Twelve Sexy Christmas Wishes (Naughty and Nice)

I am very excited to be Blissemas Elf number fourteen, today! I don’t know about your house, but in mine at this time of year, Christmas wishes are foremost on the younger inhabitants’ minds. When someone asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?” though, I invariably haven’t a clue because I’ve not given it a thought. I decided that I should remedy that and create my very own wish list — but not one that includes bubble bath and slippers. I thought it would be much more fun to make a list of sexy wishes, and mostly ones that actually cost very little except time and thought and a whole sackload of sexiness. I never have been one for ‘grand gesture’ presents; little things that have special meaning are far more my style.

So… here’s my Twelve Naughty and Nice Days of Christmas wish list. Whether I’ve been nice this year, or a naughty little elf, and whether I will get my wishes, I’ll leave entirely up to your imagination!(If you’ve not yet visited the other Elves’ blog posts of Blissemas present, be sure to — and remember to visit the Blissemas elves yet to come this year. You can also find the Elves of Christmas Past there, too. And don’t forget to enter the competition to win a Kindle Fire 7 full of sexy stories.)

  1. Mistletoe Missives

Tradition states that you’re not meant to encounter a piece of hanging mistletoe at Christmas without kissing the person who is under it with you. So I wish for mistletoe everywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom because I just love kissing. But let’s make this a little more interesting than endless Christmas snogging (not that I have a problem with that!). How about each piece of mistletoe hanging with instructions attached, detailing where each of these kisses should be placed?

I have never hung mistletoe in my house. I really think I should…

2. Being on the Naughty List

Oooh, this wish could be fun! Imagine being over a loved one’s knee and confessing to Santa all the naughty things you’ve done this year. And Santa gets the final decision on what punishment is due for each naughtiness. I can just imagine the line-up of twitchy palm and accompanying tinsel-decorated implements… Or maybe submitting a list of naughty confessions in advance means that Santa has a very special ‘present’ for each one as you confess the items on your Naughty List, instead. Or how about both? I wonder if I’d want to ever get to the end of the list?

If I have to choose (which I do, because it’s my wish list!) then I wish to be over Santa’s knee, waiting for that nice twitchy palm to find a seasonal remedy for my naughtiness.

Who doesn’t want to have rosy cheeks in the winter?

3. Naughtily delicious Christmas stockings

I spend a ludicrous amount of time finding things to put in Christmas stockings each year. But I’ve never had one of my own. (Having said that, no one has ever believed me when I say that I’d like a book voucher for Christmas, or that a grow-bag full of compost to stand in might be useful for me – well, it works for tomato plants).

So I wish for a stocking full of tasty – and preferably shareable – treats because I just love the thought of parting my lips, ready for my loved one to pop something yummy between them. And something else, something edible to wear that can be licked…and sucked…and bitten off me. In case you’re wondering how you can make this yourself, have a look here (okay, so the link’s for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re having your clothes licked off, does it matter?!).

4. A fantasy Christmas

I wish… for a snuggly duvet. Okay, so that sounds pretty boring (if at least warm enough to stop my icicle toes from freezing someone’s bits off!). How about this, then? We whisper our most secret fantasies, curled up in a duvet with mince pies and a hot chocolate with dunking marshmallows. And then spend all the holiday under that duvet fulfilling them with each other. (And if we don’t manage to fulfil them, I can always write about them! Could make for very interesting blog posts in 2018…).

5. Being Santa’s Naughty Elf

I’m possibly the perfect height to be an elf! But what’s the point in being Santa’s Little Helper if I can’t be a naughty elf? When Santa is inspecting the presents at the bench, pressing himself hard against the wood, where else would Naughty Elf be but under the bench, finding her own present to play with? Every time Santa loads his sack, I come along and…you get the idea! OOOOH, I wish, I wish, I wish to be Santa’s Naughty Elf.

6. Two turtle doves

I read all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff, and this wish is described in Siobhan Kelly’s The Little Bit Naughty Sex Positions. Everyone deserves a bit of relaxation and snuggle time and I (and my imagination) fell in love with the potential for the wintry sensuality of a candle-lit or fireside version of being one of a pair of turtle doves. It’s very simple: Sit facing each other, legs wrapped around each other’s backs and inch together slowly, until he slips gently inside (feel free to interpret and adapt to suit any sexual orientation). Can you imagine this, naked and alone, candles flickering, with eyes locked on one another as… Sorry. I drifted…

7. A very special visit to Santa

It’s a long time since I sat on Santa’s knee to tell him what I wish for. In fact, the last time, I was with my brother, who was so terrified he screamed the entire time and my mum was so embarrassed that she just about broke the world record for speedy store exits! Now I’m all grown up (actually, I’m not; I’m a little girl at heart), my wish is to sit on my Santa’s lap while he holds onto me tight — so I don’t fall off, of course — and tell him the one thing I really want for Christmas. And if I sit there long enough, I just might get it!

And you know that a Naughty Girl always ends up over Santa’s knee, too…!

