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Carnal Instincts (extract)

First things first, I hope you are safe and well amid the chaos we find ourselves in. That, and looking after each other in the best ways we can, are the most important things right now.

It’s been quite a while since I offered up a bit of a tease to you. So, I thought that I’d give you a taster of one of the longer stories in my collection, Carnal. I loved writing this story – in fact, I had to keep stopping every so often because I… um… was enjoying it rather a lot! I’ve brought you into the story right at the beginning. And it only gets hotter from there…!


Rosa re-crossed her legs. She contemplated leaving them slightly open and noting the look in the professor’s eyes as she gave him a view of her inner thighs, but opted for the more professional approach – ensuring that there was still enough outer thigh on show to get a rise in his pants. She willed him to take off his lab coat so she could see, but telepathy wasn’t her strong point and it remained wrapped around him. It gave him the upper hand, and she knew he knew it.

“I’m afraid you would have to do a lot more work to prove to me that your theories are correct, Doctor—“

“Rosa, Professor. Please. We’ve had these discussions often enough for you to use my first name, surely?” Now was the time. She unravelled her knees and leant forward, her breasts pushing against the top of her bra, leaving the hint of two exposed, fleshy mounds. Her legs parted slightly. Having practised this in front of a mirror many times, she knew that what the professor could see was the stocking disappearing into a cavern of darkness. Just enough and not too much. “Let’s see, then, Professor. I—“

“Sir, Rosa. You can call me Sir.”

Rosa smiled. “Something to be negotiated, maybe, Professor. Eventually. We’ll see.” She watched his eyes leave their involuntary flicking action between her intimate flesh and the promise of the same lower down and land momentarily on her face. He stared hard, then twitched his mouth into a smile.

“How about Daniel, then, Rosa?” He leant in towards her, so that she could feel his breath on her face. It smelled of coffee and the donuts they had just eaten, there, in his office. She’d never noticed during all their previous meetings how his blue eyes were flecked with deep grey. It grew darker still as they sat there, gaze locked. All she could think about was what was beneath that white coat. Her knickers felt damp. She forced her pussy down into the chair in the vain hope of alleviating the throbbing that had begun to overtake her power of rational thought.

“Thank you, Professor. Daniel…” She leaned in so that her lips were level with his cheek. “…is your cock hard?”

His voice took on a soft hiss, right into her ear. “Because you let me see the tops of your tits and part-way up your open thighs? Of course it’s fucking hard. Feel.” He grabbed her hand and ground it down onto his lab coat.

There it was: the evidence. The throbbing grew in intensity inside her, travelling up through her body until it left her unable to control her breathing through her nose and it came out in strong sighs through her parted lips. He held his hand tightly over hers.

“I can see right down your top, Rosa. Your bra gapes. My cock is hard because I can see your nipples pressing against the lace. And I can smell your sex. You don’t know it, and neither do I, consciously, but your pheromones are coming from your pussy and fucking with my senses, playing games with my cock. It’s the science of sex. The physical. Making me want to fuck you. Are you wet, Rosa? You are, aren’t you?”

It wasn’t the physical. It wasn’t pheromones. She didn’t believe that for a moment. It was the impact of his breath against her neck, the words he used. It was the fantasies that took over her brain and imagined him ripping off that lab coat, standing up from the desk chair and letting her release his cock into the air. Of the thought of laying back on the squishy brown sofa and feeling his tongue lashing between her thighs, over her lacy knickers then his fingers pulling the fabric aside so that his tongue can lap, flick, fuck her clit and his dripping cock could slide in and satiate her need until they were both drenched with it. It was the thought of having her clothes ripped off, here, in this little side office, right next to the lab where the other scientists were performing their experiments. It was the possibilities, the psychology. And yes, it made her wet. And she knew he knew that, too.

Her palm rolled down the length of his hidden girth. Fuck, it felt long, thick. She was vaguely aware of his hand cupping her left breast as her fingers began to probe at the lab coat and work their way beneath, sliding up and down his stiff length as her legs parted and his other hand slipped up her stocking to touch the damp patch between her legs. Their faces brushed, pressed against one another, so that his heavy, rasping breath overwhelmed her ear as she worked her fingers into the front of his trousers and touched his cock at the same time as his fingers slid beneath her knickers and rolled her hardened clit round and round.

