Naughty and Nice: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of my Naughty and Nice series of Christmas vignettes. Being Santa’s Little Helper would be exciting enough — especially if the Santa in question is your Dom. But what if you’re a naughty little elf? Poor Santa… I’m not sure he knows what he’s letting himself in for!

Happy reading!

Ina x

Santa’s Naughty Elf

This year, her Santa had decided he was going to wrap everything himself. His little elf wasn’t at all happy about that.

“But Santa… what am I supposed to do to help you? I’m supposed to be your little helper.”

Santa’s big, warm hand slid up his elf’s tunic and into her stripey tights. She wriggled and pressed her pussy to his thigh as he squished her bum and fondled with her rosebud. “Now, be a good little elf. I’m going to be busy for a while. You can find something to do, can’t you?” He tinkled her little bell that stood perky and waiting for Santa’s instructions every day. “Why don’t you have some playtime while Santa Daddy is working?”

Santa gave his little elf a squeezy cuddle, picking her right up and holding her high. She popped her little green top and squished her wobbly breasts over Santa’s face, like two little bowlfuls of jelly either side of his lips.

“Ooooh, Santa, your whiskers tickle!” She rubbed her foot against his trousers. “It feels like you’re too excited to work, Santa Daddy. Come play with me.”

Santa put his little helper down on the floor. “Turn.”

With a big grin, the little elf spun on her toes and, in one graceful movement, flicked up her tunic with one hand and whipped down her tights with the other. She wiggled her bum when she heard the sharp intake of breath behind her.

“Beautiful little elf. Never learn to behave.” His throaty, wonderful words were like catnip to her ears. As his big, hot hand came down on her begging flesh, taking time to probe all her naughty places in between each of his ten loving spanks, the little elf decided what game she was going to play while Santa Daddy was busy.

“Will you complete my punishment now, Santa? Please. My bum is all hot now. Is it rosy like you like it? Is it wet between my naughty parts? Don’t you have a big fat cock now, Santa Daddy? Don’t you want to make your little help work hard right now, backing her wriggly bum onto your cockhead — just to help you work on me easy…fast…smooth… oh, Santa Daddy, show me how hard you work.” She ground her rosy hot bum cheeks onto the hard punishment that was captured inside his trousers. She squealed, more in frustration than anything else as Santa picked her up and planted her firmly on the bench.

“I love you, you naughty little elf. But Santa needs to work at his bench for a while. Now, if I put you down, will you play nicely?”

With a pouty little face, and nodding her little head so her bell tinkled, all droopy and sad, she promised to do exactly as he wanted. She wrapped her arms round his neck as he lifted her down. It took Santa a full five minutes to get her to let go. The only thing that worked was to slip his hand into her tights and give her a little come, so that she wetted one hand as she flopped into his big, safe embrace.

He smiled down at her. “Play nicely.”

She was such a little girl that, when her Santa’s attention was taken with a big parcel that he carried and placed on the wrapping paper, she crawled into the space beneath the workbench.

She could hear Santa rustling about with paper. Under cover of his busy-ness, the little elf gently peeled open the zip to his trousers. She had to clasp her hand to her mouth to stop her surprise leaking out when she realised that, in his rush to get his work done, Santa had forgotten to put any underwear on. Her little bell positively quivered in delight.

With elvish fingers, just as Santa was ripping tape, she touched his now flopping cock. It twitched; there was a funny little grunt from above her head. She peered up to see Santa stiff as a board for a few seconds, then continuing his work.

She tickled his cockhead, running her nail softly against his slit until his cock grew so much that it almost popped out of the fabric on its own. Being a special little helper, and very good at her job, she eased Santa’s hard, thick cock out of his trousers and held it. His sack looked so heavy she was sure it needed some extra support.

There was a clonk above her head as something got dropped, and she heard, “Fuck.”

Anything to be helpful, she thought.

Santa began to fill his sack on the workbench. She lapped at the one that graced her palm, stroking his cock and making sure that Santa’s heavy sack would soon be emptied. Sucking and licking and nibbling, the little elf slurped and moaned. Santa moaned, too, especially when she grasped his shiny bauble-like head and slipped it between her lips.

It might have been a silent night, but for the incessant quivering of the little elf’s bell as she sucked harder and harder, drawing Santa’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

“Oh… wow… you really do need to be put over my knee, don’t you?” Poor Santa’s body shuddered as his cum shot onto his little elf’s tongue.

She thought about answering immediately, but she knew it was rude to talk with her mouth full. Swallowing his present first, and remembering to be polite and suck his softening candy cane until he was clean and every drop of his yummy gift was gone — and managing to make his cock twitch and swell once more — she looked up at him with glittering eyes. “Oh, Santa Daddy, you always know how to ring my bell.”

He sighed, exasperated as she flung herself over his knee with a perky jingle and bared her bum. “Oh, my naughty little elf, what am I going to do with you?”

She giggled. “At last, Santa Daddy. Something for me to help you with!”

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