Massive Holiday Countdown E-book Sale!

Massive Holiday Countdown e-book sale!

I’m popping by to let you know that I’ve currently got a huge sale on all my erotica e-books. All my short story collections and novellas are now only 0.99 between now and 20th December!

You can add to your collection of steamy short stories, or try out my erotic myths and sexy tales (including my four-book e-boxset) for less than the price of a coffee. Much less, actually! If you’d like all four erotic myths and sexy tales, then do please feel free to take advantage of all four together for the same price as each of the individual books. Why not?!

Did you know that if you buy an e-book on Amazon, you can send it to someone else? Buy that steamy book for that saucy friend or loved one (as long as they’re a consenting adult, of course!) and let them enjoy it, all for 0.99. Just follow the instructions on the book’s Amazon page – they’re just under the ‘buy now’ button. Give a gift – to someone else or to yourself – that doesn’t have to go through the post, or be handled by a courier, and will arrive immediately.

Here’s the links to each of my books. Just head to the book you want and follow the link to your favourite store.


Can You See Me?: Darkly Erotic Tales of Voyeurism

Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales (4-book digital boxset)

Lilitu (Erotic myths & Sexy Tales book 1)

The Chocolatier (Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales book 2)

The Greenwood Goddess (Erotic Myths & sexy Tales book 3)

Desires on Kiska (Erotic Myths & Sexy Tales book 4)

I hope you enjoy any purchases you make. Grab them while you can!

Happy reading!

Ina x

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