Erotica: my content is being stolen

This post comes as a warning to my readers, all of whom I appreciate more than you will ever know. I was going to post the final extract from my Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales boxset over the weekend, but instead discovered via, and with the help of, two other authors whom I respect and trust (sincere thanks to you – you know who you are), that my blog posts and erotic content is being blatantly lifted from my website and posted on another website.

Let me make this very, very clear: I have never given permission for anyone to lift my work and stick it on their website. I certainly will never encourage the kind of thing discovered while this was being investigated over the weekend – that, on finding my content on the first page of this website, a warning appeared stating that the device had been infected, and subsequently a live webcam popped up. I find this totally and completely unacceptable and, quite frankly, scary. Who knows what would have happened next? I’ve heard too many terrifying stories of people, including authors of all genres, finding a threatening email in their inbox, saying they’ve seen the person masturbating through their webcam, and they now need to pay x amount of money or all their family, friends and work colleagues in their contacts list will be sent the proof. An author I follow emailed his list with information that he’d received something on these lines only a few weeks ago. People actually do this. It’s disgusting. You hope something like this is a bluff and some scumbag just chancing their arm (and you know what you’ve been doing in front of your computer screen, obviously), but I’m a cynical kind of person. I don’t want anyone to encounter this kind of horror. Please know, without doubt, that my work and I are not knowingly party to anything linked to any kind of disreputable, devious, dishonest and dangerous online activity or websites.

In my bid to warn my readers, I’ve sent out posts on social media, as well as writing this blog post. I have spent the last six years building up a readership with a strong level of trust. I will NOT have that scuppered by people who think they can just steal others’ work and place it where they like, for their own disreputable ends. Rest assured that these people have been reported, with proof, to the relevant authorities, not just by me but by other authors whose work has been so blatantly stolen.

For any reader of my work, or when reading anything online: be very careful which websites you access. You will only find authentic and approved versions of my work where I have placed them – on this website, and with the reputable ebook retailers which sell my books. They are Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Tolino and 24 Symbols. It should appear nowhere else. No other site should be showing my blog posts (unless it is a genuine WordPress blogger who has reblogged – and in which case, their post should state this clearly), offering my extracts or selling/giving away my work. They DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO. Any links which appear in my Readers’ Club emails or in my blog posts are placed there manually by me, and then only because I thoroughly believe in a product, or am recommending a piece of writing or whatever it is. If they are affiliate links, then I always say so. I will never, ever link to a website I believe is dodgy or dangerous in any way, and I have never, and will never encourage minors to read my work or join my email list. All of this is against every ethical bone in my body.

In the current climate, I have been ending my posts by asking you to stay safe. I am sad to think that it has to encompass all of the above, when we all have more than enough to cope with right now. So please, stay safe.

Ina x

5 thoughts on “Erotica: my content is being stolen

  1. tashabrynn says:

    I received that email from two, different email addresses. I tried to reply, but, mysteriously, was unable to. I’ve worried about my work being stolen off my website, but thought it was unlikely. Now I’m rethinking that. I don’t know why I’m continuously surprised by the depths human beings will sink to.


    • Ina Morata says:

      Do you mean you received notification of my blog post from two different email addresses? If so, that’s very strange, as only one should send the post out – that’s – as WordPress sends the notifications of new blog posts. I always send myself the notifications, so I can see the address it comes from. If it’s anything else, feel free to email me with the details and I’ll check it out with WordPress. You’re right. Some human beings sink to such depths that their antics are almost inconceivable to the honest and reputable among us. Please do be vigilant over these things. I don’t see why anyone should steal someone else’s work and think they should be able to get away with it, or that it’s an acceptable thing to do. Authors and bloggers put in a lot of hard work to produce the words. That’s not carte blanche for some disreputable people to come along and just help themselves, and certainly not when it puts a writer’s reputation and livelihood at risk, and the safety of their readers.


      • tashabrynn says:

        I’m sorry–I worded that terribly. I meant that I, too, had been threatened with masturbatory exposure in two emails sent from two different email addresses. I reported them for phishing and haven’t heard anything since. My family and friends seem unscarred, so I assume they haven’t seen anything they shouldn’t. 😉


      • Ina Morata says:

        How absolutely horrible for you – and good on you! Glad your friends and family have survived unscathed! 😉


  2. Mary Wood says:

    Unfortunately for them and to the delight for you, not everyone is able to write masterpieces on their own. Apparently that’s why people resort to stealing content. And of course, the desire to earn extra money at someone else’s expense.

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