Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2017

There are a number of things I do before I get out of bed in a morning (no, I’m not giving you a list!). One of them is to check the stuff that has turned up on my phone overnight. Imagine my utter dumbfounded surprise when I checked this morning and found that I had made the top 100 sex bloggers list!

I’m totally stunned! It never occurred to me that I might find myself among such amazing, talented writers. I haven’t a clue how I got on the list, but to anyone who nominated me, thank you so very much! It is with immense pleasure that I can now add the award to my blog! Once again, the wonderful Molly Moore has done a superb job of compiling the list from nominations.

I really do want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Kayla Lords for deservedly sitting at the top of the list. All of Kayla’s blogs are fabulous, as is her Loving BDSM podcast. She has done so much in this past year for her readers, her listeners, and for the sex writers in general, setting up The Smutlancer website and blog and offering her wealth of expertise. I’m extremely pleased to see her in the Number 1 spot! Congratulations to all the bloggers in the top ten, and to everyone else on the list. You are brilliant at what you do! You can find the entire list with descriptions on Molly Moore’s website here. But in case you can’t wait, this is a complete list of the top 100 – no description, just the exciting facts, courtesy of Molly:

1 Kayla Lords @kaylalords
2 Mrs Fever N/A
3 Girly Juice @girly_juice
4 Pain as pleasure @bibulousone
5 Rebel’s Notes @rebelsnotes
6 Not So Sex in the City @notsosexintheci
7 Pandora Blake @pandoablake
8 Scandarella @ella_scandal
9 The Beautiful Kind @TBK365
10 Red Hot Suz @redhotsuz
11 Love Hate Sex Cake @LoveHateSexCake
12 Tabitha Rayne @tabithaerotica
13 Little Switch Bitch @_littlesbitch
14 Bex Talk Sex @bextalkssex
15 Cara Thereon @thereon_cara
16 Denying Thumper @thumperMN
17 Domina Jen @DominaJen
18 Cara Sutra @thecarasutra
19 Hey Epiphora @epiphora
20 Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
21 Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches
22 Poly . Land @polydotland
23 The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview
24 Sexual Destinites @victoriavista1
25 The Other Livvy @theotherlivvy
26 Candy Snatch @CandysReviews
27 Miss Scarlet Writes @MissScarletUK
28 Grind N Throb N/A
29 Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
30 Ninja Sexology @ninjasexology
31 By Aurora Glory @AuroraGloryBlog
32 Miss Eve E. @MissEveBlogs
33 Holden and Camille @holden_cammie
34 Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex
35 My Trickle Trunk @mytickletrunk
36 Wriggly Kitty @wriggly_kitty
37 Princess Previews @PrincessPreview
38 Ann St vincent @AnnStVincent
39 Happy Come Lucky @ht_honey
40 Exposing 40 @exposing40
41 Cleareyed Girl @_Masterseye
42 Random Red Rose @randomredrose
43 Joanne’s Sex Machine and Sex Toy Reviews @joannesreviews
44 Kitten Boheme @kittenboheme
45 Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse
46 Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines @JaimeMortimer
47 Rabbit in Chains @Rabbit_InChains
48 Poly Love & Sex @CPoly69
49 Floss Does Life @_floss_84
50 Sex is My New Hobby @SexIsMyNewHobby
51 Sex Matters @more_matters
52 The Redhead Bedhead @JoEllenNotte
53 Horny Geek Girl @hornygeekgirl
54 A Shared Wife @ASharedWife
55 Mary Q Confesses
56 Marvelous Darling @marvydarling
57 La Taverne Du Captain @captain_review
58 A to sub Bee @sub_bee
59 subs missives @Sum1Sub
60 Suggestive @suggestive
61 Cooler Than A Glass Dildo @NatandTom_
62 Not Just Bitchy N/A
63 Oh Gush @_ohgush_
64 Krystal Minx @BisexualMinx
65 Mx Nillin @mxnillin
66 Minxy & Caged @minxyandcaged
67 The Ins and Outs of Erika Lynae @erika_lynae
68 Collared Mom @CollaredMom
69 You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat @sassycat38
70 Sex, Death Rock’n’roll @violetfenn
71 Le Journal @Little_xsecret
72 Mischa Eliot @mischa_eliot
73 Exhibit A @EA_unadorned
74 The Casquetero Files N/A
75 Backwoods Bedroom @bkwoodsbedroom
76 Maria Open’s Up @MSM1647
77 Sexologist Vixenne @DrVixenne
78 Miss Ruby Reviews @MissRubyReviews
79 Echo Explores @EchoExplores
80 Ina Morata @InaMorataWriter
81 Miss Jezebella @Miss_Jezebella
82 Cammies on the Floor @cammiesonfloor
83 Fiesty Fox Films @feistyfoxfilms
84 Dr. J @DoctorJAuthor
85 Emmanuelle de Maupassant @EmmanuelledeM
86 Poly Role Models N/A
87 Malflic @malflic
88 China Doll 320 @ChinaDoll320
89 F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora
90 Livvy Libertine @Livvy_Libertine
91 Life of Elliot @ElliottHenry5
92 My Sex Life with Lola N/A
93 Asrai Devin @asrai
94 stretchingcandi N/A
95 SweeteN Dirty @Sweeten_Dirty
96 Male Chastity Journal N/A
97 Chronic Sex @chronicsexchat
98 Dildo or DilDont N/A
99 Nicci Haydon @niccihaydon

I’m delighted to see that I follow a lot of the writers here. There are some on this list who are new to me, but not for much longer! I know a lot of you follow many sex bloggers, but there is bound to be a whole host of writers who are new to you and whose work will captivate your attention. Please do follow them and spread some blogging love.

I want to say congratulations to every other sex blogger out there, too. The fact that you write about sex, the erotic, your pleasure, pain, emotions and everything in between, and you do it for an ever-growing community which genuinely appreciates what you have to say, is an amazing thing. It allows us to talk about what is important to us, in a world where censorship is once again on the increase. Please, please keep doing what you are doing. Writing on sex and the erotic is among the best work I have ever seen, and I am proud to be a part of such an incredible community that treats sex with such honesty, integrity and intelligence.

Congratulations to us all! (Did that come out a bit “Tiny Tim-esque”?! Sorry!)

Happy reading, and happy blogging!

Ina x


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