Naughty and Nice: Day 11

Welcome to Naughty and Nice, Day 11. This is the penultimate vignette for Christmas. What do you really want to unwrap on the big day? Lets find out what naughty little elf wraps up and hides under the tree for her Santa Daddy.

Happy reading!

Ina x

All Wrapped for Santa

The Naughty Elf had turned the heating right up. Santa Daddy would want to be warm when he came in. And she had every intention of making sure he was hot, wherever he came! She sat very still, waiting to hear his footsteps on the stairs. She looked down at her toes, the nail varnish glinting in the tiny twinkling lights on the tree: they were the same colour as her wrapping. Perfect.

There it was: the sound she had been waiting for. The branches tickled her naked back and it shot a quivering frisson of excitement right through her, until the tingles between her thighs were so bad that she wanted to rub herself on the red velvet that rested there. She squirmed and rubbed against it, there, as she sat on the floor.

The door opened. His hand entered before the rest of him, flicking the light switch.

She smiled her sweetest smile and watched his mouth hang open.

“I thought you might like your gift now, Santa Daddy.” She caught sight of her naked self in the glass front of the cabinet, sitting there, the massive length of wide, red velvet ribbon wrapped around her waist, pulled up between her legs, its length brought back over her shoulder and fastened in a huge bow across her breasts. She was a perfectly wrapped present.

Her gaze went from his agog face down to his crotch. His massive bulge made her grin: the wrapping had had the desired effect. He moved across the room; she opened her legs and crossed them again, in true Basic Instinct style. She’d practised doing it in front of the mirror over and over. The ribbon always slid sideways and exposed her drenched pussy. She watched Santa Daddy swallow and try to moisten his lips. Good choice, Naughty Elf, she thought.

He held out his hand; she sat still. “Pick up your present and stand it somewhere where you can get hold of it properly,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him. She squeaked as he grabbed her around her bound waist and stood her on the low side table, so their faces were nose to nose. She felt his hands roam her backside, dipping down as far as they could reach, rubbing the velvet. She whined as he put pressure on her velvet-covered entrance.

“Let’s see, then, shall we? Where do I begin unwrapping? Maybe I pull this…” He pulled at the bow; very slowly it began to unfasten, the knot in its centre loosening until the two ends released to reveal her two naked breasts. His fingers were like feathers against her flesh. His lips aroused her nipples as if the heating had become ice. “Mmmm, I like the look of my present already.”

His teeth grazed her neck; she whimpered.

Slowly, Santa Daddy began to unwind the velvet ribbon. It fell off her shoulder and his hand traced its pathway, stroking the skin where the wrapping had been. He peeled it from her soaking pussy, putting the ribbon to his face and inhaling her essence. He growled into the ribbon.

She felt herself pool in her entrance. The tops of her thighs felt damp, too. That featherlight touch drove her crazy.

He released the rest of her binding, his hot hands firmly around her waist as the ribbon fell to the floor and he crushed her nakedness into his hard cock. she curled her leg around his thigh, grinding herself against him as his mouth took hers, wrapping it in kisses, holding it firm with an expert tongue, seeking her out. Finding her. And what do they say? ‘Finders keepers’.

“Now you’ve unwrapped your present, what are you going to do with her?”

She bit her lips hard as her Santa Daddy raised her chin to him so that his breath was on her lips and his dark eyes smouldered as they gazed into hers.

“Well, if such trouble has been taken to wrap my present so beautifully, and what’s inside is even more stunning, then it would be very rude not to play with my present, don’t you think?”

The Naughty Elf nodded, her soft moans against Santa Daddy’s neck, as he began playing with the soft flesh that leant into his hand. She moaned even more as his other hand sought more of his present to fiddle with.

“I think this is my favourite present ever. So many parts to explore. It should keep me busy for days.”

The Naughty Elf bucked on his immersed fingers. “That was what I was hoping for, Sir. A very merry Christmas, Santa Daddy. For us both!”

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