Naughty and Nice: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Naughty and Nice vignettes, based on my 12 Sexy Christmas Wishes. On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me… well, what delicious treat would you expect to find wrapped up in a Christmas stocking?

Happy reading!

Ina x

Her Christmas Stocking


Her eyes tightly closed, she let him lead her into the room. “What have you done, Sir? Knocked over the Christmas tree? Daren’t you let me look? Have I got to walk round all day with my eyes shut?” She squeaked as his mouth clasped itself around her neck and the whisper penetrated her head and her sensibilities. “Cheeky minx. No, I haven’t. You’ll see if you open your eyes.”

She loved it so much when he whispered against her. Already grinning, she blinked her eyes open and stared at the door handle.

“You didn’t?! Oh, that’s so lovely of you! I’ve never had a Christmas stocking before! Can I see what’s inside? Please, Sir?”

She squeezed him hard as the present hanging out of the top wobbled. He grabbed it quick, laying it on the arm of the chair.

“Why don’t you start with the smaller ones? Go on, sweetie. I can see you can’t wait.”

Excitement overtook her as she jiggled on the spot, delving into the stocking and pulling out a flat rectangle with a bump on top.

He smiled indulgently at her excitement. “What do you always say no one ever gets you?”

“Someone else to wash up after Christmas dinner?” She grinned and stuck out her tongue. He rolled his eyes, pulling her to him. She barely felt the sting as he brought his hand down on her backside, but it left a lasting impression between her legs. An image of his tongue flicking at her folds as his fingers dug into her bum left her with a quiver.

“Erm, no. Not unless there’s an elf in that wrapping — and I think it’s too small even for that.” He grinned as she pouted then began to open the wrapping.

“Oh, wow, you remembered! No one else ever does! I know people think I’m nuts, wanting a book voucher, but I’ve never had one! Little things like that make me so happy!” She swung around his neck. “But what’s the box with it?” She unwrapped the little square accompanying packet from its silver paper imprinted with snowflakes to find a flat box with a hinged lid. Her mouth fell agape when she opened it.

She watched him smile at her as she took out the giant treat. On it, she recognised them both. She knew it was an image of them, even carved in chocolate; she’d never ridden anyone’s cock the way she did his.

“Do you like it? It was a total pig to carve.” His arms slipped around her, his hand disappearing inside her dressing gown. She giggled as his fingers went roaming over her silken nightie. The giggles turned to sighs as he ruched up the bottom hem and clasped her pussy. Eventually(!) she twirled in his arms, her dressing gown twisting against her and releasing. She let it drop to the floor.

“I love it. I can’t believe you did this. Would you like to share a bit with me?”

Always, with you, sweetie. I…” He stopped talking as she broke a piece of chocolate off and pressed it to his lips. He could never resist anything she offered up to his mouth.

She watched him suck, swallow until she could bear no more. It was all she could do not to jump at him and wrap her legs around his thighs, sending them both careering to the floor. Tilting her head instead, she grinned as she pulled a long, cylindrical shape from the stocking, with a label on the top, saying ‘Hold gently. This way up. Just rip off the wrapping’.

“I saw you. You’ve only just sneaked this one in.” She squealed as he slapped her bum. It stung this time, making her blood pound every inch of flesh between her legs. “Sir.”

“You shouldn’t have been sneaking a peek, then.”

She locked eyes with his, pulling the wrapping off, taking care to follow the instructions, until she found herself holding a lifesize cock, white chocolate forming the shaft, milk chocolate the balls and the darkest chocolate she had ever seen making up the cockhead.

“Oh my God! Is this — I can see it is. How the hell did you—?” She ran her fingers over the head, under the thick ridge she recognised so well and down the veins. The balls began to melt a little in her palm. He took the cock with one hand and brought her chocolatey palm to his mouth. She gasped as the roughness of his tongue took control of her sensations.

“It was definitely interesting to do.”

She melted, too, as his grin inflamed her desire for him.

“Suck the cock, darling. Suck my cock and find your treat.”

Her heart raced; taking the head between her lips she sank her mouth onto it.

“That’s it, sweetie. Keep sucking. Would you like me to join you? Shall I lick it while you suck?”

His face was so close. His mouth almost on hers as he began to lick at the veins, trailing his tongue right up to the corner of her mouth as the top burst open. She devoured the contents: cream whipped into a mousse. He caught some in his mouth, too and she couldn’t resist him then. Her mouth sank over his and they share the cream. She tasted of white chocolate on him as he licked the dark chocolate from her own lips.

“I’ll enjoy sucking the rest of my treat, later, if you’ll let me, Sir.” She kissed him hard. “As long as you’ll taste it again.”

“You can count on it, my love.” His breath had become faster. His face more flushed. “But please open this. I want you to open your last stocking treat. Now.” Retrieving it from the arm of the chair, he handed it to her, his eyes aglow.

“What’s this?” She beamed at him, nuzzling into the fingers that stroked the side of her face and down her neck until his palm cupped her chin and lifted her mouth to his.

“Open it and see, sweetie. Sorry it was a bit big to go into the stocking properly. It’s a kind of awkward shape. Be very careful as you open it.”

Frowning then wide-eyed in turn, she sat and took the present, laying it in her lap. Peeling back the wrapping revealed two layers: one of chocolate, two moulded cups, with red ribbon ties and straps; one of the thinnest layer of caramel, shaped to her pussy, and tied at the sides and around the back with more matching red ribbon. “You made me… edible lingerie? Ooooh, Sir! Will you help me—?”

His hands were already removing her silken nightie, hot palms running over every part of her exposed body, stopping only to place kisses on each of her nipples, which responded, forming hard, round peaks as he lifted her nightie over her head, leaving her standing there, naked and trembling.

“Are you cold, darling?” He scooped her up, wrapping her in his own dressing gown with him, squashing his naked erection between them both.

“No, Sir! I’m excited! Please put my present on me.”

She was sure it didn’t take that long to fasten a bra. For some reason, the cups didn’t want to stay over her. Well, they did for a while, warming to her skin, but the they seemed to come off again, and Sir just had to suck them clean of the melting chocolate before trying again. And the caramel knickers — it seemed that the only way to get them to stay in place was to get the surface very wet before they would hold still. And every time Sir tried to tie the sides, they slipped once more…

She laid there on top of her dressing gown, looking up at her Sir. She winked. “I don’t think I like wearing this present much.”

He knelt between her open thighs. Bringing his head down to her breasts, he opened his mouth wide and sucked at the chocolate. He bit off a piece, revealing her flesh, and sucked at that, too. “Don’t you, sweetie?” He looked at her with smouldering eyes. “Are you being an ungrateful little sub? What shall we do about it, then?”

She grinned just before his chocolatey lips sank lower, vanishing between her thighs altogether. His breath warmed the caramel. It was so thin that she could feel his tongue running along the entire length of her pussy, stopping to suck just over her clit. A little hole formed in the caramel and she moaned, bucking against his mouth as his tongue touched her flesh.

“I think you should take it off me, Sir.” She moaned again as his frantic licking made the hole bigger. “But it might take a while for me to let you have it. It might even take you hours, Sir.”

His mouth delved further. She just about heard his muffled reply before she came against his mouth: “Will it, now? Merry Christmas, my little sweetie.”

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