Dance with the Devil (18+)

She felt the Devil, long before he asked her to dance. Vivid dreams left her writhing, waking and finding herself on her stomach, breasts rubbing against the sheet, fingers already straying between her thighs. He took her in these night-time visions, claiming her, from her burning lips to her fiery cunt, growling against her flesh she would always be his, her desire the flames that licked his feet in supplication. She always awoke as he penetrated her – with his cock, his eyes, his dominance – and it left her dripping with molten need.

He must have known, she was sure; sensed the state he left her in after every visit in the darkness. He must have commanded her fingers to rake over the flesh that waited like glowing embers for him to stoke her flame. To let her mind overflow with volcanic fantasies. He made her too hot to handle. So that, when she heard his whisper through the ether, lapping at her unfulfilled lust – “Do you want to dance with me?” – her body spoke first. It pressed against his, the heat enough to boil mercury.

“Yes.” The word sizzled against the Devil’s ear as he pulled her into his clutches and pushed her down onto her knees. Her tongue took tentative steps at first, swirling and flicking as the flames began to leap up around her, scorching her mind with the need to draw his cock between her lips. She sunk down onto it, fell deeper into submission to the weapon he wielded, destroying her defences. As she filled her mouth, he rubbed his horn. A desperate urge to ram him into her throat overwhelmed her. The Devil moaned, his throaty growl mesmerising to her as she tasted his lust at the back of her mouth.

In awe of his strength, she displayed no resistance to the hands that pulled her up, one ripping away her clothes as the other sinking two fiery fingers through her folds to own her from the inside out. Her desire grew as he pushed her backwards until she lay in his Devil’s chamber. Glowing eyes held her fast as he plunged his cock hard inside her.

“Dance with me.”

The command walzed around her head as she gave herself up to the fire that raged each time his cock pounded her walls. She was drenched and yet she was set alight as he claimed her faster, filling her with something dangerous, building from her core, something she had never known. He was bestial, pulling her body to him, ramming her cunt onto him. She watched as he looked down to their violent dance and saw a glimmer of his depths there, in his grin.

She squealed as if the flames had taken her as he pulled out, his face contorted by his Devil’s need. She thrust herself back, hooking her legs over his shoulders, a willing sacrifice to the touch of his cock on her tight rear hole.

“Finish the dance.”

She was powerless to resist the magma of his words, the pain in his lust-scorched face, the fluid thrust of his cock in her arse. It was too much; she screamed, her eyes pleading with him not to stop, to lick her with his fire. He licked her with his tongue, instead. Then he set her aflame again, inch by inch, She let her body be devoured, her emotions destroyed by the devastating agony of her orgasm as he took her deeper, not letting go, holding on to her hips and digging his nails into her fleshy rear as he danced with her, harder, faster, until her breath stopped as he came with one almighty thrust that buried him entirely inside her.

The burn of his semen was almost unbearable, her fevered cries surrounded by the cinders of her need that fell away, leaving her at the centre of the raging flames. She fought to hold his gaze as his orgasm roared through him and into her. Through erratic breaths, his words branded themselves onto her brain as he fell forward to engulf her breasts with his hands.

“Now the Devil is inside you, now you know how it feels, do you still want to dance with me?”

She gasped at the Devil’s rasping words. The power of his own orgasm still consumed him and she was lost in his flames; devoured by the look in his eyes as his cock continued to pulse deep within her, leaving behind a boiling pit of lust. Without hesitation, she answered him.

“I would dance with you into hell.” And she knew that’s exactly where he would take her. Again, and again, and again. And she didn’t care.


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