Desire: read an erotic short story collection extract (part 1)

I’ve been working really hard on my upcoming erotic short story collection, Desire, and I am delighted to let you know that (apart from forgetting to sleep and remembering that 5.30am isn’t the greatest time for me to start working) it’s coming along very well. I’m in the process of making the stories a bit more steamy – even the more soulful or dark ones – and the next couple of weeks should see me getting it all formatted and ready for the bookstores.

Desire releases on 1st September, and you can guarantee your e-book copy the moment it drops by pre-ordering from your favourite store at:

Amazon here.

Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and many more here.

Knowing how much my readers enjoy reading my work on this blog, I thought you might like to sample the steamy goods. Below I’ve included one of the stories from the Desire collection, called ‘Dream come true’. I really loved writing this one. I hope you enjoy reading it, too.

Dream come true

The lack of light that would normally try oozing its way through the curtains told her it was early. Alison’s eyes were barely open, but the pounding in her chest told her it was almost time. Her body had become conditioned to it. The clock was redundant today, though. Callum was already texting.

She squinted at the phone.

I dreamt about us last night. I only remembered a fragment of it as I woke up. Something about stroking your arse as we walked along. We were walking back to the hotel and my cock was getting bigger and bigger. The minute we got back to the hotel I dragged you into the room and pinned you up against the wall. 

She swallowed. Her mouth became very dry, very fast and she wished she’d already made coffee. She blinked, trying hard to bring her eyes to full focus as she read on.

Shoving my hand into your skirt and fingering you against the wall. You flooded my hand with your hot wetness almost instantly and I had to bury your face into my chest to muffle your moans. Your panties were soaked and I slid my hands up your skirt and took them off you. I asked to keep them. They were really silky. I wore them the next day when I saw you again. That took you by surprise. It definitely made your knees buckle.

She laughed as she walked across the bedroom and headed to the kitchen to fill the kettle. And she felt that familiar weakening around her kneecaps as she moved, at the very thought of getting him to the point where she could have seen what was adorning his most intimate parts. How did he guess that about her? She imagined what he was probably doing now – sitting there, or maybe he was laying naked on his bed, typing words that he knew would turn her on. While the kettle boiled, she texted back. Did I fall? Did you catch me?

She waited; made her cup of tea. The reply came back a few minutes later. Of course. It helped that we were against a wall 😉

What? Again? She replied cheekily. She couldn’t help but confess, though: I’ve had a similar dream. I have it over and over. You get out your cock and press it onto my clit while you’re fingering me up against the door. Once, it just slid right inside me and we fucked against the door, and it rattled every time you thrust into me. The scene shifted and it became a bathroom. You lifted me and stood me on the toilet seat. Your face vanished between my thighs, and I covered you with my cream. I don’t know any more because then I woke up, pestered with the thought of how I was going to get it out of your hair!

What she didn’t tell him was that she had lots of different dreams about him. She couldn’t get him out of her head. She thought about him all the time, even when her concentration should be elsewhere. If she could see him now, she knew he’d be laughing at her ludicrous practicality which occurred even in her dreams. In fact, he must be in hysterics because it took him at least a minute to reply:

I can think of much better places to have your cream wrapped around. It’s just a shame that, up until now, I’ve not had that exquisite pleasure.

Isn’t it just? I’d love that. And she really would.She paced the room. Hopefully that wouldn’t put him off. She didn’t want to do anything that might make her lose this dream of a relationship she had in her head. Her stomach tightened as her phone binged.

Well, maybe that can change.

That was all there was. Should she reply? Ask what he meant? Her fingers hovered over the keys. The sound of another message made her jump.

How about this? You taking me over a coffee table. My back pressed into the cream cakes that we were going to have, teacups strewn across the carpet.

She glanced across the kitchen at the large vanilla sponge filled with jam and cream, defrosting on a plate. Heat spread between her thighs. She made her coffee and left it to cool while she went into the bathroom, imagining his finger gliding along the edge of the cake, scooping up the synthetic cream and running it down her neck, onto her breasts. The heat became a throb. She replied. Darling, you could be leaning over ANYTHING and I’d still take you. Oooh, and I could lick the cream off you.

What possessed her to call him ‘darling’? She clasped her forehead, shaking her head. ‘Stupid, stupid idiot,’ she told herself in the mirror. She swallowed hard. She stood there watching her phone for what seemed like an absolute age before she saw a long message in response.

You’d better. A boy deserves it after you’ve fucked him stupid. Let’s see then… How about… We couldn’t wait to finish our tea. You just had to have me. You took me while I was pouring the milk. (Obviously it stayed upright when we knocked all the cups and cakes and everything all over the floor!). You came up behind me and whispered in my ear that you were going to take me. You unbuttoned my flies and pulled my t-shirt over my head, running your hand over my chest, hovering there, biting my earlobe before pushing me down. Your breath was so hot against my neck.

She turned on the shower, waiting for the water to steam up the room. Although he was doing a pretty decent job of managing that on his own. She replied while she brushed her teeth. Mmm, I’m loving this. It took no time at all for him to continue the fantasy.

Your finger scooped up the cream from the cakes and you slid it in a circle at the base of my cock and all over my balls.

Can I lick it? Please let me lick it. I want to taste you. She undid her dressing gown, letting it slide to the floor, her breath catching as steam began to encircle her and she read his next text.

Then you push me, ever so slowly, inside you. I groan with pleasure as you press into me and engulf me, one glorious inch at a time, until I’m inside you as far as my cock will go…

Oh, yeah… One by one, she undid the buttons of the shirt she always wore to bed. His shirt. She never went to sleep without it anymore.

…listening to you moan as I slide into you, my arms circling you further the deeper inside I go.

Before she got into the shower she sent a reply. You withdraw to take a quick taste before thrusting into me again. Making me squeal with delight as the cakes squish against my chest. I beg for you to go slowly at first, then, once I’m used to you, I’m crying out for more. Faster. Harder. Make me come.

She could see the next message as she balanced the phone on the basin. Trying not to drip water all over it, she read: Just the sound of your moans makes my cock tip wet. I want you so bad! The moment I hear you I just want to take you and never stop. I thrust and thrust into you the moment I know you want it harder. I want to make you come so much. She stepped into the shower, leaving a towel over the basin, next to the phone. The water was hot. Her senses wound themselves in knots around her as she heard the phone bing.


Well, I hope you’re as hot and steamy as that shower now! I’ll reveal what happens while she’s standing in the shower – and beyond – in next week’s post. So if you’re not subscribed to the blog, just click the ‘follow’ button in the sidebar (or at the bottom somewhere, if you’re on a mobile device) and you’ll get notified when the next post goes live.

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Here’s those pre-order links again:

Amazon: here.

All other stores: here.

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