Naughty and Nice: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my little Naughty and Nice vignettes. This one is all about the naughty list. See what happens to Daddy’s (obviously adult!) little girl when she has to tell Santa Daddy all about about her naughtiness.

Happy reading!

Ina x

Naughty List


She shivered, sitting there in her best dress. Her make-up was perfect, her hair brushed how Daddy liked it. And no underwear. She loved it when Daddy told her not to wear her underwear. She’d been so excited about giving him her Naughty List that she’d forgotten to wear it when she had her meeting with a client earlier. How she had concentrated on preparing for the new contract when she’d watched Daddy that morning, she would never know. Luckily, she’d been doing her job for years and could do it with her eyes shut.

Not only had Daddy told her she wasn’t allowed to cuddle up to his marvellous erection (“That’s for later, sweetie” — it drove her crazy) but she’d watched him get out his ‘Naughty or Nice’ kit. She almost squealed with delight when she saw a new silver vibrator nestling in among the other items.

Now, as he watched her sitting there, he gave her a wink and began frowning at the paper in his hand.


UPDATE: This is just a story taster. The full story has now been removed from this post. If you’d like to read all the Naughty and Nice stories, this, and eleven other steamy Christmas stories, are available to pre-order for 99c/99p until the beginning of December 2021. The e-book will then be ‘live’!

Buy your copy from your favourite e-book store here.

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