Erotic flash fiction by Ina Morata

A wolf in Dominant’s clothing (18+)

Here’s a little piece of erotic flash fiction for you – perfect just before you fall asleep…

Happy reading!

Ina x

He’s nothing but a wolf in Dominant’s clothing. I wonder if he knows it? That I can see through him?

I can almost taste the taxi fumes that wind themselves arounds the words that he growls down the phone line. I imagine him baring his teeth at the driver in a grotesque smile, knowing that his stalking of me is in progress on his phone app. “I want to take you deep into the forest. Captured, bound by the rope, prey to my fingers as they slide between your legs as you sit next to me. And you’ll be powerless to prevent your sighs, and want to push your pussy against my hand as your resilience to the darkness of the forest wanes and the strength in my fingers leaves you moaning for more. But you won’t get it – not then. You’ll go down on me before I untie you and let you out of the vehicle, but you must be silent – you’re not to enjoy yourself loudly, or I will gag you. I’ll push your naked body through the secrets of the night and the sharp branches that scratch at your surface. And the moonlight will let me see how the forest tortures you. Are you wet now? Are your panties drenched and sticking to your flesh? I love bare flesh to eat.”

I light the fire and lay on the bed. My hair flows back as I stroke the silk of my black corset, down, until my fingers slip between my thighs, as I smile at the sight of the moon glimmering on the entangled branches of the trees outside, and illuminating the pathway to my door.

“Off the path there is a big, old oak tree. I will arrange for us to be attended there by a sissy slave. His mouth will gape, and his hands will want to grab at your flesh, high up and down below. He has never seen a woman before. I may order him to take you right there, while I watch – or I may not. What I want is to tie you to the tree, your legs open so I can see the wet of your cunt shining in the moonlight. I’ll watch your eyes as I make Sissy hard with my Master’s hand and order him to enter you, and make him show you how he becomes gleaming, too, because he’s obeying me and coating himself with your juices. And, of course, I will punish him by fucking him – hard – while I watch the perfect agony on your face, knowing you are being satiated, but not by me. Knowing I can see your ecstasy and wishing I was the cause of it.”

I rub myself hard. Harder. Everything about his conversation repulses me. He repulses me: the rasping in his voice, the way his breath forges a powerful, animalesque pathway down the line. His confidence. Everything makes me want to tell him that I would whip the rope around his legs and ensure there is no way he can escape this tree. That I would let the sissy slave touch me everywhere I wanted him to – I would guide his hand, just as I would guide his poor little desperate cock into my mouth until he was almost ready. And I would make him release himself on his master.

Muffled engine revs betray themselves down the line as my moans leave my lips and purr their way down the line. He is on his way. “But, my little slave-girl, I am the cause of your feelings. Your actions. The way you’re fucking yourself right now. I am the reason for you being in the cottage. I will always be the cause of your pleasure, and your pain.” The growl is deeper, primeval. “I want to devour you.”

My green eyes glow as the phone line goes dead and I writhe in the full force of my orgasm. My fingers twitch as I leave the bed, wrap my red cloak around me and wait for him under the big oak tree, just off the safety of the pathway. The wolf is desperate; he has no idea, does he, that he’s spellbound?

If he’d not been so sure of his prey, he’d have heard my reply: “All manner of enchantment happens in the forest, Sir. Things aren’t always what they seem. Are you absolutely sure you’re safe with me?”

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