Thank You to my Readers!

I’m just popping in to say a heartfelt thank you to those who have been kind enough to buy a copy of A Year in Anna’s Knickers. I have had some really lovely comments about the stories in this collection, and I truly appreciate every single one.

If you’ve not yet had a chance to grab your copy, you’ll find links to the book at the top and bottom of this post (of course! 😉). If you head over to Amazon, you’ll be able to read the first 10% of the entire book using the ‘look inside’ feature.

But, as comments I’ve received tell me that Anna’s Knickers seems to beguile readers from the get-go, I’m also including the first story here. So enjoy reading all about Anna and her slippy-slidey knickers in ‘January’. As always, of course, my erotica is for adults only.

Happy reading!

Ina x


When I looked out of the massive, floor-to-ceiling window, the first few snowflakes had begun to fall. It threatened to get much harder, which I didn’t mind at all – I never mind anything being hard, obviously – and at least I was indoors, in this extremely posh, gigantic house, watching the rapidly increasing balls of freezing cotton fluff. They looked like a snuggly white duvet as they landed, and if my darling had been upstairs with me at that moment, and not downstairs with his parents, I’d have crawled under the one on the bed and made sure that his balls were nice and warm.

He’d said he would meet me in the library. Who has a house big enough to have its own library, I ask you? Not that I minded because, firstly, I am a complete bookworm, and secondly, it has become our secret place every time I visit this house. I’ve only been half a dozen or so times, but the library is nicely tucked away and I doubt very much that his parents actually bother going in there most of the time. They’ve got plenty of books downstairs to keep them occupied. But they do like to play ‘libraries’, I’ve noticed. I’ve spotted fake library tickets in some of their reading matter on more than one occasion, stamped with ‘Our Library’, and one with a ticket saying, ‘Long overdue – come to the library and pay your fine’.

I dressed quickly, wriggling into my baby blue lace panties and matching push-up bra (not that it was really necessary, but he’d bought it for me at Christmas, so…), slipped on a pair of leggings and my long grey jumper, and the fluffy socks that always made him want to rip my clothes off me there and then if I wrapped my legs around him and stroked his bum. Or, maybe it wasn’t the socks. Who cares? Anyway, wrapped up like the remnant dummy in a winter shop display, I scurried out of the bedroom door to at least try and get there before he did. We both always prefer it that way. It adds to the fun.

Our secret place was in plain sight, on the second floor, next to the loo. Very romantic. When I arrived there, he was already leaning up the wall, cocking his head to one side and giving me that look.

‘What kept you?’

I stuck out my tongue. He hooped his arm and I slotted mine through it.

We walked, just like any ordinary couple, through the rows of books, and past the tables where there were newspapers, and maps, and textbooks laid out, then through the glass doors to the side room, where I always enjoyed looking at the vast array of mythology books. He led me by the hand to the furthest row, the one squeezed in near the wall, where it was dark. His kisses when he pressed me against the wall in this space were hard, desperate; his hand took no time to slide up the back of my jumper, and to unfasten my bra with a deft couple of fingers.

‘Mmmm, you feel hot and sticky.’ His hands slipped inside my bra cups and pinged them up my chest, as he made light work of the length of my jumper, and began licking my breast where I must have got warmer than I thought in the rush to get there. That snow made everything deceptive. That was when it dawned on me.

‘Oh bum. I’ve left your dad’s books behind. I meant to bring them back in with me. And I wanted to show you my little library card that he made me. It’s on top of them, and it’s got snowflakes on.’

His mouth was full, nibbling, tugging at my nipples, leaving me writhing in the hands that held my back as I learnt back and let him kiss my flesh down to my navel. His tongue nudged the waistband of my leggings, and his nose joined in.

‘You’ll have to see if a librarian can sort you out, then. Do you know one?’ His fingers joined in, pulling down my leggings to reveal the lacy top of my panties. His lips fell upon the lace; his kisses were hot.

It took me all my control to whisper, and not moan out my reply. ‘Yes. You. You’re going to sort me out, aren’t you?’

A muffled ‘Mmmm,’ was what I received in reply. He swiped a pile of books aside, laying my back across the shelf, so he could use both hands to lower my leggings a little more. I moaned as his agile tongue hooked underneath my lacy crotch and made soft, warm contact with my folds.

‘Mmm, you really are hot, aren’t you? And wet.’

