Giveaway: Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust

I love to offer up things that might give you pleasure. And I think this will! Would you love to lay eyes – and hands – on the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest stories? And would you love to do it for FREE? If so, then I have absolute delight in sharing this amazing Instafreebie Giveaway with you.
This Giveaway contains the forbidden love, forbidden lust – the books you wouldn’t want your mother to know you read!
Download as many as you want from the Giveaway, and if you didn’t get chance to download my sexy little Eve, you get a second bite of the apple! Fill your e-reader. It’s time for an early night…
Just click here to go straight to the Giveaway page, containing over 70 FREE e-books. Or alternatively, click the image below.
Please do share this with anyone you know who would love to download hot and sexy erotica for FREE.
Happy reading!
Ina x

Young passionate lovers lie

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