Waiting for him to come (18+)

It was starting to become excruciating. The clock in the corner of the arrivals board told me I’d been sitting here for almost three hours – that was four minutes longer than the last time I checked. I just couldn’t stay in that room, waiting any longer. I wriggled on my chair and smiled. The love egg was nestled nicely inside. He promised to let me know he’d landed in his own special way.

Erotic flash fiction by Ina Morata

A wolf in Dominant’s clothing (18+)

Here's a little piece of erotic flash fiction for you – perfect just before you fall asleep... Happy reading! Ina x He’s nothing but a wolf in Dominant’s clothing. I wonder if he knows it? That I can see through him? I can almost taste the taxi fumes that wind themselves arounds the words that he … Continue reading A wolf in Dominant’s clothing (18+)