Naughty and Nice: Day 12

Welcome to Day 12, the last of my little Naughty and Nice vignettes — and the very last, special wish of Naughty little girl Elf. When Santa Daddy has finished with all the important things he needs to do at Christmas, he needs some TLC. And his little elf has every intention of giving him some.

TLC for Santa

“Keep your eyes closed.” Santa Daddy’s little elf sat cradled in his arms, giving him instructions on where to walk while firmly keeping her palms over his eyelids. They twitched under her hands, leaving her quivering at the fluttering vulnerability of her Santa Daddy. She smiled. She wanted to please him so much. And it was Christmas. After all his hard work he deserved something special. “Stop now, before we bump into something. I can’t believe we’ve come this far without bumping into anything.”

They stopped; she removed her hands and watched as Santa Daddy blinked back the light into his eyes. Watched his face as he took in the sight of the log cabin standing in the snow in front of them. She was very pleased with her handiwork, as she saw the cabin, standing there like a fairytale gingerbread house, orange light flickering through the window. Still in his arms, she reached over and opened the door.

Santa Daddy appeared speechless. It was a view to behold, that was for certain, with its wooden beams decorated with tinsel and mistletoe, and the log fire blazing in front of a thick white hearth rug that looked like perfect snow. Beyond the giant chair big enough for two, she had left enough mistletoe-free space for Santa Daddy’s eyes to open wide at the open stairs that led to a bright red bed in an open plan attic space. Snow-replica baubles hung from the rafters. It was like being above the world, looking down on it from up there.

The little elf leaned in and breathed her words into Santa Daddy’s ear. “Carry me to the chair, please.”

Santa Daddy looked at her with that indulgent smile she loved so much. She found herself in the big chair, snuggled up to his chest. The flames in the grate flickered, casting beautiful shadows around the room, enclosing them in their own fantasy. He pulled her onto his knee. She loved being there, just being held by him. The room was so warm; she had worked so hard to make it exactly as she had envisaged he would want it to be. She could be a good little girl, when she needed to be.

But she was his Naughty Elf. And Santa Daddy needed to know that.

Naughty Elf slid off his knees, dropping between them. Very slowly, she peeled his work clothes from his waist, running her hands against his legs as the heel of her palms nudged the material further down — with Santa Daddy’s unresisting help — until he was completely bared to her. Unable to resist, she ran her finger over the length of his cock which, although already hard, grew further at her touch. Her fingers wrapped around it, stroking its length until he moaned, his pulsating girth making her wet. She whimpered; he moaned again at the sound she made as her eyes locked onto him and she wiped the tip of her tongue along his ridge.

“Please do it, little girl.” Santa Daddy looked at her, the pained anguish of need reflected back at her as the fire glinted, leaving his eyes like two flames.

Naughty Elf would do anything for him. Her gaze firmly upon his, watching every blink, every opening of his mouth, listening to his breath change to rasping groans, she slipped the beautiful shining cock into her mouth, sucking, working hard at his cockhead, proving she was a good little elf for the man she loved. When she released it, to trace the pattern of the veins with her tongue, the firelight glimmered on the wetness she had left behind. “Santa Daddy, come here.”

She knelt in front of him on the hearth rug, opening her Naughty Elf’s outfit, button by button, until only her snow-white lingerie revealed itself to him. She burned inside as he ran his fingers along the lacy top of her translucent teddy and down to her suspenders. As much as his touch made her want to close her eyes, she held his gaze as his stripped her of each element, until only the fire inside of her remained. It was only outdone by the flame in her lover as he laid her down on the rug.

The feel of his mouth over hers, the touch of his hands against her exposed flesh, was everything she could have wished for. As his cock pressed against her, the flames grew between them. She gasped as he entered her, as they melted into the snowy rug, alone in their log cabin, as flakes fluttered against the window pane. The power of his body over hers was immense; each thrust drove into her, burying more of him inside her soul. She clung on so tightly, holding him there as he came, there, in front of the fire.

He kissed her hard. “That bed up there — let’s spend the rest of the holidays not getting out of it.”

Her heart beat hard, the flames of desire burning strong as he scooped her up once more into his arms and carried her up the wooden staircase. “Anything you want, my darling.” She clung around his neck as his strong arms took her all the way to the top of the world, and beyond.

Christmas and beyond, Naughty Elf will always want to please him. He deserves the very best. He is her Santa Daddy.


I wish you a very Merry Christmas! May your holidays be naughty and nice. ♥

Lots of Christmas love

Ina x


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