Ina Morata recommends One Day the Devil by Julia Chambers

Recommended Read: One Day the Devil

One Day the Devil by Julia ChambersIf you like your erotic reading imbued with the literary, coated in metaphor and dripping sumptuous words, then I heartily recommend One Day the Devil: And Another Tail by Julia Chambers.

I have just finished reading this book and I can still feel the shivers running through me; shivers of arousal mingled with unnerved awe, magic, sadness and a full appreciation of two beautiful stories.

‘One Day the Devil’ is a novelette of 48 pages, following the imagination and desires of an unnamed female teacher-writer when the Devil comes to visit her, and has no intention of leaving. This little Devil is a gruesome, naked, gargoyle-like creature with a tail that he curves above his head. Oh, and, of course, a massive red cock which fascinates the woman. The Devil offers her two wishes, about which she is rather sceptical and disappointed (she hoped he’d do better!), if she will play his game.

Not knowing (yet) what he will want in the return, the narrator begins her libidinous quest by wanting to know what it’s like ‘to be inside a cunt’. Glad this turns out not to be one of her wishes, her curiosity is fired enough to succumb to the temptation of this little Devil. Time and again, this little Devil pushes the woman’s psychological boundaries, her wishes and desires, taking her to places initiated by her or prompted by him. But the Devil has his price…

Originally, I bought this book because I was intrigued by the first of the two stories, and I would recommend it on One Day the Devil alone, but it would be very remiss of me to ignore the second story, ‘Love’, another novelette of 53 pages.

‘Love’ tells the story of a king whose wife dies in childbirth, and who pours all his love into his child, a prince. Growing up, the boy could not have more love from his indulgent father – and of a very particular kind, supplied by the royal Nanny! However, even from a young age, it is clear that the boy’s penis has immense problems (I won’t spoil this part of the story, except that the prince finds the proverbial ‘every man’s wish’ to be way more of a curse than a pleasure).

The boy reaches adulthood, marries, and thus begins a rather traumatic time for the young couple. What is the distraught king to do? After seeking advice and wise counsel, he does the only thing as a loving parent – and a king – he can possibly do: he makes the biggest sacrifice for his family and his kingdom that he possibly can. It’s very difficult to discuss this story without littering it with spoilers. What I will say is this: if this story does not leave you feeling something at the end, then I can only assume you are a garden shed and not a human being.

Both stories have the overarching feeling of the fairy tale, Grimm or Perrault-style. Don’t expect a piece of erotic porn; read this for its literary prowess as much as its involvement with sex, desire, love and sacrifice. Expect to feel aroused and discomforted in ‘One Day the Devil’; expect the unexpected and the ultimate of sexual and parental sacrifices in ‘Love’. Julia Chambers’ writing is clever and beautiful, and the story arcs are spot-on, as far as I’m concerned. I can honestly say that I am thrilled to have discovered this book, and I’m delighted to include it on my erotic literature bookshelves.

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