Bad Angel

Their phone torches pinged off the branches, sometimes finding the blackness of the voids in between. They picked their way through the gravestones, the edges looming up in the dead of night as the light cast eery reflections over the moss-covered curves in the stone and flicked off blades of the overgrown, largely untended grass.

“Look at all this hardness. Standing up in the ground. No one to disturb it. Makes me horny.” Angel flashed a glance at Olly by torchlight. Pulled him close. Their mouths met as their bodies collided up against an ancient statue.

“Do it here, Olly. Fuck me here. In the dark. No lights, just you and me, and the statue of this dead man. I want you to come inside me right over his dead body.”

“Boy, your name really suits you.” The torchlight saw his eyes rolling and a half-grin on his face, the rest of his expression – the frown, the look in his eyes – clearly indicating his nervousness.

“What’s wrong?”

Olly muttered, “The place is full of dead people. Isn’t this a bit – sick?”

She giggled. “They’re not going to hurt us. Probably wish they could join in. Now, do you want me all to yourself? We came here so no one can find us. For a change.” She pulled a face. Her dad was still livid. He didn’t seem to remember she was twenty-two. His words echoed: “You’re my little Angel. You’re doing that in my house over my dead body.” It made her giggle now, as her back pressed against the large base of some random dead guy’s monument.

She felt Olly’s hand begin to slide between her legs. She opened up to him, pulling aside her panties so his fingers could explore. Her flesh felt cool in the night air, but she knew how hot she was inside when two of his chilly fingers thrust into her. Her moan echoed all around the cemetery.

“You’re a bad girl, Angel. Turn the light off, just in case some bloody dog walker is wandering and comes to investigate.”

She smirked. “Yeah, I’ll probably go to Hell. Now fuck me.”

He took her to the brink, his fingers slipping in and out, slowly at first then faster, aided by her wet gush. She could see nothing, just felt his hand driving her wild. “I want your cock. I want it now.”

He slipped his fingers out, grasping her around the middle as he pushed the wet digits between her lips. His own lips touched hers, his tongue wrapping around both fingers and dipping in her mouth. She yanked his fingers away and kissed him until it felt like he would swallow her soul.

His zip zinged open. She grinned into the kiss, wriggling until she could drop her panties around her ankles and kick them off. Usually, she loved watching his cock slip between her legs while he filmed it moving against her flesh until he came, inside her, on her clit, somewhere over her bare skin, or even in her panties. That made him so excited that he always got hard again straight away. This time, she did nothing but feel as the wetness of his cock tip dipped between her folds and rubbed her up against the gravestone.

Her breath came harder; he entered her, ramming himself inside her over and over, his jeans bashing up against her bare skin. He moaned against her hair. The sound of his arousal drove her legs wider and she wrapped one leg backwards around the marble. “Fuck me, Olly. Fuck me like it’s only thing you’re ever gonna do, ever again.”

He was insatiable. He drilled her into the statue until she thought she would explode. Flashes appeared behind her eyelids, her sex thrusting its ache up to her ribs. She came as he continued to ram his cock into her.

“Can you come again?”

She nodded against his face at his whispered question. “Oh yeah. Keep going.”

His mouth found her neck, bit into it. She wailed into the night as he slid his hands inside her top and undid her bra. He fucked as he sucked on her breast, and she wished she could see his face. The cold clasped around his saliva as he raked his short nails against her shoulder blades, sliding in and out of her at ferocious speed. She’d never been this wet with him before. The night was her playmate, the danger her aphrodisiac.

His fingers dug into her back; slid round to grasp hard at her breasts. She yelped. “Fuck, this isn’t like you. I love it. Are you gonna come? Bang me into this statue until my back breaks. I wanna feel it hard.”

He pulled out with a violence she’d never felt from him before. He moaned, disconnecting with her body completely. She heard him scuffling about. “Fuck, man, don’t take your jeans off. Just come here.” She touched herself, clutching at her pussy lips. “Right here. Now.” She waited for him to come at her, overpower her, thrust himself back inside. The thought brought her to the brink of orgasm. “Come on. I’m nearly there.”

Then there was nothing.

Angel reached out. Emptiness stretched before her, into the silence. “Olly?”

She fumbled for her phone and turned on the torch. Flashes of ghost-like blue-grey reflected back at her as the light caught the edges of the surrounding gravestones. The black voids in between led only to endless darkness. Her chest banged so loudly it was enough to wake the dead.

Her hands began to shake. “Olly. Olly?” His name stuck in her throat. The torchlight caught the tips of the overhanging branches. They appeared like tendrils above her head. Quickly she looked down, shone the torch away into the grass. Something shone back at her: a pool, shimmering purple-black. Her body seized as the pool became a trail.

She couldn’t breathe. Jabbing at her phone, she dialled Olly’s number. The silence was broken as his ringtone echoed around the cemetery. She bent down and retrieved his phone from the long grass.

An arm wrapped around her from behind. She squealed, then huffed as it pulled her into an embrace.

“You scared the crap out of me. Idiot. No more stupid jokes, please. Just take me home.”

The arms enclosed her tighter. After the last few minutes, the arms felt so safe. She wrapped her hands over the arms. The grip got tighter. Breath blew against her neck. That was when she noticed the rancid smell. Hands appeared so big. Everywhere upon her. Between her legs. Over her mouth.

The earth fell away beneath her feet. No one heard Angel scream.


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