8. Naughty and nice decorations (every one of them home-made)

When I began to decorate the Christmas tree this year, it went something like this: I hit myself on the head with the tree, got stuck in the wires on the lights (but I did remember to make sure they were working before I shoved a bulb up the angel’s bottom), the tinsel fell apart in my hand and the baubles kept coming unstrung. And I found myself wishing that I had something else much nicer and more fun to decorate the tree with.

Thus was born my next wish for chocolate (boy, did I want chocolate!). I wish for home-made chocolate decorations and peppermint creams, which I have always loved since I was very small. My mum used to make them for my grandad every year. I wish to wrap mine, string them and hang them, but not before my very own Santa’s hands go on a yummy, sexy search, convinced I must have secreted some about my person. Mmmmm…

So there’s the ‘nice’. Now – about the ‘naughty’ decorations: little ‘word presents’ in hanging envelopes containing each of the tasty goodies, with a room written on the front, and each starting with “Come get your…” Hang these on a tree in your bedroom, maybe. Unless you really want your guests to play with your decorations!

9. A gift for the easily distracted reader

Actually, I’m not an easily distracted reader. Give me an Agatha Christie and I won’t come up for air until I discover exactly whodunnit. But I’m perfectly happy to be distracted, should it be worth my while! So I wish for an exchange of gifts — to be given a book to read that I could never dream of putting down, and return the gift with a kiss-shaped envelope containing just two sentences on a red piece of paper: “Now find a way to make me put it down. No hands allowed.”

Not coming up for air until we ‘dunnit’ sounds like a way to get me to abandon all the clues and jump straight to (or is it on?) the end and savour every moment.

10. A Christmas calendar

I am, quite possibly, a little bit sad, deranged or otherwise boring, but I happen to love calendars and planners and diaries.

But I don’t wish for an ordinary calendar, one that has a page per month with each day given its own space for the chaos that happens in my household and which I can’t keep track of otherwise. What I wish for is a time-stamped picture calendar, one picture for every one of twelve consecutive Christmas Day hours with its own sexy strapline, on the hour, and that represents something which connects us, and only us, intimately.

This really is a Christmas wish where the thought is what counts — and imagination can run riot!

11. Being the present

Okay, so, confession time. I have only once been wrapped up in something resembling present-style and presented to the world — or at least one exclusive part of it — in such bindings. For more information, please contact certain university friends of mine (you know who you are. At least you took me upstairs in the end).

But being the present would be just perfect this Christmas. So I wish for a gigantic length of red velvety ribbon (silk crinkles; present ribbon can be dangerous and pull tight unexpectedly), so I can wrap my naked self, to be opened by my Santa. I can just imagine his face as he pulls the bow undone and watches the wrapping fall away to reveal his gift. 😉

12. When Santa is all done…

…then finally, my wish, when all the Christmas chaos has exhausted my poor Santa, is to find a log cabin. I don’t care where it is — an idyllic snowscape would be perfect. It would have a massive armchair built for two to snuggle up on, a huge bed high up in the roof, and a beautiful roaring fire with a hearth rug big enough to lay there, wrapped only in a blanket of love and lust, ready to make my Santa happy after all his ‘hard’ work.

What can I say? Snow is sexy and roaring fires make me horny!

So there you have it: my twelve Sexy Christmas wishes.

I also have a special little pre-Christmas treat for you. Would you like a copy of my dark erotic short story collection, Can You See Me? absolutely FREE? Sign up to the Clarian Press reviews team by the end of New Year’s Eve (midnight, GMT) to receive a copy of the e-book during January before it is available for general release in March, as a thank you.

And now I have another Blissemas goodie. I have written a little Christmas vignette to accompany each of my twelve Christmas wishes and the first one is below. I’ll be posting each of the others on my blog, one a day until Christmas Day, so come along and read. Make your Christmas a sexy one!

Merry Blissemas and, as always, happy reading!

Love Ina x

Mistletoe Missives

The music played one cheesy Christmas song after the other. She could still hear the chink of glasses, the laughing, singing, as if it had ingrained itself into the walls, even though the last of the guests had left.

All but him. He was here. As she waved the last couple away into the disappearing rows of Christmas lights amid the darkness, she glanced at the coat rack. The jacket she had peeled off his arms was still hanging above the radiator. She touched it; warmth melded into the rainy dampness and she squeezed her thighs together hard as a waft of aftershave tickled her nose.

She looked up, realising she was on the spot where she had greeted him, the mistletoe hanging happily from the lampshade. His lips had been so soft this evening. But then again, they always had been. Memory took over as she recalled the first time they had kissed, how his hands had explored her, quivering against her skin as he’d slid his hand into the top of her dress and brought her breast to his lips. Her eyes closed, remembrances of her mouth roaming against him overtaking her senses. It must be the coat. He always used to wrap her in his coat. She nuzzled her cheek against her shoulder, her head dropping back as she sighed.

When her eyes opened, she stared straight at the mistletoe. She’d placed mistletoe everywhere this year — she’d not wanted another year in which people were queuing to get under it! But this piece caught her eye because there was something hanging from it. She reached up on tiptoe to swing the object to face her. A small envelope, the writing on the front in an unmistakable hand stating ‘You Pick’. Her heart beginning to bash in her ribs, she stood on the bottom step of the staircase and managed to flip it open, partly extracting a card containing another phrase: ‘Your Favourite Place’.

