Creating a life worth living: Week 1

Sometimes it feels like I spend my whole life apologising. This post comes with the apology that I really should have posted it at the weekend, but I've only just come out of a mountain of edits for other authors. So, please forgive week 1 of my 12-week series about creating a life worth living … Continue reading Creating a life worth living: Week 1

Audience for the Marionette, part 4

This is the fourth instalment of my dark, erotic short story, "Audience for the Marionette", which features in my forthcoming erotic short story collection on voyeurism. You can read a little more about the collection here. We left Marionette performing for the special client. Instead of doing what her Master expects her to do, she … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, part 4

Eroticon Meet and Greet: Ina Morata

In exactly four weeks I'll be getting off a train, having had a wonderful few days in London. During that time I will have learned and laughed (and been a very good girl, honestly!) with some amazing people at Eroticon, some of whom will, no doubt, be familiar to you by name at least. This … Continue reading Eroticon Meet and Greet: Ina Morata

Valentine Freebie for You!

How do you feel about melting chocolate? Having chocolate dripping on a loved one, pooling in those secret, sexy places you love so much, so you can get up close and personal with your tongue...? How am I doing? Still with me, or have you run off to fetch some of that Valentine favourite?! Well, … Continue reading Valentine Freebie for You!

Audience for the Marionette, Part 3

This is the third part of my darkly erotic short story, Audience for the Marionette', which is included in my forthcoming book on voyeurism. We left the increasingly sentient Marionette beginning her show for the special client, who is currently bound by shackles to an ancient torture chair, a trapdoor beneath him, for the Master … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette, Part 3

Love and Books Giveaway!

I really want to share this amazing giveaway with you, run by Love Kissed Bargain Books. If you even remotely a reader of romance books, including erotica (and, being a reader of mine, the chances are pretty high!), then do consider entering this one. My D/s novella, The Coming of Eve, is included as one … Continue reading Love and Books Giveaway!