Carnal Now Available for Pre-order!

I am absolutely delighted to say that Carnal, the first in my series of short story collections, is now available for pre-order!

Carnal-by-Ina-Morata.jpgAlongside some of my steamy tales you may be familiar with, such as sexy texting, hot airport antics, a D/s first-timer, and clandestine and sultry encounters, you’ll also find the second half of the ‘Insightful’ story I wrote for Masturbation Monday in which the protagonist is encouraged to feel instead of see, a heartfelt story I wrote for an anthology, called ‘The invisible lover’, a rather bizarre but hot experiment run by a sex-obsessed scientist, an unexpected sexual experience when the lights go out at the cinema, and an intense encounter between two strangers in the woods at dawn. Twenty hot and sexy tales in all.

I know some people have been waiting for this book for a while, and I’ve been working very hard to get it out as soon as possible. Contrary to my previous posts about the book, and after some serious soul searching, I have decided not to give it away free (because, you know… rent, food, stuff like that). However, because I like to try and give you value as well as pleasure, instead of the book being a compilation of a number of my blog posts, which was the original plan, it has developed into an extensively edited and extended set of stories which began life on the blog, coupled with several never-before-seen erotic tales and a story which has only had limited exposure previously. Altogether, the new work totals around twenty thousand words of new erotica (and well over 50k in total) for you to get your teeth into (or your mouth around, or whatever else you want to do with it! 😉 ).

Carnal is released on 22nd March and will be $3.99 very shortly after that, but right now you can pre-order it at the reduced price of $2.99.

Get your copy on Amazon for Kindle here

or for Kobo, Nook, Apple Books and other digital stores here.

Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might enjoy my work. The more, the merrier! You may even help keep me in cups of tea and chocolate while I write the next collection. 🙂

In all seriousness, I really do appreciate my readers, and if you do decide to buy yourself a copy, I really am truly grateful that you support my writing. There’s some extra little treats in there at the back, if you want to take me up on them, so you’ll see what I mean…

Happy reading!


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