One week until Desire is released! (and another sneak peek for you)

There’s just one week to go until the release of Desire, and I’m getting excited about it!

I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer than you have to (but you’ll have to hold on a few more days – sorry!). I did think, though, that it would be nice to tantalise you with another little sneaky peek. So here is an extract from a story that no one has seen prior to this post. I hope you find that it whets your appetite. 😉

Extract from ‘Work for it’

‘You know you can’t be a passenger in this business, don’t you? You’ve got to work for what you want.’

She stopped, fingers poised mid-air above her keyboard. He sat there at his desk across the office, and she saw how quickly his head returned to his own computer screen after throwing out that comment. Deliberate provocation now, was it?

She considered him for what felt like ages. His shoulders stood at perfect right-angles to his solid, muscular torso. His shirt sleeves clung to them. She felt a familiar tingly shiver slink right through her body, lingering at first in her chest and then resting between her crossed legs. She was supposed to be writing a presentation for a funding proposal. But given the choice between working through the never-ending form and spending her time watching the seductive shape of his body as he moved around his desk, she found herself, on occasion, a little distracted. She always worked through breaks to make up for it. He knew that, because he was the one who would fetch her coffee and bring her a plate of biscuits. And she was the one who would watch as he leant over her. She would get a throbbing ache between her thighs as she absorbed the scent of his aftershave, and as his tie brushed her hand. And her knickers would be soaked when his face got much closer to hers than any other work colleague would ever dream of doing and he held her gaze as she said, ‘Thank you.’

‘Mr Turnbull, please come here.’

She watched from over the top of her glasses as he slid his chair backwards and stood up. She took in the shape of his buttocks in profile, and the muscular impression he gave in trousers that were always just a little tighter than everyone else’s. It left his thighs looking taut and, sometimes, when he was in the office with her, she noticed a bulge at his crotch. He knew she noticed, because he always stifled a smile and glanced over at her way more than necessary when it happened. Sometimes it was more than a glance. It was easy for her to sit and watch him work. Far too easy to spend her day remembering how he woke her that morning with his arm around her middle and his cock digging in her back. Or the way she pressed back against him until she felt him begin to enter her.

But now she was in her work suit, and he was in his. There were clients for them both to meet later, and this pain of a proposal to draft out before it. He stood at the edge of her desk, and she took in sight of the buttons of his shirt. Her fingers twitched on her knee. Undoing those buttons with her eyes while she sat and drank her coffee was one of her favourite break-time pastimes. Her gaze roamed to his chest, then to his face. He licked his lips and smiled. She pooled in her seat.

Controlling her voice, and stiffening her look, she demanded, ‘Did you really just speak to me like that?’

He undid the top button of his shirt. She held onto the edge of her glasses. Her chest had begun to pound. She felt her legs begin the open underneath the desk and her head begin to tilt to one side. She couldn’t help it.

‘Ooh, the sexy librarian look. I like it.’

She pressed her lips together, to try and control the way they wanted to part and show him they she was open to his seduction. ‘Mr Turnbull, could you please answer my question?’

He perched himself on the edge of her desk. ‘Speak to you like what? Like me telling you that you should be concentrating on your work?’

‘Oh, I’m concentrating all right.’ The words slipped out, but her body was aching, and she couldn’t resist the sight of that thigh in tight suit trousers any longer. Her fingers slid across the desk and worked their way across his leg. She locked onto his wide-eyed stare as she slipped her hand round his inside leg and fingered his crotch.

‘Perk of your position, is it? Playing when you should be working?’ He didn’t move, except his cock. It had risen inside his trousers until it was straining at the zip. Her fingers stroked the hard shape and he stifled a groan…


You’ve still got time to pre-order Desire, so twenty steamy stories slide onto your device as soon as the e-book goes ‘live’ on the stores. You can find it here:

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