Delicious Chocolatey Freebie and Fruity Offer

Not that I’m food-obsessed or anything, but there’s a bit of a theme to this post…

I am delighted to tell you that my paranormal erotic romance novella, The Chocolatier: Daemon of hearts and souls, is completely FREE to download on Amazon this week, 14th-18th November.

The chocolatier daemon of hearts and souls (final)In 1920s London, Edward the chocolatier, surrounded by ghosts and a love life that haunts him, has dreamt for years of having Ixcacao the chocolate goddess as his own.

When the delicious and mysterious Lilith enters his life and offers to give him what he wants, he is delighted to let her guide him in the erotic art of making a goddess for him to love.

But fulfilling his desires come at a price. What, and who, does he have to sacrifice to get the love—and lust—of his life? And what will happen if he succumbs to everything Lilith has to teach him?

You can get your copy from your Amazon store here.

As a little late Autumnal extra, I am also offering my D/s novella, The Coming of Eve, for 99c until the end of Cyber Monday on 27th November (or whenever Amazon returns it to full price, which might give you a little while longer!). Depending on where you live, you may have to wait for the 99c (or equivalent) price change to kick in, hopefully by the end of today. If I could make it appear faster, I would!

The Coming of Eve final webthumbnailWhen Eve finds herself hungry and lost in Adam’s garden, little does she realise that his sexy punishment for trespassing is exactly what she’s been waiting for.

Invited to spend time at Eden House, she’s sure that acting as submissive to his dominating nature will be a whole lot of fun. Tempting him seems lots of erotic fun, too, but it quickly becomes clear that Adam has very different plans. This is a hot and steamy power game where the stakes are high, and she feels she’s losing control.

When Eve is no longer sure what she wants, can Adam yield to her temptation and show her where the balance of power really lies?

This book has been described as “Erotica in its purest form” (Review on Goodreads and Amazon), which I love! If you enjoy a nice bit of spanking and some yummy, fruity food sex, then I hope you’ll enjoy this one! You can get your hands on it here.

If you do download my chocolatey delight (oh boy, there’s a LOT of sexy chocolate stuff in between its sheets!) or my fruity bit of fun (how many ways can you tempt someone with an apple?!), and you happen to love them, it would be absolutely wonderful if you’d consider leaving a rating or a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews really do mean the world to authors, and I know that I absolutely love it when I know someone enjoys my stories.

stephanieIncidentally, the 27th November is when you can first lay hands on the e-book version of The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie by Byron Cane. It really is a stunning, funny, sexy book, and  am SO happy to be able to offer it to you through Clarian Press. I know lots of you follow either or both of the Lurv Spanking/Byron Cane blogs, and have been treated to extracts. There will shortly be a five-chapter downloadable extract available for your reading pleasure. Keep an eye out here or on the Clarian Press website, and I’ll update with the link as soon as it’s ready (that’s if LS doesn’t beat me to it!)

I have another little pre-Christmas treat coming for you in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that one, too!

Happy reading!

Ina x

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