Naughty and Nice: Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of my Naughty and Nice Christmas titbits, based on my sexy Christmas wishes. After the cheeky naughtiness of the little elf yesterday, today’s short and sweet turtle doves are very different. Watch them as they come together…

Happy reading!

Ina x

Two Turtle Doves

The tree was beautiful. Snow fell all around outside. She watched from the warmth of the room at the snowflakes that floated and appeared to land on the branches. Eyes wide, she imagined them gathering and falling to land on her tongue. Without realising it, she sat there, under the tree, the tip of her tongue peeking through her lips.

“You look beautiful like that. But you look beautiful, no matter what you’re doing.”

She turned her head to see him leaning against the door frame, smiling. The lights on the tree twinkled like stars around the room. As he dropped to his knees and took her hand, her heart leapt at the sight of the twinkle in his eye, too.

“I love the way you look in this light,” she said, crawling onto his knee and gazing up at him as she traced the edge of his open shirt collar.

“Charming. You mean when you can’t see me properly.” He nudged her nose with his and she chased his lips until she caught them.

“You’re dead right. I can’t see you properly.” Her heart began to beat faster, in time to the stream of kisses that he trickled down her neck and into the top of her dress. His lips hovered over her exposed flesh at the top of her bra as he slowly began to peel open the fabric. In response, her fingers worked at his buttons until his shirt was loose of his jeans and her palms ran over his chest

She laid back into the crossed legs that cradled her body as his fingers ran over her bra, undoing the front clasp and pushing away the lace. “Do you want to? See me properly?” he whispered, as she arched her body to capture more of his touch, more of the tongue that ran in a figure of eight around her naked breasts.

“Oh yes. I want to see all of you. Up close.”

He lifted her, moving her into a space in front of him. She watched, her knickers becoming more and more soaked as he removed the rest of his clothes, piece by piece, until he sat there, his cock standing erect and glistening at the tip. A tiny bead of precum caught her attention and she couldn’t resist dropping her face into his lap to taste him. Her lips parted and she took more of him, until she felt her lips enclose his ridge and she felt his body stiffen before he murmured, “I want to see you up close, too. Come here.”

He grabbed her, sitting her on his shins as he tugged at the sides of her knickers. They gave way, falling over her hips and down her thighs at the instruction of his insistent fingers. He eased her knees wide open, his hands grasping at her hips and pulling her pussy to him.

She gasped as his thumb rolled on her clit, as he brought gentle lips to her folds. She cooed as his tongue entered her. She never wanted him to let her go.

But he did. He sat her between his legs. Her instinct never to leave him drew her feet around his back. “Up…close…” she murmured. She never took her eyes from his. She never wanted to be away from the warmth of his body, or his tenderness, or his love. Wriggling, she positioned herself right under the branches of the tree as his calves sought her out, entwining around her buttocks.

” I want to come closer,” he said. His body slid a little on the floor, his legs hooked around her so that he pulled her towards him. She locked her legs around his back as their fingertips explored. He ran his thumb nail over her nipple; she quivered, her body sliding nearer to his.

She offered up her neck to his desires as she felt the tip of his cock stroke her aroused pussy lips, puffed and waiting for him. She knew she would always wait for him.

He whispered into her hair. “Come closer. Here. I want you to come…here.” His cock pressed against her entrance. She wanted to to be filled by him; she never wanted it to end.

“I want you to come, too,” she breathed, as he slid slowly and gently inside her. She enveloped him with with all she was and all she wanted to be to him as he made his beautiful bird coo with every thrust that found its way her heart and her soul.


Turtle Doves mate for life. We shall leave these two forever together, making love under the branches, as the snow falls softly and undisturbed, outside.

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