12 Days of Steam: Day 1

How is it December already?! I’m dithering about putting up my Christmas tree (although I’ve made promises that it will go up this weekend). December has come around so quickly for me that I can’t believe that I have another set of tantalising tales for you. This one is perfect for the holiday season, all ready for you, and it’s OUT TODAY!

Naughty and Nice: 12 Erotic Stories for Christmas is a collection of erotic stories entwined with the romantic. There’s one for every day of the twelve days of Christmas (although if you want to read them all at once, don’t let me stop you! 😉 ).

I thought I’d give you an early holiday treat and let you have a taster of the book. So I’ve included a sexy sneak peek below. Look out for one every day for the next twelve days – my own steamy set of Christmas crackers for you!

As always, my erotica is for 18+ only.

She’d placed mistletoe everywhere this year – she’d not wanted another year with people queuing to get underneath! But this sprig caught her eye right now because there was something hanging from it. She reached up on tiptoe to swing the object to face her. It was a small envelope, the writing on the front in an unmistakable hand stating, ‘You Pick’. Her heart beginning to bash in her ribs, she stood on the bottom step of the staircase and with a fumbling hand managed to flip open the envelope, partly extracting a card containing another phrase: ‘Your Favourite Place’.

She twitched her nose and a small, puzzled frown grew on her forehead. Her favourite place ever was a bookshop and yet there wasn’t one for miles, so she had no idea what this was supposed to mean. But distraction took over, as the music that had still been blaring out changed from the compilation she had created and which had been playing on a loop for five hours to the reverberating tones of that Christmas song. Her favourite. Her stomach lurched. Only he could have put it on. Only he would have known to.

An ache ripped through her, beginning between her breasts and lunging straight down between her thighs. Feeling her juices pool, she shot into the room where the music played to itself. Another envelope hung from the mistletoe in the centre of the room. She knew he was here somewhere. Watching her. She could feel it.

She looked around her and through the dimmed lighting in the kitchen she spotted a bright glow under the utility room door. Leaving the envelope where it was for the moment, she took off her shoes and moved in silence across the kitchen. Her hand began to tremble as she clutched onto the door handle to the utility room. All she could think about were his lips. His kiss. Wanting to slip her hands up his chest until they locked around the back of his neck and they pressed their bodies against one another so she could feel his arousal against her belly. She inched the door open and followed it with her body that was getting hotter with every tiptoe forward. She squealed when warm hands slid around her and pulled her fully into the tiny room, holding her tight around the waist.

‘Gotcha. Knew you’d never resist checking out that light. Now look above you.’

She gave him a wide-eyed stare and a pursed-lipped smile. An envelope dangled from the mistletoe and, as she tugged at it and yanked it loose, his hands twirled her yielding body, pulling her against his shirt. His lips closed over hers, as his palm began squeezing her breast. She replied with a hand that slid from his chest to his groin. Her pressure on his hardness elicited a muffled moan as he continued to explore her mouth with gentle flicks of his tongue. Through the fabric, she grasped her fingers around his cock as his mouth pressed harder onto hers. When eventually he released her, she read the front of the envelope, his hand stroking the roundness of her backside until she tingled incessantly between her thighs.

‘Up the wall?’ She looked at him quizzically. He grinned.

‘Seems you beat the message to it. We’re already there.’

‘Speak for yourself,’ she quipped. ‘I’m damp, though – feel.’ She pushed his hand up her leg so that her dress ruffled around her hips, and slid his fingers between her thighs. ‘But I’m not that easy to finish off. What’s the writing on the envelope all about, and inside for that matter?’ She read the contents of this one. ‘Nipple.’

‘Well, on this one, a place to do the kissing, and in it, a place to place the kisses,’ he whispered, his mouth making contact with her earlobe and radiating an ache from her core. His fingers found their way into her stretchy top, running against the lace of her bra as his lips brushed all the way down her neck. When his mouth fell around her nipple, hidden by the lace, and his tongue worked it into a bullet-tip, her fingers worked deftly on his shirt until she managed to release all the buttons. As his lips tugged hard on her, she worked her groin against his thigh, shoving his shirt from his shoulders, then his arms, and flinging it on top of the kitchen table. Her attention fell back to his mouth on her breast. He could make her come like this; he knew it, too. He’d always said he was glad he could make her come so easily. It meant he could do it over and over.

‘What other little mistletoe missives have you planted?’ Quicker than he was, she ducked his clutches and ran into the living room, pulling down the envelope as his lips took hers once more beneath the greenery. She melted into his arms; she had no idea how long the kiss lasted, but it wasn’t long enough. Somehow her top was now on the floor and his fingers were playing with the clasp on her bra. She wanted so much for him to tweak his fingers and allow her to expose her breasts fully to his eyes, his hands, his mouth.

He plucked the envelope out of her fingers as his mouth released hers. ‘Chair,’ he read on the envelope, his eyebrows waggling, leaving her raising her own.

He held out the envelope and she pulled out the card. ‘Cheeks. Not the ones on your face.’ She grinned.

He was in the armchair quicker than she could blink. She was over his lap faster than that. She gasped as he lifted her skirt. The air in the warm room clung coolly to her hot, bared flesh as he ran his fingertip around the top of her stocking, making her whimper. His cock dug in against her pubic bone and she felt a gush flow from her, only accentuated by the way he traced circles on the flesh that peeked from her knickers. His lips kissed her backside in circles, too, his tongue intermittently following the lace-covered crease between her cheeks. She squirmed on his knee as his words penetrated her aroused state: ‘I so want to fuck you right now.’

I hope you enjoyed your first tantalising taste of the stories in this collection. You can find Naughty and Nice: 12 Erotic Stories for Christmas on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many other stores.

Watch out for Day 2 of 12 Days of Steam tomorrow…

Happy reading!

Ina x

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