I leant back, seeing the world upside down, his mouth working magic inside my panties. Whimpers escaped my lips as he flicked and circled his tongue, and closed his mouth around me. The sound of him sucking me through the lace left my juices pooling in my entrance.

And then the sound changed. No, not changed; his fingers were plucking at my nipples as he devoured my pussy. But there was another noise. A click. I lifted up so fast I cracked my head, dropping my feet to the floor and yanking up my leggings.

‘Someone’s there.’ My whisper hissed in his ear as the partial shape of a person appeared between the gaps at the end of the shelves. ‘She’s got a name badge on.’

‘A name badge? Really? What’s it say?’ His whisper stifled a giggle, as he pointed at my jumper that had become stuck in my panties, and the bra that stuck out the front, making it blatantly obvious that I wasn’t wearing it where I should be.

‘Brenda.’ I bit my lip, hoping that my face wasn’t too red, and that she hadn’t seen what we were up to and storm off downstairs to tell my darling’s parents. I wasn’t overly keen on being kicked out of my boyfriend’s family home for debauchery.

‘Ah, Brenda.’

When her face appeared, scowling, or maybe just puzzled, at the end of the row, the words just rolled off his tongue. ‘So, do you remember the names of the authors, or the titles of the books, Anna? You’re sure they were from this shelf? If you can give me some details, I can try and locate them for you, and I’m sure Dad won’t mind if you borrow them.’

‘Your parents have got their own librarian?’ I hissed. If that wasn’t a bit on the ostentatious side, I didn’t know what was.

I looked at him like he’d lost the plot, and he smirked. ‘Brenda. This lady here has forgotten her books when she needs to renew them.’ He eyed me with a longing I’d not seen in him since I’d met him, as he said, ‘I’m wondering whether to punish her. What do you think?’

He led me out beyond the shelf, and into the next one, where there was a chair next to a huge window.

‘What do you think, Brenda? Shall I pull her leggings down and spank her bottom for forgetting her library card, too?’

My eyes grew wide. He smiled at me, and raised his eyebrows in that ‘wanna play?’ kind of look. One look at Brenda, standing there, her chest heaving, her hands clenching and unclenching, and I couldn’t resist. I bent over the chair and allowed his hands to roam my lace-covered, plump cheeks. I let out a little yelp on the first spank. As he continued, spanking and massaging my arse in between times, I breathed into it, trying to focus my gaze on something. I found Brenda’s face, her mouth open, her eyes blinking fast; watched the beads of sweat appear across the bridge of her nose.

‘Maybe you’d care to spank her, too, Brenda? Do your bit for the library?’

She hesitated; I heard a nervous little cough. Then she walked up, her footsteps slow, careful. I could hear her breath. I was surprised I couldn’t hear her heart beating, too.

‘That’s it, Brenda. Now, I think she’s been very naughty, forgetting her books and her card, and not remembering the titles of her books. So how about a bare bottom spanking? Could you do that?’

There were hands on my panties – his, and some hot, smaller fingers, tucked into the elastic. I could feel hard breath over my bottom. Was she inspecting it? I wasn’t sure what was going on. And I began to wonder if Brenda the Librarian had played these kinds of games in here before. Maybe my darling’s parents were more interesting than I had imagined.

‘Do you want to lower them, Brenda? See that flesh your fingers are brushing against right now? Oh, good. Look at that. Pink bum cheeks already. Do you think she needs to be redder, so she’ll learn?’

Brenda never said a word. I couldn’t see if any looks were being exchanged between her and my darling, or whether she was literally just doing as she was asked. But when she touched my bum, and I heard a soft whimper, I got the inkling that she was indulging herself way more than merely pandering to the whims of the son of her employer. Not that she needed to pander to him. He doesn’t live here. But he does clearly know Brenda. Maybe they have had some intimate dealings in the past. I’d love to find out one day!

Brenda’s hand was harder than I expected. Her fingers rapped down on my flesh like little wooden spoons while my panties dug into the crease where my backside and thighs met. My gasps became moans; there was a difference in her hand – it slowed, began stroking, squeezing my cheeks. I liked it; I think she did, too, because it lasted a while.

‘Is she punished, do you think, Brenda? Is she sorry, or is she… wet?’ His finger slid beyond the lacy elastic, down among my folds. I was soaking, and he knew I would be. ‘Would you like to check, Brenda?’ He leant in, and whispered in my ear. ‘Is that okay?’ I nodded. It was the new year. And we were trying something new. Why not, indeed?

