Flash fiction isn't something I write very often, but I hope you like this little piece of sexiness for #WickedWednesday's Coffee prompt, inspired by a rather lovely conversation over breakfast recently. Happy reading! Ina x   “How long does it take? I don’t know much about percolators. I have instant at home.” She caught sight … Continue reading Percolation

Giveaway: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust

I love to offer up things that might give you pleasure. And I think this will! Would you love to lay eyes - and hands - on the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest stories? And would you love to do it for FREE? If so, then I have absolute delight in sharing this amazing Instafreebie Giveaway with … Continue reading Giveaway: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust

Creating a life worth living: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of my mini-project, based on Carol Lloyd's book, Creating a Life Worth Living, and focusing on mindset, creativity and forging a pathway for the kind of creative life I – and other creatives – want. Last time I said how the tasks in Chapter 1 (or Week 1, the way I'm working … Continue reading Creating a life worth living: Week 2

Audience for the Marionette: Part 5

This is the fifth and final part of my erotic short story, 'Audience for the Marionette'. When we last encountered her, she had performed a very special show for her voyeuristic client. Not only was her consciousness fully aware of her feelings, but her body had become alive, needy, offering herself up to a new … Continue reading Audience for the Marionette: Part 5