You can find out more about the brief overall premise for the story here¬†as it's one that I will be publishing next year. The extract I am sharing with you is the very beginning … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: The Ballet of Chestnuts

Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer

Not that I'm food-obsessed or anything, but there's a bit of a theme to this post... I am delighted to tell you that my paranormal erotic romance novella, The Chocolatier: Daemon of hearts and souls, is completely FREE to download on Amazon this week, 14th-18th November. In 1920s London, Edward the chocolatier, surrounded by ghosts … Continue reading Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer

#TeaserTuesday (and #WickedWednesday): Chatline

This post has been inspired in part by the lovely SexLineStories, whom I find inspiring in so many ways, partly by the very first time I read Nicholson Baker's Vox, and also partly by an amazing documentary I saw a while ago about a long-term but, on this occasion, very nervous gigolo who was given … Continue reading #TeaserTuesday (and #WickedWednesday): Chatline