Desire: read an erotic short story collection extract (part 2)

It’s getting closer and closer to the release of Desire and I’m still working really hard to finalise the copy you’ll receive if you’ve pre-ordered the collection already, or you order it once it drops to the e-book stores. If you’d like to pre-order the collection and be sure to get yours as soon as it’s released, you can do so here:

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As promised last week, I have part 2 of the short erotic story, ‘Dream come true’, for you. This and nineteen other steamy stories are included in Desire. You’ve only got until 1st September to wait now – I really hope you’re going to love my new collection.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s part 2 of the story. If you haven’t read part 1 yet and you’d like to read that first, then you can find it here.

Enjoy! x

Dream come true (part 2)

The phone had locked itself. She cursed under her breath. It was excruciating, having to wait until she had rinsed her hair to grab the towel and dry enough of her to check her phone.

Everything about you makes me come deep inside you. Your body around mine, the way you caress my buttocks, the look on your face. I can’t help it, I’m crying now – tears of joy, not sadness. You’ve broken down all of my barriers. I’m wide open to you. You have all of me.

She’d not read anything from him that described himself like that. A lump formed in her throat and her eyes suddenly felt wet and blurry. She shook it off and the feeling lodged itself in her chest. She contemplated asking him if he was all right. She wrote it, then deleted it. She typed.

The second I hear you cry, I just take you in my arms where you are, holding you, wanting to lay my head on your skin, to be close to every part of you. Kissing every single part of your body my lips can reach. I hold you tight. You’re safe here, with me. She returned to the water and got herself wet. Very, very wet. It took until she was finished under the water to receive the next message.

You cradle me in your arms from behind, slowly pumping me as I shake, a violent full body orgasm taking hold. And… I’m afraid I’ve made rather a mess on your carpet. She laughed. The sound surprised her. She continued to read. My sobs are now a soft moan. You pull me up then turn me around, dragging my head to your breast. We fall to the floor and you hug me so tight I think I might burst. But I manage to catch your nipple in my mouth, teeth grazing it. Startled, you release your grip and I smile a sly smile.

What are you going to do to me? She dried her hand quickly and reached over to press the ‘video call’ button. It took him zero seconds to press his. The look on his face was priceless, his lips falling open as she stood there, water still cascading over her naked form. She let him take in all of her, turning slowly under the shower so he got to see her backside, too. She let the sponge slip from her fingers and bent down to reach for it. She heard the whimper that came through the speaker and grinned. Slowly she turned so she was facing him once more, not looking directly at him, but keeping her eyes closed and concentrating hard on letting the water run through her hair. She let him watch, and talk.

‘I grab your wrists and yank them overhead, plunging my rock-hard cock into you with force enough to move you closer to the sofa. I waste no time. No slow start. I fuck you with feverish thrusts. Faster and faster. Our breath in sync. Our bodies one once again.

She opened her eyes and wiped the water from them to see him looking straight at her, the trees around him blowing in the background, his face flushed. She smiled, turning off the shower and leaning into the camera. ‘Oh, come on baby, give me everything you have. Fuck me. I want to feel you, sweet and sticky inside me. I want to hear you moan as you come.’ 

His eyes never left her as she reached for the towel, wrapped it around her body and stood there, twirling her wet hair. She watched him as his eyebrows raised and he breathed out hard. ‘I feel the tell-tale sign in my balls. I bite at your neck, hoping that you’ll come at the same time as me.’

‘Touch my neck. Suck it, bite it. Kiss it. Do it until you can’t last out any longer. Oh, I’ll come with you. Just take all of me.’

He was standing still now, his stare intense as he spoke. ‘My mouth stops biting. My lips press against your neck as we both begin to moan. My entire body shakes as I spurt inside of you, your own juices running and coating me.’

She held his gaze. ‘I can feel your release, feel it deep inside me. I relax straight back into you, exhausted from my own orgasm, delirious that we came together, our moans in unison. I don’t want your cock to leave me, but know it will, soon… but not yet. Please, not yet.’

‘I’ve come,’ he whispered, ‘but I continue against the sweet agony, plunging my tribute further and further inside you.’

‘I whimper in delight, knowing you’re not going to leave me just yet.’ She saw the glow in his eyes as he realised she had carried him to her bedroom.

He continued, his voice low, soft. ‘Now that I’m certain you’re sated, I slow, then stop. Still pressed as hard as humanly possible between your thighs, I stay where I am, still gently releasing the last of my juices into you. I let go of your arms, to be rewarded by your loving embrace.’

She climbed onto her duvet. Staring at him on her phone as she knelt there, she became overwhelmed with emotion. Everything she said came from deep within. ‘With tears in my eyes, I turn to you, to hold you as you deserve to be held. Kissing your chest, your neck. There are no words to express how I feel as you hold me there, in your arms.’

He was silent for a while, just gazing at her. A small smile broke over his lips. ‘I suggest we move to the sofa. I take your hand and help you to your feet. But then I have other ideas… Sitting on the sofa first, then lying down, I motion to you to straddle me.’

She laid the phone down against a pillow, level with the top of her thighs, as she removed her towel, squeezing it against her damp hair. ‘Like a puppy, I let you lead me…’ And she smiled as he sighed and said, ‘Oh my god, woman, what are you doing to me?’

She played up to the look on his face. ‘You lower me down, one leg either side of your gorgeous body. I can’t help myself. I fall forward, taking your softening cock into my waiting mouth. Watching you soften is delectable. I can’t resist your taste, the feel of it in between my lips. I suck it, feeling it swell, growing. I begin lapping at your head, along your slit, under your ridge.’

‘Mmm, that feels exquisite.’ He gave a moan.

The buzzer made her jump. She rolled her eyes. ‘Oh bugger. Give me a minute. Someone’s at the door. I’ll get rid of them. Then we can carry on.’

She picked up the receiver, trying really hard not to show her annoyance in her voice, and trying to reach a jumper and a pair of leggings with her foot, just in case it was the postman or a delivery of something she’d forgotten she’d ordered. ‘Hello.’

‘Don’t you dare put on those clothes. I want to carry on our story in exactly what you’re wearing right now.’

She grinned. ‘But I’m not wearing anything. As you know.’


She pressed the button to the door downstairs. He was early. Goosebumps swamped her – excitement and anticipation mingled to leave her quivering, her breath shallow, her heart banging until she could feel the blood pumping in her ears, as she heard his footsteps up the stairs.

He stood there in front of her. Her skin flushed across her chest and the throbbing between her thighs was incessant. Finally she managed to speak. ‘Now… where can we take this story of ours?’

His fingers were cool as he released her towel and ran them down her neck to her breasts. She quivered as he followed them with his tongue. ‘To bed, darling, where else?’

Wow, there was that word, but from him this time. As they lay there, his hands warming at the heat of her body, his mouth enveloping hers, she slid her arms up his back, pulling him as close to her as she could. He rolled her sideways and they laid there, her arms refusing to let go, his own embrace encapsulating her entire being.

 Just maybe her dreams were becoming a reality…


I hope you’ve enjoyed this steamy peek into my new erotic short story collection. Just over two week to go… 😊

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