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Extract: Desires on Kiska

This is the last of four extracts in my Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales boxset. Desires on Kiska is book 4 of these standalone paranormal erotic novellas, and I thought I’d share with you a little scene in which the two ice goddess sisters encounter each other, leaving the poor human caught in their tangled web completely oblivious of it. I think it’s pretty clear that these two are not the closest of siblings!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my offering from book 4.


What is it you can do, when you’re just a ghost, created from ice and the depths of a man’s loneliness? What can you tell the man you love about it? Nothing, that’s what, because the consequences are too dreadful to contemplate. The Fates have conspired against her, haven’t they?

It has been a month since she fell for him. She lies there, the throb of her orgasm still as strong as the moment he spilled inside her ten minutes before, rivalling the very first orgasm he gave her. She watches him wandering to the little bathroom he has built since she came to live with him. He said he refused to have her washing in a bowl like he had done for the last few years. He said nothing would ever be too good for her; he wanted to be everything for her. He said that, with her by his side, anything is possible.

As much as she loves him, it makes her sad.

The bathroom door is wide open, and the steam puffs up into the air. She smiles. It’s still a novelty for him to have such a luxury as the old tin tub he managed to find. Give the thing its due: it’s enormous. Easily big enough to fit triplets in after they’ve been playing in the snow, he’d said. He’d laughed when her eyes widened, and she blushed and bit her lip. Or, he’d added, big enough to hold a couple who just can’t get enough of each other’s body, the woman’s legs wrapped high around his back as he plunges into her fleshy enticement, and licks her bouncing breasts as the water laps over her, so the wetness splashes his face. That was what he’d wanted, and he’d demonstrated what he meant with the bath empty. “Why wait for water?” he’d said.

She’d been glad of the opportunity to make him happy in his tin tub. Because she knows it’s impossible at any other time. Just the steam stings her face, and she borrows the little mirror when his back is turned and he’s climbing into the bath, to see if everything is still as it should be.

Many of her kind have lived perfectly normal lives through the centuries. They’ve had lovers, spouses, families. Some, somehow, have made it work. She wishes there was a book on how to do it. She watches his stunning, big, muscular body ease itself down into the water, sees him glance over at her as he moans with its heat, watches his arousal begin the moment he beckons to her.

“Come climb in with me, my love. The water’s lovely and hot. But not as hot as you. I want to feel your flesh on mine as the water covers us like a warm, moving blanket.” He looks down into the tub, and grins. “A water bed! Is there such a thing? It sounds very exciting. Maybe I’ve just invented something.”

The steam is drifting further into the bedroom, and her entire body begins to tingle, sting. She dips back behind the doorpost, watching parts of her torso flitting between its normal appearance and translucence, then becoming transparent. She puts her head around the door, just hoping that she can be quick enough so that nothing happens while she speaks.

“You carry on, my love. It looks to me like you’ve got your hands full, anyway.” She nods down to where his cock is protruding through the water, and he strokes it gently.

“I was just getting it ready for you, my sweet. Come join me. Tell me if I did a good job.”

Smiling, she offers words to placate him, to avoid the request. “You carry on, Glen. Enjoy your soak. I’m going to start some food. One day, I’ll cook you something that actually tastes like food.” Turning on the radio, she begins rattling a few pots, just for effect. She watches her skin reappear in gradual patches, as he calls out,

“What a shame. About the bath, not the food. Honest.”

He ducks under the water when she hurls a teacloth at him. Laughing, he makes bubbles as his mouth hits the water line. It hurts to be in the steam. But it’s excruciating to know that she can never make him happy in this one thing. She just can’t do what he wants.

The air outside is perfect. Cool evening clasping around her form: exactly what she needs. She stands on the doorstep, watching an odd bird or two flit about against the royal blue stripe of sky. It will soon be black. A still night, complete calm, except for the swirl of snow that is caught up in a wind in the distance. As she watches, the swirl comes closer, the snow like a storm around the house. She freezes. It can’t be. Please, don’t let it be…

It’s like looking in a mirror: the black hair, the wind whipping it up in snakes, the blue lips open and tongue moving in time to fingers between open legs as Yuki stands there, completely naked. Tsuraru’s kimono blows and flaps, a pathetic motion, as she runs to stand in front of the window.

“Get out of the way, sister dear. I want to watch this human. He’s fucking himself in the water. If you weren’t such a… Well, if you weren’t you, you’d be watching, instead of standing in the way. Move.”

The naked woman floats higher into the air and swishes her arm. Tsurara smashes up against the wall, her head cracking against the edge of the door frame.

Yuki flies up close and presses her face to the window. “That’s better. Oooh, he’s getting out. What a beauty he is.” Her fingers thrust between her legs, and she gasps in rhythm to her self-loving, her breath forming a thick layer of ice on the outside of the glass, and over the windowsill. “And—”

Tsurara stands herself back up, her face ready to whip up a storm of its own as her sister continues.

“—I think this human belongs to you. Hmm, well, at the moment he does. We’ll have to see about that. He looks good enough to eat.”

“Keep your hands, and everything else of yours, off him! You’re not coming here to ruin my life, Yuki. How did you find me?” Tsurara’s breath blows straight at the naked form in front of her, throwing her into a snowdrift, holding her there. Just because she doesn’t use her powers often, doesn’t mean she’s forgotten what to do. Yuki will do well to remember that.

Tsurara watches her sister, heart pounding, hoping the ice of Yuki’s breath has obscured the view from the bathroom, so Glen catches sight of none of this. What would she do if he saw? She braces herself for another round of hurling each other across the snow when Yuki stands. Just like when they were girls. Yuki used to take chunks out of her, then. She feels herself panicking, panting, as Yuki approaches her, slowly and deliberately, her legs shrouded in mist.

“Watch out, dear sister. Watch I don’t devour your human. Or, maybe I’ll do worse. Yes, look afraid! You know I’m more than capable.” Her naked body begins to turn translucent, leaving only her head, floating in the dark. It floats right up to Tsurara, and she feels the icy breath in her ear. The ice can’t hurt her. But the words are a different matter: “It won’t be long, Tsurara, before you know what it’s like to feel pain. What are you going to do when the winter’s over, and the spring comes? Then you’ll feel pain. Then you’ll know what it’s like. You can’t trust a human. Why don’t you understand that? Did you learn nothing from me? You’re pathetic!”

“You have no soul, Yuki. You never have had. Leave me in peace. There’ll be something…I’ll find a way…”

The head of Yuki floats backwards, big violet eyes staring, flickers of light betraying her amusement at Tsurara’s words.

“Have you thought, my dear sister, what will happen to your human when you…? Well, we know what happens to you, don’t we? And when I am left all alone with this man of yours? Snow rests on the mountain tops, and, as you well know, I’m Mistress of the Winter. It took time, but I know how to protect myself. What will you do when the time comes? Whether you’re here or not, Tsurara, I’m going to have your human, one way or another.”


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Happy reading, and stay safe. x

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