Puzzled, knowing her favourite place ever was a bookshop, yet there wasn’t one for miles, and knowing that she’d not put the envelope there, her stomach lurched when the music changed from the compilation she had created and which had been playing on a loop for five hours, to the reverberating tones of Mariah Carey, singing “All I Want for Christmas”.

An ache ripped through her, beginning beginning between her breasts and heading straight between her thighs. Feeling her juices pool, she shot into the room where the music played to itself. Another envelope hung from the mistletoe in the centre of the room. He was here somewhere. She could feel it.

There was a light on in the utility room. She could see it under the door. Her hand began to tremble as she grabbed the door handle. All she could think about was those lips. His kiss. Wanting to slip her hands up his chest until they locked around the back of his neck and their bodies pressed against one another so she could feel his arousal against her belly. She squealed when warm hands slid around her and held her tight.

“Gotcha. Knew you’d never resist checking out that light. Look above you.”

An envelope dangled from the mistletoe, and as she tugged at it and yanked it loose, his hands twirled her yielding body, pulling her against his shirt. His lips closed over hers and she felt his palm squeezing her breast. She replied with a hand that slid from his chest to his groin. Her pressure on his hardness elicited a muffled moan as he continued to explore her mouth with gentle flicks of his tongue. Through the fabric, she grasped her fingers around his cock as his mouth pressed harder onto hers. When eventually he released her, she read the front of the envelope, his hand stroking the round of her backside until she tingled incessantly between her thighs.

“Up the wall?” She looked at him quizzically. He grinned.

“Seems you beat the message to it. We’re already there.”

“Speak for yourself,” she quipped. “I’m damp — feel. But I’m not that easy to finish off. What’s the writing in the envelope all about?” She read the contents. “Nipple.”

“Place to do the kissing, and a place to place the kisses,” he whispered, his mouth making contact with her earlobe and radiating an ache from her core. His fingers found their way into her stretchy top, running against the lace of her bra as his lips brushed all the way down her neck. When his mouth fell around her nipple and his tongue worked it into a bullet-tip, her fingers worked deftly on his shirt, until she managed to release all the buttons. As his lips tugged hard on her, she worked her groin against his thigh, shoving his shirt from his shoulders and landing it on the kitchen table. He could make her come like this; he knew it, too.

“What other little mistletoe missives have you planted?” Quicker than he was, she ducked his clutches and ran into the living room, pulling down the envelope as his lips took hers once more beneath the greenery. She melted into his arms; she had no idea how long the kiss lasted, but it wasn’t long enough. Somehow her top was now on the floor and his fingers were playing with the clasp on her bra. She wanted so much for him to tweak his fingers and let her expose her breasts fully to his eyes, his hands, his lips.

“Chair,” he read o the envelope, his eyebrows waggling, leaving her raising her own.

“Cheeks. Not the ones on your face,” she grinned.

He was in the armchair quicker than she could blink. She was over his lap faster than that. She gasped as he lifted her skirt. The air clung cool to her bared flesh as he ran his fingertip around the top of her stocking, making her whimper. His cock dug in against her pubic bone and she felt a gush flow from her, only accentuated by the way he traced circles on her flesh that peeked from the base of her knickers. His lips kissed in circles, too, his tongue intermittently following the lace-covered crease between her cheeks. She squirmed on his knee as his words came loud and clear to her arousal: “I so want to fuck you right now.”

He winced as she jumped off his lap, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the hallway.

“Remember what you put on this one? I’ve already had a sneaky peek. She watched him grin as she pulled the envelope down and handed him the card.

He kissed her hard; her skirt fell to the floor. The expert fingertips she had wanted for so long slid into the elastic of her knickers, gliding with remembered ease over her flesh to hover over her pulsating clit. With a desperate moan she pushed herself onto his hand. His lips took hers as she ground herself against his palm and two fingers sank deep into her.

“I’m glad you managed to dry out. What crappy weather. Your coat was drenched when you got here.” She cupped his cheek, running her fingers through his hair. “So was your face.”

He lifted her chin and devoured her with those soft lips that she’d loved so much from the first moment they had touched hers. “Did I get you wet?”

“Not as wet as you’re about to. You know my favourite place to be kissed. Now for my choice — on your knees in that shower and don’t take your lips off my pussy until you’ve made me come.”

He mumbled something about, “Don’t you just love mistletoe,” as her bra fell on the carpet and her fingers deftly opened the front of his trousers. as her hand slipped inside, his fingers made a desperate plea with her lace knickers.

Her mouth met his once more, as she pulled him up the stairs. “Yes, I love it. Welcome home, darling.”

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  1. lurvspanking says:

    I love each and every one of the 12 wishes and know that a Naughty Girl always does end up over Santa’s knee getting her every desire come true. After all, saying “Yes, Sir!” to Santa as he turns cheeks rosy red in the night, can have some interesting consequences to his candy cane. 🙂

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