Naughty and Nice: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my little Naughty and Nice vignettes. This one is all about the naughty list. See what happens to Daddy’s (obviously adult!) little girl when she has to tell Santa Daddy all about about her naughtiness.

Happy reading!

Ina x

Naughty List


She shivered, sitting there in her best dress. Her make-up was perfect, her hair brushed how Daddy liked it. And no underwear. She loved it when Daddy told her not to wear her underwear. She’d been so excited about giving him her Naughty List that she’d forgotten to wear it when she had her meeting with a client earlier. How she had concentrated on preparing for the new contract when she’d watched Daddy that morning, she would never know. Luckily, she’d been doing her job for years and could do it with her eyes shut.

Not only had Daddy told her she wasn’t allowed to cuddle up to his marvellous erection (“That’s for later, sweetie” — it drove her crazy) but she’d watched him get out his ‘Naughty or Nice’ kit. She almost squealed with delight when she saw a new silver vibrator nestling in among the other items.

Now, as he watched her sitting there, he gave her a wink and began frowning at the paper in his hand.

“What’s this?” He raised his eyebrows quizzically as he jabbed his finger at the first item. Was that a smirk he was trying to hide? She sat there, swinging her feet on the high stool, feeling even more little than her Daddy knew.

“It’s what I wrote. I’ve been naughty because I daydream. A lot.” Biting her bottom lip, she wrinkled her nose and looked up through her eyelashes at him in his Santa suit. “About you.” She wriggled on her seat at the outline of his hard cock inside his trousers. “Does Santa get a stiffy at the thought of every daydream his little girl has?

He frowned. “Stop being cheeky and tell me when you daydream.” She watched his fingers wandering over the table top, hovering, stopping to stroke her favourite paddle — black leather on one side and bright red fur on the other. He picked it up and ran the cold leather against her bare leg.

“Usually when I’m supposed to be working, Santa.”

“Turn around, you naughty little girl.”

Looking mortified, she did as she was told as she clung to the stool, her bare feet pushing into the steel bar, presenting her bottom high in the air for her Santa Daddy. She couldn’t stifle the huge grin as she stared at the window and saw his reflection, his mouth agape.

“Good girl. No knickers. Then instead of this…” He swatted her backside twice with the leather side. “…I’ll use this, while you tell me all about the second thing on your list.

The soft fur traced a line across her flesh from the base of her spine to the crease of her thigh, leaving her breathing her arousal into the seat. He tapped her cheeks over and over in rapid, soft succession, stopping every now and again to fondle her flesh and kiss it. She knew that he knew that it got her wet. And she was. Very.

“I’ve also been naughty because I sometimes stop work altogether and take myself off to a private room.”

“And what do you do in that private room?”

She heard a gentle buzz start up from behind her. Resisting the temptation to look round, she replied, “I slip my fingers inside my knickers and touch my pussy, Santa.”

The buzzing vibrated close to her. “What do you do then, you naughty girl?”

She felt his palm run along her side until it found her breast. Whimpering as he squeezed it, she pushed her bottom out further and finding the cold buzzing hardness. She flooded as he rubbed it up and down against her clit. “What you’re doing now, Santa. And… I finger my pussy.”

“Like this?” The vibrator disappeared inch by inch inside her. Slowly, he moved it out, tracing her pussy lips to her clit and back again.

“Mmmm, exactly like that.”

“That’s very naughty of you. Why do you do it?” The vibrator buzzed faster, pulsed. She could hear her wetness squelching around the ‘Finger’.

“Because I can’t help it. I think of you and I need to come.”

“That’s very nice, little girl.”

The buzzing stopped. She felt his mouth on her back, nibbling her hips, and kisses in her dimple. She sighed. “Santa…”

“You have one more on your list, little girl. Tell me all about that.”

She gasped as his thumb pressed against her crinkled rosebud. “Sometimes I climb on you when you’re sleeping and sit on your cock. And you haven’t given me permission, Santa. That’s naughty, isn’t it?”

His breath blew against her neck. “Yes, it is. You slide your wet little pussy over me like this, don’t you, you naughty little girl?” The paddle nudged her thighs wider, the soft fur tickling her swollen, wet flesh.

“Yes. Just like that.”

“And, even though I don’t give you permission, you make me wet so you could fuck me, don’t you?” His tongue lapped at her, leaving her squirming, her breath erratic. The leather paddle came down on her sit spot, nowhere near as hard as usual. He’d never spanked her with his mouth between her legs before.

His breath made her quiver; her body filled with a burning ache. Between her throaty moans, she stuttered, “I know what… to get you… for Christmas… now. A new… paddle. I need something… much… harder than that.”

“Cheeky thing. Stay still and feel what you get for being on my Naughty List.”

His cockhead pressed against her entrance and her entire body gave itself up to him. With one swift thrust he got the response she knew he’d been waiting for: “Yes Daddy. Sir.”

And, as he filled her, he growled into her hair the one present she’d worked so hard for all year: “My good little girl. I do love you.”

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