The hot little finger hovered, quivering, on my arse. It slid lower, until it disappeared inside the elastic. When her finger disappeared inside me, her moan filled the air. I gasped, panted. I’d never had a woman’s finger inside me before. She didn’t move it, just held it there, until she was ready to pull it out.

‘Does she taste sorry? Do you want to find out, Brenda? It’s up to you.’

The next I knew, there was a mew, heels clattered across the floor, and Brenda disappeared through the door, where no one ever came. Except us. The toilet door went bang. It occurred to me that Brenda was about to go into a corner and find out exactly what she did want.

There wasn’t a sound, now that Brenda had gone. Except me, saying, ‘She’s not going to tell your parents, is she? Do you think she’s done stuff like that before? In here, I mean?’

He put his finger over my lips, and kissed the back of my neck. ‘I think – that I wouldn’t be at all surprised.’

He opened the window, just a little, and stuck his hand out into the snow. The snowflakes were huge now, and I watched him lift a handful of white back through the window. When he touched the surface of my hot, tingling flesh with the cool wetness, nerve endings sizzled throughout my body. The cold against my hot, fleshy globes drove a sigh from deep in my chest and an ache through my belly and down between my thighs.

‘Are you squirming over my arm, my love?’ He put his lips to my ear and made me squirm even more as he spoke. He knows I love him breathing in my ear. It turns me on like he’s flicked a fiery little switch. ‘Do you want more snow against your hot flesh?’

I managed a long, muffled moan, my face nuzzled into his leg. At the touch of his snowflake-covered fingers against the heat of my plump folds, which were already now running in melted snow, I bucked into his hand, gasping against the warmth of his leg, and feeling my own breath cover my face. His fingers roamed my skin. A freezing finger circled, round and round, waiting for me to give way and allow him in. I was ready.

But he stood, lifting me with one arm and then setting me down, backside up, on the chair.

‘I think my mum’s maid – well, I say maid, she’s chief cook and bottle washer, to be honest – is enjoying your punishment. Shall we give her something more to see? Let her know what else happens when your library book is late?’

I glanced up, and a figure in an apron, tray of breakfast in hand, was pressed up against the window to the back room. My eyes nearly dropped out and hit the glass.

‘That’s the librarian. Brenda. What’s she doing dressed like that?’

‘Well, bugger me, so it is.’ That deep chuckle vibrated through his body, into his hand, and against the two stinging cheeks he was massaging and gently easing apart. ‘Who said she was a librarian?’

‘You did. You knew her. And spoke to her about forgotten library cards and stuff.’

‘Nope. All I said was “Ah, Brenda”.’

‘Are you telling me that she doesn’t live up here like a hermit and sneak off at home time, and that we’ve got to eyeball her while she serves us our tea, or something?’

He laughed. ‘Yeah, pretty much. Now – shall we? Clearly she wants to see you punished some more. Would you like more of me, my darling?’

I wasn’t sure whether to giggle and squeal at him for being such a cheeky arse, but I decided there was quite enough cheeky arse around right now. And Brenda was peering again. It wouldn’t be fair to let her down. I cast him a beaming glance over my shoulder, which soon became a sultry pout of whines and gasps as his tongue set to work between my cheeks, probing, his breath like fire on my flesh. He took me hard with his tongue, opening me up for him, and I knew exactly where this was going. Oh, and if anyone else had been peering between the shelves, they’d have seen me begging for him to be inside me.

He took out his foil packet. I heard it rip, and waited, listening for the sound of the condom sliding up his hard cock. He took me swiftly. As he rocked me back and forth over the chair, his cock thrusting inside my hot, tight space, and my own orgasm began to steam up the window and block out my view of Brenda, I couldn’t resist asking:

‘If this is… what happens when I forget my… library books, I wonder what the librarian… would do if I lost one?’

Just a little reminder where you can grab hold of your copy of A Year in Anna’s Knickers, if you want it.

You can find it on Amazon here.

You can find it on all other stores (including Amazon, actually) here.

And while I still have you captivated, here’s a little reminder that I have another book coming out at the beginning of December. It’s called Naughty and Nice, and contain twelve erotic (and sometimes a little romantic) stories for Christmas. It’s a bit shorter than Anna’s Knickers, and therefore a bit cheaper. You can pre-order that one here if you’re an Amazon customer, and here if you read on a device other than a kindle or kindle app.

Until next time, when hopefully I should have another story from my blog series, ‘Little bit of spice’.

Ina x

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