A knock rattled the door. It rattled the Professor, too. The flecks in his eyes deepening to black, a scowl smothering his face, his lab coat fastened like lightning, he yelled a thunderous, “What? I’m in a meeting.”

The door opened. The tall, painfully skinny and bespectacled PhD student asked and received a curt answer to his question while staring continuously at Rosa, seated four feet away from the Professor, cross-legged, professional, notebook and a copy of her recently examined thesis, soon to be a book, The New Psychology of Sexual Desire on her knee. The PhD student mumbled thanks, his face flushed, and went back to work.

Rosa watched as the Professor sat, his lab coat now covering his open clothes. His eyes found hers and she bit her lip.

“Carnal instincts, a physical product of science, Doctor.”

She parted her lips to wet them with the tip of her tongue. She leant forward. “The psychology of sexual desire, Daniel.”

Once again, he leant in to meet her and placed his hand in the middle of her chest. “I expected as much. The rapid heartbeat of the effect of my pheromones on you, Rosa.”

“On the contrary, Professor. The rapid heartbeat at the thought of your student finding me with your cock spilling into my palm as your fingers fuck me hard until I drown your hand in my juices.”

She watched as he leaned back slowly, his chest visibly rising up and down, his lab coat separating and revealing his cock, still hard, trying to force its way out of the opening in the front of his trousers. Rosa swallowed hard and waited.

“You are as much of an experimenter as I am, it seems. And unafraid to immerse yourself. I admire that.”

“I admire that.” Her eyes flicked down to his crotch and back to stare him full in the face.

“Still immersed, Rosa?”

“It would seem so, Sir.”

“Sir?” He reached in and pulled out his rigid cock. Rosa couldn’t fail to notice its gleam at the tip, and the bead of precum that waited for her next move.

“Daniel. Professor. Oh fuck.” His hand wrapped around his cock, his forefinger just below the ridge, stroking slow and easy. Her mind was all over the place. So much for being professional. “I mean… Daniel.”

“Do you want a taste, Rosa? Do you want to brush your tongue over my wet cock?”

She was sure she could smell the heat of his body. Her mouth fell loose at the jaw and, completely on instinct, she leaned further towards him with every pounding pulse and heavier breath. Her knees began to part. She wasn’t watching the whole of the Professor anymore. Just his hand, and the way his cock slid through it, towards her then away, over and over.

“Or would that be a little on the unprofessional side, right now, do you think?”

Her brain snapped back; she sat bolt upright on her chair, crossing her legs once more. Her pussy ached as it squashed against itself, but it was the only thing she could think of doing to calm it, without hitching up her skirt and grabbing his hand to rub it until she came. Or straddling him and rubbing her knickers against his stiffness. She looked him straight in the eye. Hers felt wild. His were shining back at her. He had already stuffed his cock back into his trousers. Did this mean he’d got the upper hand now? Hmmm.

“I’d like to talk about some research with you. It’s… how can I put it…? It’s work that’s best discussed out of the office. Over dinner.” It wasn’t a suggestion; the look on his face told Rosa he was expecting her to say yes. And she couldn’t help herself.


Rosa watched as the Professor licked the remnants of blood-red wine from his bottom lip. It was delicious – both the taste, and seeing his tongue move over the wet flesh. A pang shot from her belly and down between her thighs. She had been trying to control it as they ate their dessert of dark chocolate mousse and thick cream. Every time he opened his mouth to take in a spoonful, she had had an overwhelming urge to lift her breast up out of her bra and push the nipple between his lips so he could suck the rich chocolate off her.

“So, tell me about this research. I thought that’s why we were out to dinner.” She had to do something to take her mind off his tongue and the way it scooped the cream. She shifted in her chair.

“Its… something I’ve been working on privately, at my own cost, away from the lab. In fact, I would very much like you to see it. I know you would find it interesting. Enthralling, even.” He leaned in, until his mouth was only a finger width from hers. His aftershave filled the air around her, and she felt her knees give. It was a good job she was still seated. “It’s a sexual experiment. It’s very big, and I very much enjoy doing it.”

