Naughty and Nice: Day 9

Welcome to my Naughty and Nice vignettes, Day 9. Did you know that Santa Daddy’s little girl loves to read? It’s (almost!) her favourite thing to do. And getting his elvish little to put it down once she’s picked it up is very difficult. A book, I mean… I think.

Happy reading!

Ina x

Santa Daddy’s little girl took no notice of her surroundings. The lights twinkled all different colours and reflected beautiful patterns across the walls, but she didn’t give them a second glance. Or a first one, for that matter. There were chocolates in a bowl on a table at her elbow, but they had no tempting effect whatsoever, which was most unusual. She only had a vague sense that Santa Daddy was in the room; a shadow in her peripheral vision paced up and down.

“Is it a good book?”

At last. The disgruntled tone told her all she needed to know. Curled up in the chair beneath the reading lamp, with Daddy Santa’s other early Christmas present to snuggle into — a ludicrously soft pink toy dog with a ridiculously funny large sniffy-looking nose — she continued to read the detective book that he had bought her. What more did she need but a dark-eyed Belgian detective, getting her all excited when he said ‘n’est-ce pas’ and ‘je suis désolé’? And she did enjoy figuring out whodunnit, too. She stifled a grin. It really did seem to be getting Santa Daddy in a bit of tizzy that the book was devouring all her attention.

She had expected this would happen. And she had a contingency plan.

Glancing up, just a little, and seeing the frown on his face, she withdrew an envelope from the back of the book. Stopping Santa Daddy’s pacing in its tracks and turning the frown into a bemused, wide-eyed stare as she offered the lip-shaped envelope to him, she smiled up at her love with an elvish beam. “You know I can’t resist finding out who it was who did it. Here, I have a little gift for you, too. You can open it now, Daddy, Sir. Please open it now, my sexy Santa.”

With a perky little smile, she watched through her eyelashes as Santa Daddy unfastened the envelope to pull out a piece of red paper. She knew exactly what it said: “Thank you for my present, Santa Daddy. Now — make me put it down. No hands allowed.”

When Santa Daddy looked up from the note, his little elvish girl was already reading with increased intensity. She made sure of it.

She read a lengthy explanation of the crime that had been committed. Hot breath fell against her cheek; the grazing of teeth ran along her jugular vein and down, down until burning lips and whiskers spending time in the dip in he collar bone made her shoulder blades squirm. A tiny moan blew out with a sigh from her parted lips.

She found the first clue. His nose nuzzled its way into her dressing gown where her naked flesh goosebumped at the touch of his face against it. Further and further down it went. She found another clue. His tongue flicked over her breast. She felt the wetness on her, sensed how her arousal intensified and she peaked as his expert mouth sought out her hard nipple and drew it into him. With a third clue she writhed against the chair, sniffy dog jolted a little from her snuggly position, as Santa Daddy’s lips ran over the soft flesh of her belly, licking in her navel, and moving lower, lower.

The trap was all set. the perpetrator was ready to be caught and revealed. Santa Daddy’s face burrowed its way beyond her belly, his kisses met by her upward thrust as she was captured by his tongue circling her clit and lashing at her folds. She swelled, unable to control herself under such delicious interrogation. She confessed her wetness, showed him how she was guilty of needing him inside her soooo bad. Pink sniffy dog dropped off her lap and plopped to the floor.

Her hand opened. She was caught by her desire for her man. He kissed her hard on her drenched lips. She admitted it. She admitted she wanted him. Needed him. Loved him. In one fell swoop, she found herself chained to his heart, whipped into his arms.

“Well, now you’ve got me to put the book down, darling…” The little elf wrapped her arms around Santa Daddy’s neck as he scooped her up off the floor into his arms. “…what are you going to do with me.”

Daddy Santa looked at her with such a frown and such tight lips that little girl’s heart began to bang hard. Was she in trouble? Real, actual trouble? Daddy Santa hardly ever pulled a face like that. She became even more concerned.

“I’m going for the spoiler.”

Little girly elf blinked with big eyes and gave her darling her most terrified look. “What do you mean?” She knew Santa Daddy could never resist that. She was so right. With a growl, his lips forced hers apart, his kiss so deep that she could have stayed beneath it all Christmas. His tongue explored, his lips pressing hard against hers. Her entire body yielded to his embrace. She was unsure how many minutes went by; she was only conscious of his kisses trailing from the corner of her mouth to her ear, until he growled again.

“I’m going to show you exactly whodunnit. And to whom. And where. And with what.”

The book fell to the floor. Pink snuggly dog with the ludicrously big nose was left to read it all to herself as the elvish little girl found herself flung over Santa Daddy’s shoulder and carried up the stairs…

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