Erotic stories of voyeurism by Ima Morata

New release available for pre-order!

Hello everyone! I have been quiet on the blog for a while, but I’m very glad to be back. And with news! I am absolutely delighted to say that, at long last, my collection of darkly erotic stories is available for pre-order on Amazon! It’s entitled Can You See Me?: Darkly erotic tales of voyeurism – a bit of a mouthful but, seriously, what’s wrong with that? 😉

Twelve tales of watchers and the watched are included in this collection. As I would hope you’ve come to expect from my work, they’re very sexy, and very naughty. Each story is also dark in one way or another. Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve always been a bit of a crime fiction obsessive, and I love psychologically and emotionally disturbing, soulful books, too. I hope this collection taps into all of this.

(And if this kind of story isn’t your thing, you could always try the completely hot and steamy Carnal collection instead. Shameless plug!)

Can You See Me? will be released on 21 October and, until then you can pre-order it for 99c/99p. Its regular price will be $2.99, so grab it for next to nothing while you can. I’ll be putting the price up as soon as the book goes ‘live’.

Right now, you can pre-order the book for kindle on Amazon only, but if you normally buy from the other main digital stores, never fear – it will be on pre-order there in a few days, too. I’ll update you on this when it happens.

Here’s a bit about the book, taken from the blurb:

Watching someone fulfil your sexual desires from a distance… What if they knew you were watching? Do they know? Do they care? Can they see you, too? Of course they can – and you both know it, don’t you?

Watching the voyeur as you fulfil their erotic fantasies… Just what would you do to keep them watching?

Can you fall in love, or is it obsession? Can it eat into your very soul as you watch them, and you know they can see you?

What things are possible, what are you prepared to risk, what is your fate when you become a voyeur, hiding in the shadows of desire?

These dark, erotic, and sometimes soulful tales tell the stories of the watchers and the watched, their desires, fantasies, wishes and needs, and of the dangers–and delights–of their voyeuristic obsessions. Some watchers find themselves experiencing an exquisite form of self-torture, others give themselves to the pleasures of the flesh for the voyeuristic pleasure of a loved one, only to find themselves watching the watcher. And some descend into a darkness like they’ve never known…

You can find Can You See Me? on Amazon here.

Now, I’m guessing you want a little teaser… The following extract is taken from the short story ‘Perfect orchestration’:


The door opened. It brushed the carpet. The click of the lock filled the room. The footsteps were almost indistinguishable, but the shuffle of the chair legs weren’t. I sat completely still.

“I’m impressed. You look exactly as I’d hoped. Followed every instruction.”

Relief flooded me, that I recognised the voice. I did. And I had. He didn’t need to know that I could see a dark version of real life straight through the blindfold. His fingertip, pensive against his bottom lip as he crossed his right leg onto his other knee.

“Stand, and turn around, slowly. Face the bed.”

I did as he asked, my stilettos sinking into the pile as I took slow motion steps to turn. A quick glance over at the bedside table, and my jacket, and the sudden bile that hit my throat eased as I checked in on the position of my phone, hiding underneath, and pre-programmed with a ‘help’ text, and the details of the hotel and room number. You never know.

“I want to see what you look like, bent over the bed, ready to be fucked from behind.”

I placed my forearms on the bed, like a good girl; the sound of a lowering zip left my legs quivering. The heels wobbled in the carpet as I tried to keep composure. “Do you think you’re gonna fuck me? You told me you wanted to watch.”

The low laugh left my insides heaving. I bit down on my lip, breath hissing through my nose. “You’ve just shown me exactly what I wanted to see. Just proving who’s in charge, my dear.” There was a grunt, and a “Ha, that’s better.” I stayed totally still, waiting, just knowing he had his cock in his palm. “Beautiful arse, you’ve got. Now, open those thighs a bit. Let me see how that lace looks between them. Is it a little bit damp at the thought that I can see your pussy through the lace?”

I took a step, parting my legs, and pushing my arms into the bed, raising my rear into the air. I couldn’t help but smile, despite the knots in my stomach, at the unintelligible noise from the chair.

“Crotchless? That, I wasn’t expecting. Open wider. I want to see your pussy. I want to look at your tight little cunt. Push your bum higher, so I can see your clit through the gap. I have to say that it’s a beautiful sight, your lips in the lace and your cunt on display.”

I pushed myself out toward him as far as I could, my forehead now on the bed, so I could see through my legs. I was right, his cock was out, and hard, its head already pushed through the foreskin and bulging just as I like it. I fought my arousal—I’m always noisy when I get aroused, so this was going to take some self-control—and detecting the puff of breath as my clit peeked at him, knowing he could see the cream that was beginning to gather in my entrance. I’ve always been quick to cream up, and squeezing my muscles gathered more of it, spread it further. His lips pursed into a small ‘O’, and he wrapped his fingers tightly around his cock.

“Touch yourself. Show me what it’s like to be a naughty girl with no crotch in her knickers. Show me how you’re out shopping, choosing a pair of lacy French Knickers, and needing to frig yourself. Show me.”


It does get darker… eventually! And if that’s whetted more than just your appetite, you can pre-order the rest of this story and eleven darkly erotic others on Amazon using the button below.

Happy reading!

Ina x

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