“Oh, I know it is. And I bet you do.” The words fell from her open lips before she could control them. Some aftershaves turned her on; his was the one that made her soaking wet. His breath was caressing hers, and she found her foot entwining with his. He flicked her shoe off and lifted her calf with his toes until her bare foot was in his groin.

“I think you are distracted by my hard cock, Rosa. Feel free to experiment with your toes. It’s been hard since the moment we sat down.”

“Why?” She smiled as his eyes grew wider. She had always had good dexterity in her toes and now hers were nipped tightly around his zip and undoing the front of his trousers. She saw the shudder that ran through his body, as well as felt it, as her toes wriggled their way into the open fly and wrapped themselves as best they could around his stiff girth.

“Anticipation. That you might come with me and see my experiment for yourself.”

“Why do you think I would want to come with you?”

He looked at her with darkening eyes. “Ask me three things about it, and decide for yourself why I know you won’t be able to resist.”

“What does it involve?” She wished she could get her toes into his boxers.

“It involves fucking, Doctor. Lots and lots of fucking, of all kinds. Everything from soft vanilla – the making love’ kind – to pussy eating and cock sucking and rough, up the wall fucks, to—” His cock pushed back and forth against her toes and she tried to squeeze it harder. She knew her neck must be red; her face, too. “—tied up and teased before being pounded sex. Spanking. Flogging. Does your arse grow purple if it’s spanked enough, Rosa…?” He ran a hand up the calf of the leg that was pleasuring his cock. Or was it pleasuring her? She didn’t know. Or care. She was just grateful for floor-length tablecloths and corner booths.

“Is this legal? Who does the fucking? What would I have to do?”

“Just one question, Doctor. Which one do you want an answer to?”

She attempted to swallow as she felt him open the top button on his trousers, allowing her foot free access. Her tongue stuck to her mouth. She tried to sip her wine but it ended up as a giant gulp. And another. He was smiling, grinding his cock against her foot, every now and then emitting a throaty moan as she felt it jump and flex beneath her toes. 

“Can I kiss you?”

“Is that your question, Doctor?”

“No, Daniel. It isn’t.” Her insides pounded, firing darts of agonising need down between her legs. 

“Do you join in the experiment?”

“Do you mean do I fuck my subjects?” His cock suddenly felt even harder. “Why do you want to know that, Rosa?”

“Answer the question, Professor. Do you join in your experiment, and do you expect me to behave like a scientist, or a guinea pig, or a…”

“Let me answer your original question, Rosa.” He grabbed her foot and wound it round and round, hard and fast on his cock. His breath became heavy and his eyes closed, just for a moment.

“Are you going to come against my foot?” She was sure he would. Sticky precum coated the ball of her foot.

“Are you coming, Rosa?”

A hot wetness hit her flesh, squelching between her toes and slithering down her instep. His napkin vanished beneath the table as her pussy exploded and she shook violently. She had never come without being touched between her legs before.

“I just did. Didn’t you notice? Did you really just… with my foot…? Oh fuck.”

“Precisely. Now, I’ll ask again. Are you coming?”

“Oh. Yes. But you haven’t answered my third question.”

“Do I need to?”

She wriggled her foot back into her shoe and stood up. “No. You don’t.”


I hope you enjoyed this little extract from ‘Carnal Instincts’ (pretty clear where the book got its name from!). I, like many authors, am trying to do my bit during these strange times we find ourselves in. To start with, therefore, if you’ve never managed to snaffle a copy of Carnal when I’ve done my short sales, you can now get it for 99c/99p until 31st May. Chances are, I’ll extend this to cover the summer months, too. All the links are right here:




Barnes & Noble Nook

Other stores and subscription services

Get yourself one, gift a kindle copy to your Great Auntie Susan (if you think she’d like it!), share this post with anyone you think might enjoy reading it (as long as they’re an adult, obviously!). Anything to keep people happy. And I’ll work on my next titillating titbit to keep you going, while I’m stuck in my cubby-hole for the foreseeable future.

Stay safe, and keep others safe too.

Much love,

Ina x

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